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  1. Freeman as POY and Barbee as COY are both locks. First team, Freeman and Hill are locks. Someone from Toledo will make it, likely Moss. Ali has a decent chance too. I’d also take Jihad on first team. Considering how the league has played, it’s far from a slam dunk like it typically is to come up with these teams.
  2. He added a stability and lockdown D, but you are definitely right about his effectiveness overall. He’s fallen out of shape and his 40% 3pt. shot hasn’t been tested in almost 2 months. It’ll take him every bit of the next 2.5 weeks to be ready to contribute in Cleveland.
  3. Akron beat Kent by 13 last night, sweeping them for the season series to sit alone in first place with 2 weeks to go. But the coach has a vendetta against the 3rd string PG. Message boards are hilarious.
  4. Reggie Bass...wow. Emoni Bates type loser. Tackled Shammah and sold it as a flop. If Pinky had a spine he'd ditch him like Groce did with Trimble.
  5. I read that in their Miami game, he snapped at Pinky when being taken out early in the 2nd half (maybe, memory hazy) and has barely played since then. Also, Mike Bekelja has received D1 scholarships from two different basketball programs. I find that confounding.
  6. Zips -7.5. A tad bigger than I expected. I believe the 2017 home game vs. them was around 8 points or so. This is probably the biggest spread in the rivalry since then. Definitely want a different result than that night. Go Zips!
  7. The TV networks have gotten way too lax when it comes to determining which games they want to pick up. It used to be a strict 21-days out determination. Now, they're waiting until roughly two weeks, leaving people hanging. It's insane.
  8. Reggie Bass transferring from CMU to Kent to play less, score less, and win less (than CMU this year) is absolutely hilarious.
  9. In the last decade, we have been closer to going 2-0 at Ohio State than we have winning at Toledo just one time.
  10. Akron hasn't won at Toledo since Zeke Marshall blocked 9 shots (IIRC all in the first half) in a 71-56 victory in January of 2013. Many of the games haven't been close, either. At one point, Akron had a similar drought against Buffalo but 11 years is pretty wild considering everything Akron has done over the years. Maybe we're due. I hope so.
  11. Thornton doesn't belong in the same discussion as those guys. He is a classic 2-way PG who makes the most of his minutes as a distributor and defender. His numbers, though with limited minutes, reflect that. Scott has been the biggest disappointment. Dawson has at the very least had some moments, but Scott's shot has not come around. 29% in MAC play. He has also, save for the dunk vs. WMU, come up empty on fast break attempts repeatedly. The thing about each of these guys that still keeps them dangerous is the threat they are to make shots. It's not like we're surrounding Freeman with 4 Shaqs. While Akron lacks a 3-point sharpshooter, Hunter, Dawson, Scott, Ali, Tribble, Tavari, even Thornton all have shown the capability to be shooters. The archetype for the player Akron is "missing" wears #21 for Toledo. Keeping him in check back on 2/2 won Akron that game.
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