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  1. Yes, as my post says, that is all I expect out of the AD. Shut it down. Raze the JAR. Turn InfoCision into a Zoo.
  2. A football guy made a terrible football hire as the last AD, so maybe this is reverse psychology? As long as he can raise money and build and maintain relationships, he should be fine.
  3. I gave more than I thought I was going to. Also gave to football and WBB, hopefully Bud Wentz jumped in and sent them a check for $6k this morning.
  4. Zips have landed Ball State guard KJ Walton. He's been in college since 2015-2016.
  5. Speaking of Wake Forest, I wish Akron could get a home and home with them, or just go there a couple of times. That's one of my favorite areas in the country, and it's an easy drive from Northeast Ohio.
  6. As meaningless as it largely is, I enjoy reading other college coach's Twitter feeds hyping up the team and recruiting and what not. It's just cool to see and gets me excited. We have a few assistants that do some stuff, but nothing close to what other places do. This coaching staff has a serious identity problem. Nobody knows anything about them or their personalities, and therefore, the common Zip fan following social media has no reason to care. Maybe if they connected directly with the fans more, both sides would be more inclined to support each other. I don't know, I'm just bored by Akron football right now.
  7. 38% 3pt shooter last year. Looks like he could contribute quite a bit, he was recruited well out of high school.
  8. Not a soul on this board disagrees with that, the thing that bothers me is they didn’t even get a chance. That absolutely blows.
  9. It hurts worse and worse every time I think about it
  10. He edges the women’s champ 23-22, and he takes home the whole damn thing!!!
  11. I’m not sure, but I hope so. This team is quickly purging bodies I don’t think the staff was really expecting. At this point, all of those freshman may be playing after all, and hopefully they can grab another immediate contributor soon. Whether Marshall and Edwards were any good or not (I think Marshall would’ve been), they were experienced players. That’s what made the 19-20 special, and we need more bodies like that.
  12. Zips to the Final Four confirmed. Who is our Sister Jean equivalent? Gerry Faust?
  13. Holy hell. Akron football in a nutshell.
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