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I am having trouble accessing gozips.com on a PC using several browsers. Has anyone else had the site freeze up with the A logo screen? I can't click through, and if I X out the ad, nothing happens.


Even if I do a search for, say "Zips Football" I still get the non-rotating circle that stops rotating. The search engine doesn't take me directly to the page.


On my Apple devices the circle goes around the A logo and then I get to the site. But I'm getting too old to look at a small screen all the time. LOL



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It happens on my PC also if I go directly to the homepage but if I go to any other page first, it works fine. It also works on my phone just fine. I'm guessing it would be an issue the website hosting company would need to fix and not anything someone in the athletic department could fix.

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It's gotten worse. I can't get in even with a direct link to a page inside anymore. I left a message with Sidearm Sports.

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