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Zips Football Golf Outing Shocker!

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In what can only be described as one of the most spiteful actions in the history of mankind, newfound millionaires Joe and Manny Nemer decided to take their cash windfall and wreak havoc on the Zips Football Golf Outing Monday afternoon.Said Manny Nemer (photo below from Prestwick CC hole #15):manny.jpg"Those sumana beeches don't who who they're dealing with!! I wanna my pounda flesh from doze bastards anna I don't wanna stop until I geddit!!"The day began like any other, until a giant stretch Hummer limo pulled into the Prestwick parking lot at 11am. Out popped Joe Nemer, who lept on top of the Hummer and defiantly yelled "You summan beeches football guys ain't gunna win nuthin!!"Filing out from the limo immediately following the rhetoric was the European Rider Cup team!!! Apparently Nemer had them flown in overnight and signed them into the outing under assumed names. Sufficive to say, the Nemer-assembled Dream Team took the top three scramble spots with blistering 30, 29, 28 under par scores. They took every closest to the pin, long drive and door prize too."We're simply in shock" said a beleaguered Mack Rhoads. "They took everything..it was like when the Grinch came down from his cave and pillaged Whoville....except it smelled like 5-day old falafel. It still does." His voice trailed off.The limo exited at 6:30pm, and drove straight to Joe Nemer's Sun Bar and Grill for a raucous party that Akron Police Superintendent Gary Chalmers stated "Made the worst UA May Day party look like a preschool picinic." Over 150 arrests were made. The Nemers bailed-out all those arrested with money directly from their wallets.joes-2.jpg

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