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2020 fall soccer roster

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Akron soccer posted this tweet today...so I figured that I would start a topic.  Hopefully, these fine group of young men will get to play some meaningful games in the spring.


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Ok, here is the roster.....that currently shows on the website....

28 players




On February 3rd, Akron did this news release...when 4 new players joined the team (Hazem Sobhy, Ryan Combe, Jordan Seaman and Gabriel Ramos)


there is a PDF you can click in in the article to see that roster


......here are the differences that I can see

Gabriel Ramos not on fall Roster

Kai Wagner not on fall roster

Peter Zecca not on fall Roster


New players

Transfer - #1 Wil Meyer

New Freshman

#8 Jason Shokalook

#23 Damon Williams

#27 Paul Jones

#28 Nick Scott

#29 Josue Hangi


Number changes

Colin Biros was #8 in spring...

he is #10 in fall

Natnael McDonald was #33 in spring

#20 in fall

Hazem Sobhy  #23 in Spring

#22 in fall


at the end of April, this is what Top Drawer Soccer showed as the zip recruiting class

I have highlighted in bold...the players that have made it to campus....Remi Smith changed his commitment from Akron to Air Force.  I do not know what happened with Dyson Clapier.

11. Akron 

Commitments: F Jason Shokalook (Internationals SC – No. 52), M Remi Smith (Atlanta United – No. 177), GK Josue Hangi (Atlanta United – No. 178), D M Ryan Combe (Black Rock FC – No. 188), F Damon Williams (South Carolina United FC – No. 197), Paul Jones (South Carolina United FC), M Nick Scott (Internationals SC), D Jordan Seaman (Internationals SC), M Dyson Clapier (Portland Timbers)

Transfers: GK Will Meyer (Louisville), M Hazem Sobhy (Ottawa – AZ)

The reclassification of Shokalook is a big boost for Akron’s class, which features five players from the Top 200 player rankings.

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9 hours ago, zippyfan34 said:


Thanks. I remember this, too, but when I looked at their roster, he's not shown. I realize now, though, that no Freshman appear on their roster. So, they must not be including their new players on the roster yet. At any rate, best wishes to Kai. Notre Dame College has a great DII men's soccer program. I think Kai can do well there.




Gabriel Ramos to East Tennessee St University. https://www.etsubucs.com/msoccer/roster/


Other transfers:

  Bradley Chick to East Tennessee St University. https://www.etsubucs.com/msoccer/roster/

  Mani Austmann to UNC Greensboro. https://gomason.com/sports/mens-soccer/roster

  Ricky Ceballos to High Point.  https://highpointpanthers.com/sports/mens-soccer/roster

  Tor Saunders to Coastal Carolina.  https://goccusports.com/sports/mens-soccer/roster

  Joe Bowles to Grace College. https://gclancers.com/sports/mens-soccer/roster

  Nicolas Alt to George Mason University. 

  Marko Gasparac ?

  Jonathan Boothe ?




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