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  1. I cannot recall a more competitive schedule in program history. I hope the Zips are up for it.
  2. No one has mentioned this because it hurts too bad.
  3. Aidan Wolf! Please come to Akron! There. I said it aloud.
  4. This may be the most timely and informative singular post ever on this forum. Congratulations, Thundering Herd!
  5. I will not argue against any of your points! Excellent rant! I am absolutely pleased I touched a nerve! God knows I can feel it, myself! Damn it! Now I am getting pissed off again!🥵
  6. Maybe a 1, maybe not, but no real jeopardy. Embick has earned a whole lot of time to course correct. But the road ahead will not be an easy one, not in the slightest. More likely Embick looks for greener pastures before he ever is shown the door. Jared turning down Louisville to stay in Akron in early 2019 pretty much granted him lifetime immunity among Zips faithful. And who are we going to get that is better? I say it’s Embick’s mess; let him be the one to clean it up. Realistically, Akron is in no position to dismiss any HC of any sport - barring a Grand Jury Indictment!
  7. In the dark times Akron Zips MSOC is currently facing, and the apparent tough road ahead, it is instructive to compare ourselves to the gold standard in NCAA MSOC. Hoosiers are what Zips aspire to be. CHAMPIONSHIP BOUND! No. 2 Indiana Upends No. 3 Pittsburgh - Indiana University Athletics (iuhoosiers.com) The Final on Monday will be the 16th for Hoosiers. They already have 8 stars on their jerseys. What behaviors practiced by Indiana can be duplicated in Akron?
  8. Astute observations! Zips' opponents have historically feared our counter attack too much to high press us. The opposition is no longer afraid. There is blood in the water and the Sharks are circling. Passing forward is not always the best decision, but passing laterally (or back) is too often the default with this squad, ESPECIALLY among the underclassmen, who have evidently been coached to do so. Older players are usually more discriminating with the ball. Until we clean up our possession, we are inviting the high press feeding frenzy. Opponents must be punished for pressing our possession along the back. Overall, passing accuracy (completion rate) has been atrocious of late, which is a more fundamental problem.
  9. Fine. But what do those monitors actually monitor?
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