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    Dear Gozips, You told us a couple of years ago that we had a sweet 16 team (that ended up not even winning the MAC). And then you told us that Akron is joining the ACC. Next was your theory of "there is no such thing as a cupcake! A couple of weeks ago you were promoting KD as a great fit for the Pitt job. Today you are trying to convince us that everyone is scared to play Akron when the reality is that their best win of the season was Ohio (RPI 80) and they couldn't beat Ohio State (RPI 72) in the NIT. Then to cap it all, you come on the board and call us idiots!!!
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    Leonard Hamilton had just finished his 6th season at FSU without having made the NCAA tourney, and it was the Akron loss that almost lost him his job? They could overlook the other losses in his tenure to Boston, Texas A&M Corpus Christi, Kent State, FIU, and Cleveland State, but Akron is where they draw the line? Do you actually believe this garbage? If you can't even convince yourself that you are worthy of playing quality teams, how do you expect to convince a quality team that they should play Akron?
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    Why is our program so proud that they refuse to take a low payout, but are totally fine participating in early season tournaments that are completely stacked against them? I would much prefer getting a low sum of money to go to Villanova, then to join a tournament that openly admits that only the P5 teams have the opportunity to "win" the tourney. Its not like we are also getting quality home games out of the tournament, this past year they sent Charleston Southern to Akron.
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    Not getting the respect of a call back from your peers tells me that there is a lack of respect or problem. I don't know what it is - maybe you can enlighten us since you're on the staff. My point is to you and always has been, the teams that you mention above that Akron is trying to schedule are playing other MAC schools - other top MAC schools have had no trouble getting games with NC, MSU, Kansas, Michigan, etc. What has Akron done on a national level to make them so "poisonous" to these teams? I am simply not buying it.
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    I will provide several useful factoids to consider and comment on. Several people doubted the veracity of my claims that the Zips are "poisonous". Let us review what we have learned thus far. Thus far Akron has OOC games scheduled with YSU (Coach's vs. Cancer Classic), a home game with Marshall and good road game at Creighton. People poo-pooed about being turned down for OOC games at "scale" with no return. Scale currently is approximately $95,000. Some teams have offered to play Akron at their venue for the princely sum of $60,000. That will NOT happen. Can not cover expenses and it is demeaning. Forget the hog wash about getting our collective foot in the door. In a future post I will show high major games the Zips have played in the past decade. Here is a partial list of teams that rejected Akron's offer to play at their arena with NO return game. Cincinnati, Dayton, Xavier, PITT, Houston, Michigan, Michigan State. Tennessee, Florida, Alabama, LSU, Mississippi State, Wake Forest, Oklahoma State, Auburn, Tulane. See any you like? Not one of these schools want to play Akron on their own court. There are more; I will list them at another time. Six so called high majors did not even respond. Will name them later. Big Ten, SEC, A-10, ACC schools that did not to have the courtesy to even respond. There are numerous statistics and facts concerning scheduling that will be presented later. Akron will play in two early season tournaments. The UTEP tournament has promised that UTEP will play the Zips. That is good news. The Savanna tournament is larger; eight teams reportedly. Akron will play two of those games in Akron against mid-major teams. Then the Zips travel to Savanna to play two more schools. I hope this helps.
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    He didn't hire an agent, so I'm assuming he'll be back. After watching him against Big Dog this year, there's not a chance in my mind he's ready for the NBA. I don't think it'd be a half bad idea for Big Dog to do the same and get the experience of the camps and going against future NBA players
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    If the phone calls aren't getting returned and these teams aren't playing Akron - I agree with Morris, there must be a problem with KD. The teams that you listed above are playing teams like Akron. It's bigger than "we don't want to play you."
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    Spring game roster/teams released. http://www.gozips.com/sports/fball/2016-17/files/2016_Spring_Game_Rosters.pdf
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    I hear you. I don't understand why the Z is cool and slick to them either, but okay, it is and that's life. For me, the Z is overused on scarf designs #1 and #3. I would like scarf #1 better had they incorporated the ARoo where the large Z is on the side with the Adidas markings. The ARoo was the preferred logo the year we won the Title. I would like #3 better had they used the ARoo in place of one of the Z's. My understanding is that the ARoo hasn't gone away. So, why not use it along with the Z. Edit: Now that I think about it more, why not put AKRON on one side and Zips Soccer on the other with the Z in Zips being the slick Z (like at the top of the graphic)?
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    Seating capacity would need to quadruple to match the size of the four venues that have hosted it since 2001. On top of that, the city would probably need one or two more hotels to open up within a few miles of campus for the NCAA to consider UA for a larger event.
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