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Big East games on Saturday October 21 - game 7 in 8 game schedule

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Lots of important games today....

Many of them will be complete before the zips take the field


1 pm - St. Johns (11 points currently)  at Georgetown  (15 points)


1 pm - Xavier (11 points currently) at Villanova (4 points)


2 pm - Seton Hall (7 points currently) at DePaul (2 points)


3:30 pm -  UConn (9 points currently) at Creighton (10 points)


7 pm - Providence (11 points currently) at Butler (6 points)


7 pm - Marquette (4 points currently) at Akron (9 points)


Go, Zips !


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really good result for St. John's on the road


St. John's and #8 Georgetown battle to 1-1 tie....at Georgetown

SJ now has 12 points in league

Georgetown is 5-1-1 and has 16 points


Xavier and Villanova also play to 1-1 tie at Villanova

Xavier moves to 12 points in league

Villanove has 5 points 


DePaul leads Seton Hall 2-0 at half time


If Creighton wins at home today, Creighton would move into first place in the Midwest division with 13 points.

   If Creighton loses or ties against UConn, the Zips (with a win tonight)could be in a tie with Xavier (at the top of the Midwest) with 12 points after today;s game


Let's get 3 points tonight, zippers !!!

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In the 2:00 and 3:30 games...


DePaul   3  Seton Hall  1

DePaul now has 5 points

Seton Hall stays at 7 points


credit to DePaul.  They started the league campaign with an 0-4-0 mark.  DePaul is 1-0-2 in their last 3 games and they have a winnable last game against Villanova


UConn  2   Creighton    0

game was at Creighton ...really good road win for U Conn

UConn now has 12 points

Creighton stays put with 10 points


   2 games left to be played today


Current point totals for the teams that have played 7 games

East Division

Georgetown          16 points

St. Johns               12 points

UConn                    12 points

Seton Hall                7  points

Villanova                  5 points


     Providence has only played 6 games.   Providence currently has 11 points and plays at Butler tonight


MidWest Division

Xavier                      12 points

Creighton                10 points

DePaul                       5 points


as mentioned, Bulter hosts Providence....Butler currently has 6 points

Our beloved Zips host Marquetter.   Marquette currently has 4 points.   Akron currently has 9 points.


Zips can move into a first place tie in the Midwest division with a win tonight.

And no, I have no idea......what the tiebreaker(s) is if the Zips and Xavier finish in a tie for the Midwest Division.


The winner of the Midwest division will be the #2 seed in the Big East Conference tournament.


Let's get a win tonight, Zips !!!  

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in tonight's games,


Providence  3     Butler 0

Providence now has 14 points

Butler stays at 6 points


of course, Akron and Marquette play to 1-1 tie

Akron now has 10 points

Marquette has 5 points now


Current Standings with all teams ...having played 7 games

East Division

Georgetown          16 points

Providence            14 points 

St. Johns               12 points

UConn                    12 points

Seton Hall                7  points

Villanova                  5 points


MidWest Division

Xavier                      12 points

Akron                       10 points

Creighton                10 points

Butler                         6 points

DePaul                       5 points

Marquette                  5 points


with one game left, Villanova, Butler , DePaul and Marquette ....can not reach 10 points.....

so, the Zips will be one of the 8 teams playing in the Big East tournament

Georgetown, Providence, St. Johns, UConn, Xavier, Akron and Creighton have locked 7 of the 8 big east tournament slots.


Akron can still win the Midwest and get the tournament overall number 2 seed.....

if the following happens

1) Akron wins at Butler

2) Xavier must lose at U Conn

3) Creighton muse either lose or tie at St. Johns


all games on Saturday start at 2 pm eastern 



I believe that this article confirms that the winner of the 2nd division (even if they have lower point total....than teams in other division)...will get number 2 overall seed

The winner in the midwest...will not be able to top the 16 points that Georgetown currently has.     Providence could end up with 17 points...but they will not be the overall number 2 seed...if Georgetown ends up with 19 points



Following the conclusion of league play on Saturday, Oct. 28 the tournament field will be set with the squad with the highest overall conference points securing the No. 1 seed, along with the team in the opposite division with the highest conference point total locking up the No. 2 seed. The remaining six seeds, regardless of division, will be determined by conference points. Quarterfinal action will get underway on Saturday, Nov. 4, with the top four seeds hosting matches.

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this is all I could find....on big east conference tiebreakers

it is dated 2016.....




If Creighton and Akron finish atop the Midwest with 13 points, Creighton would win the Midwest division and get overall number 2 seed (if this 2016 document is still the be all and end all for tie-breakers)

If Xavier ties UConn and both Akron and Creighton win, there would be a 3 way tie with 13 points.

If I am reading, the last sentence correctly, 

Xavier beat Creighton 1-0 , Xavier and Akron tied, Creighton defeated Akron

Xavier is 1-0-1 ; Creighton is 1-1, Akron is 0-1-1

Xavier wins tiebreaker and wins midwest division


if anyone can find a more current tiebreaker rules, please post .....and analyze for the other soccer fans.......on ZNO


Head-to-head results is the first tie breaker, then the record versus the team occupying the highest position in the standings. The third tie breaker is each team’s total conference wins. The conference has seven total tie-breaker procedures for head-to-head ties. When more than two teams tie, they form a mini-conference, where the team/teams with the best combined record versus the other teams gains the advantage.

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