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  1. Pol, Milanese and Mcdonald are gone
  2. I was also thinking about Currie if our bigs get into foul trouble. My guess is they won’t be available.
  3. So I believe Aziz was the only scholarship player on the bench not to get in. Did not see Dailey, Wynn or Currie who I assume either have or were exposed to COVID. Just glad we got to play with whoever we have.
  4. I got free tickets for Saturday so hoping we can pull out a couple wins to get there!
  5. It is unfortunate. I know many high schools in the area had senior night early in the season in case games late got cancelled like this. At least fans weren’t going to be there to recognize him but it still sneaks he didn’t get a senior night.
  6. That explains my comment on Tribble.
  7. Not sure if this has been all year but it looks like Tribble has the Larry Bird era short shorts on at the bench.
  8. I checked ticket prices for the championship game and they had tickets as low as $22 and a lot of $38 as well. I thought about jumping on the $22 for my family of 4 (which would be $88) but then there was almost $50 of fees on top of that (Total of $137). I am cheap so I will wait until I know for sure they are paying before I would purchase
  9. I didn’t think I would ever say this, but I would prefer Reghi
  10. Refs were pissed this MAC showcase wasn't on cable and are getting their whistles in!
  11. I submitted a bunch but I guess they didn’t want of bunch of my family and the Griswolds!
  12. I don’t necessarily want him to leave but also don’t want the U increasing his salary to get him to stay if he tries leveraging that.
  13. It was nice to see Currie celebrating from the bench even though he didn’t get in today. It looks like the PT he has gotten over the past few games has gotten him more involved on the sideline. Early in the year I recall him not cheering at all while on the bench.
  14. Boogie is definitely one of our few transfers that could play at a program better than Akron. Not sure how many of the others will get a chance.
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