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  1. I like him, but understand criticisms. But you are right, he has cracked the code of aging. Look old when you're young and maintain that look for decades.
  2. He has done Mount games for years. I believe he went to school there. He’s done with UA football, at least for the time being. Still will be there for most Zips men’s basketball games, MAC tournament, MAC football championship.
  3. Every single possession matters. These guys take way too many off. They should learn that by now after the Utah State—and now UNLV—games. Scott trying to run the break out of control, or Freeman doing the same at any point in the game, can be the difference. The bread and butter of the last two seasons was being methodical and slowing things down do get the best possible look. This team tries to do too much too fast. Nice comeback, but should have never dug themselves into that hole. Put on your big boy pants for Bradley.
  4. If there was ever a year, this was supposed to be it. Akron basketball has no signature win or moment in its most successful era. I really thought this year would be different, expecting Ali to play of course. But that is besides the point. There’s way too much experience on this active roster to look like this against what is comparable to good MAC teams. About to drop 3rd in a row, and we’re fortunate to beat FIU. And Bradley is everything we thought we would be. I’m not trying to sound ungrateful as we’ve been ridiculously fortunate over the last 20 seasons. But other teams in the league have had multiple seasons of winning in the tournament, some have gone to the Sweet 16, some the Elite 8, some have won 30 games. Weird situation for fans, how much more can you ask for when you’ve pretty much had everything that so many mid majors would kill for?
  5. I’d kill for an Ali back to the basket right now. Freeman bringing the ball up—out of control. Scott—out of control. Thornton and Tavari—lucky to even get the damn thing over half court. Nate Johnson and Sammy Hunter—alligator arming everything they throw up there. So disappointed. Can’t say it enough. This is the furthest we’ve been from Akron Basketball in quite a while. Bradley will smoke us next week.
  6. Another embarrassing half for a team of this level of experience. They certainly could be great, maybe even one of the best Akron teams ever. But there is hardly any cohesion right now. Shot-making was a nice deodorant for the first few games. Guards look way out of control and clueless every time down the floor. UNLV shooting the lights out doesn’t help. Just disappointing.
  7. Great, the Melissa Jackson COVID excuse now being used in the football thread. And now Arth gets credit for playing close against WMU, the first game after he was fired. Does that mean he gets credit for losing to Kent and Toledo by a combined 87-14 the last two games? Moorhead has failed at Akron, so far. He has also fielded the two best Akron teams since Bowden was fired. And I would even argue the last two teams could probably beat the 2nd half of the year 2018 team. We are far from where we came and still way too far from where we need to be.
  8. I’m predicting a crowd not much bigger than UMass in 2014. That game’s actual attendance was 838.
  9. Guthrie is pretty clear that a coach should have a team in a bowl game by year 3. So now, if Moorhead does stick around, he has another guaranteed loss on the schedule and makes him that much easier to fire. In 15 weeks, Akron football has gone from a popular underdog turning it around to a complete dumpster fire, and it's only getting worse.
  10. Yeah, give up on football like Kent State. That’s what I’d love to see Akron do.
  11. Since 2018, the Zips have only played 6 home games in 2019 and 2021. The administration has determined the local fans do not matter, as the MAC has suggested with the midweek games. If you ever wonder why MAC fanbases are drying, this is a huge contributing factor. We get 2-3 Saturdays a year to tailgate and enjoy the true college football experience.
  12. Following the Kent State mold. Yeah, nothing wrong with that.
  13. Of all the things wrong with these last two days, you fail to make a single point that has any relevance. Overachieved? What does that mean?
  14. Will be doing the same. Isn’t that hard to get in for free. They clearly don’t need or want my money.
  15. Hang a banner in the JAR. “Back-to-Back Cayman Islands Classic 4th Place Finisher”
  16. Well, if we’ve learned nothing else, it’s that’s we aren’t that good. Yet. The teams we have beaten have a combined 0 wins over D1 teams. We’re MAC good right now, that’s about where that ends. Very disappointing. Happy Thanksgiving.
  17. This team could wind up being pretty great. But right now, nobody is stepping up besides Freeman. He can’t be missing these FTs, but I can’t put all the blame on him. The amount of missed wide open 3s from the team this week has staggered me. Unacceptable for a team with this level of talent. Maybe I’m just in a bad mood in general. The football news didn’t help. But come on, guys. UB teams of 2018-2019 make those plays. Kent, Toledo last year make those plays. Lots to work on.
  18. 5 straight missed FTs and a bricked wide open three. It’s the little things.
  19. You could whistle Lyles for an illegal screen on every possession
  20. To be clear, that prediction comes more from not thinking it’s going to work out and he wants to get out while he still can. Or he doesn’t like how the administration does things (he wouldn’t be alone), this decision included. He was very vocal about his displeasure with the 2022 schedule. Doesn’t do anything to set you up for success.
  21. Improvements that will not be impacting the fans whom the move impacts the most. I get it. But at the end of the day, this administration has once again shown they aren’t so different from the rest after all. Akron has voluntarily decided against building and appreciating its fan base once again. My football checkbook, way way smaller than anyone’s who actually matters, is closed as of today. I also predict Moorhead will take another job after this year, but I’m on the fence about that one.
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