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  1. As I recall our "football guy" had never run a collegiate football program either.
  2. I was able to find the replay. They may want to cut out the 8 minute "Press Conference to Begin Shortly" intro. 🙄
  3. Glad you could find it. All I got was a bunch of links that didn't work. What was this, like a 10 minute press conference?
  4. Nice to see, but it means more for Groce than it does for the Zips. I doubt he'd turn down another P5 job if offered. My guess is he'll be gone before then if he keeps winning.
  5. I think the MAC Championship victory against OU was my favorite of KD's tenure. We were still reeling from Abreu's arrest and not only did we beat OU, we broke their spirit with about 3 or 4 minutes to go I think. You could see some OU players posture droop and it was over. Great effort and coaching job.
  6. The build up was exciting, the game was a nightmare. I did stay for the whole game, but not saying I watched it all. Too painful. Oh well, it's long over. Seeing Shaka from time to time and especially last night/today on the anniversary just got me riled up. Damn you Facebook memories! 😉
  7. I was there too. You can stop pressing when you're up 40 especially against a shorthanded team you have a history with. I wouldn't expect KD to say much else. Coach how you want, but don't expect it to generate any future good will.
  8. If I'm reading correctly, Shaka is 0-6 in the NCAA tournament since the Zips game. Karma may be stronger than we thought. 😉
  9. I missed most of the game, but 1 for 6. SIX shots from your best player and conference POY? 😳
  10. Nice of the MAC to announce at 7:40 that the 7:30 game had been moved to ESPNEWS. 🙄
  11. Good back and forth women's final as CMU beats BG 77-72. Wondering if MAC will get 2 bids again. #1 seed Dayton against VCU women's A-10 semis next up on CBSSN. Geez, Zips beat Dayton. How things changed.
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