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  1. Astute observations! Zips' opponents have historically feared our counter attack too much to high press us. The opposition is no longer afraid. There is blood in the water and the Sharks are circling. Passing forward is not always the best decision, but passing laterally (or back) is too often the default with this squad, ESPECIALLY among the underclassmen, who have evidently been coached to do so. Older players are usually more discriminating with the ball. Until we clean up our possession, we are inviting the high press feeding frenzy. Opponents must be punished for pressing our possession along the back. Overall, passing accuracy (completion rate) has been atrocious of late, which is a more fundamental problem.
  2. Fine. But what do those monitors actually monitor?
  3. As with most programs, our players wear those halter monitors (for lack of a better term). What is monitored? Heart Rate? Mileage? I honestly do not know. But I wonder how many miles Dyson Clapier covered last night. Dude was all over the pitch! And I do not remember him exiting the match.
  4. Coach Embick, you deserve to be proud of your team's effort in this victory! Congratulation!
  5. I LOVE Will Jackson at Left Back!!! That is his position at next level; he may as well get started now.
  6. When was the last time Zips missed the Tournament two years in a row?
  7. Without a conference tournament, only the round-robin competition will be considered. Goal differential is one of the tie-breakers.
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