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October 18 - at Creighton

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Creighton certainly did not look like the #117 team in RPI.

They looked like a very good team...with the exception of the last 8 minutes of the first half.

It is hard for me to believe that Creighton had a 3-5-5 record coming into tonight's game.


Dyson Clapier went out very early in the game with a foot /ankle injury.   Stefan Dobrijevic came in and played very well.   Zips also played without Malik Henry.

Creighton was probably the better team in the first 35 minutes of the first half.     Creighton made some terrible back passes in the last 8-10 minutes of the first half and the GK made a very poor decision that left an open net.   Shooky got off a good shot and it just went off the outside post.

Shooky also had a great breakaway opportunity but Creighton defended well.  Stefan got off an absolute missile of a shot.   Their GK made a stellar save.   How he held on to the screamer is beyond me.   Fitzgerald was there for the rebound if the Creighton GK had not corralled the ball.


zips easily could have been up 1-0 at half time....due to Akron dominating in the last 10 minutes.   


     Creighton was the better team....by far.....for the first 42 minutes of the 2nd half.   Credit to them.     Is VAR not used for all big east games?   The Akron coaching staff and all zips players thought that Creighton was offside on the first goal.      The 2nd goal should have been reviewed by VAR (if available.)   Creighton had 3 players offside and 1 of the guys seemed solely to be trying to block Mitch Budler's view.      I know that I am sounding like sour grapes....but I would have liked to have seen the first 2 goals reviewed by VAR.     However,   I must give Creighton tremendous credit.   They swarmed to balls on defense and they had a great game plan in transition.   Creighton deserved to win this game.      


     Creighton did an excellent job of finding the open man in transition.     Creighton overloaded their right side in the 2nd half and really attacked the zips left side (Akron had Sangwa and Buechte on right side of field...and Jackson and Ashton Kamdem on left side of field).     I am a huge Ashton Kamdem fan...but there were several times where Creighton had many players deep on Akron's left side and Ashton was rushing to get back from being on offense.


The zips could have had USMNT GK Matt Turner in the net tonight and Creighton still would have scored 3 goals.    When Creighton has 3 or 4 players attacking 1 left side CB and the Zips GK, it would not have mattered if Mitch Budler or Seth Wilson  of Matt Turner were the zips GK.    Creighton was efficient and ruthless in their counter attack.   Mitch Budler did not have a bad game.  Creighton was very good at at passing quickly and finding the open man.    Creighton was better than the Zips tonight.   They were better at passing and they were better at defending and they were better at scoring.    Creighton did a very good job of high pressing the zips in the first half.


Jason Shokalook was very, very unselfish in the 2nd half....and set his teammates up for some good scoring opportuinites.   As Zips rule said, this was not the zips night.  Zips had opportunites that they did not convert in the first 88 minutes.    Creighton was able to convert their opportunites.    We all hate to see the zips lose...Creighton threw a good high press and a very good counter attack at the zips.    The zips challenge now is to learn from tonight's game.     

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these were the big east standings at the start of the day


start of the day

1. Georgetown                              12 points

2. Xavier                                        10

tie for 3rd ....UConn and Akron     9

tie for 5th....St. John's and Providence   8

tie for 7th...Seton Hall and Creighton      7

9th....  Butler                                              5

10.  Villanova                                              4

11. Marquette                                             3

12. DePaul                                                  1



Butler and Xavier 1-1

Creighton 3 Akron 2

Georgetown 2 Nova 0

Marquette and DePaul 3-3

St. Johns 3  Seton Hall 0

Providence 3 UConn


Georgetown now leads east wtih 15

Xavier leads Midwest with 11   (Creighton now has 10 and Akron has 9)


Georgetown and Xavier would get top 2 spots if season ended today


standings now after 6 games

1.  Georgetown                                  15

3 way tie for 2nd (2 of the teams are in east)

2T.  Xavier                                          11

2T. St. Johns                                      11

2T.  Providence                                  11

5.    Creighton                                    10

2 way tie for 6th

6T.    Akron                                             9

6T. Uconn                                               9

8.   Seton Hall                                         7

9.    Butler                                               6

10T. Villanova                                           4

10T.   Marquette                                       4

12. DePaul                                                 2


if big east season ended today, the zips would be in tournament....but would have to play quarterfinal game on the road

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Creighton gave Akron fits with relentless high pressure and composure on the ball when in possession.  Bluejays were the better side.  Creighton are a better squad than their record indicates.


Yes, Zips were missing some key personnel to injury.  

Too bad; lots of knocks in mid-October.

No excuse.  


There were some questionable no calls on offside on the first two goals.  In particular, the second goal had a very offside Bluejay standing directly in front of Zip GK Budler, occluding his vision on the shot.  

(This is why the "passive offside" rule is ridiculously bad on all levels of the game.  Simplify the rule for the referee; they already have too much to watch. On or Off.)

Still, No excuse. 


Zips had to travel to a different time zone to play on a Wednesday. 


What exactly did you think joining the Big East would entail?

No excuse.


Zips hit the frame twice, had 15 Corner Kicks and shot 18(7).  

In many ways it was just not an Akron night.

No excuse.


Zips had better get their act together quick or the season is nearly over. 

Akron need 6 points from the next two matches to have a realistic chance of a prolonged postseason.

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