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Big East conference Standings...halfway thru the season

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All teams have played 4 games...in a 8 game schedule

Today's Results

Georgetown  3    UConn  0

Zips 3    DePaul 0

Seton Hall 3  Villanova   3

Xavier 2    Marquette  1 ....game was at Marquette...big win for Xavier

Butler 2     Creighton   2

Providence  0     St. Johns 0


   you can see below....that Georgetown leads the east 2ith 12 points...

2nd place in the east is at 6 points


Zips next 2 big east games are on the road at Xavier  On the 14th ....and at Creighton.


Looking at the Midwest standings

1.   Xavier     9    points

2. Akron       8 points

3.  Creighton  7 points


   If next Saturday's Akron at Xavier game does not end in a tie, the winner of next Saturday game....will be in first place.....

great opportunity for the Zips next Saturday.....Go, Zips



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Adding in Results for Saturday October 14 (5th game for everyone in league)


Seton Hall   2    Creighton 1

Both teams are now 2-2-1 

7 points for each thru 5 games


St. John's 3    Villanova  1

St. John's improves to 2-1-2.....so they have 8 points thru 5 games

Villanova drops to 1-3-1........4 points thru 5 games


Butler and DePaul played to a 1-1 tie

DePaul is now 0-4-1 ....so they have 1 point in conference standings

Butler is now 1-2-2....so they have 5 points after 5 games


1-3-0 Marquette(3 current points) plays at 2-2-0 Connecticut (6 current points) tonight at 7


4-0-0 Georgetown (12 current points) plays at 1-1-2 Providence tonight   (4 points currently for the Friars)


and of course, the monster game of the week

2-0-2   Akron (8 current points) plays at 3-1-0   Xavier   (9 current points)


after tonight's contests are done, Creighton will be 3rd in midwest division with 7 points

Marquette...could end the night with 3 points, 4 points or 6 points

Butler has 5 points....so they will end the night either 4th or 5th in midwest division

DePaul will be in the midwest cellar with 1 point


Akron and Xavier.....will still be the top 2 teams in the Midwest after tonight

Akron will be number 1 with a win

Xavier will have the most points in the midwest division....with a tie or a win....


go, Zips.....

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Big upset of the night

Providence defends their home turf....and comes up with 1-0 win over Georgetown

Georgetown is 4-1-0

Providence improves to 2-1-2....8 points


UConn defends their home turf and gets an exciting 3-2 win over Marquette

UConn improves to 3-2-0....9 points

Marquette drops to 1-4-0




xavier             10         3-1-1

Akron              9           2-0-3

Creighton       7            2-2-1

Butler              5           1-2-2

Marquette       3          1-4-0

DePaul             1          0-4-1



Georgetown     12          4-1-0

UConn                9          3-2-0

Providence         8           2-1-2

St. Johns             8           2-1-2

Setoh Hall            7           2-2-1

Villanova              4           1-3-1


zips are the only team in the league without a loss

I guess that Xavier wanted to do a senior night on a Saturday


Xavier still has one more home game.

they host Butler on the 18th

on the 21st, Xavier travels to Villanova

on the 28th, Xavier travels to Connecticut.......


zips of course have Marquette at home on 21st....bookended by road games at Creighton and Butler 

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