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    Simply couldn't have asked for better weather today. Michael Scott stood out to me right away. He's a little bigger than Josh Ward & seems to move just as well. Josh also looks good as always. Jeffrey Lubin & Rich Hall really pass the eyeball test as DB's. Lubin's a big corner at 6'2". Being that tall I thought he might get moved to safety, but no, he's at CB. Gavin Blunt looked good at WR. Big, tall, pretty fast & has nice moves. But Gavin won't see the field much this year. We're stacked at WR. Jonah Morris, Boogie Knight & Nate Stewart are 3 legit WR's. Add Andre Williams to that corps & it's quite loaded. Timothy Scipio is also a big, athletic WR who adds depth. Our offense is going to be quite multiple. It looks like Arth likes RB's who can catch the ball out of the backfield. We often had either Deltron Sands or that new walk-on from MUU line up in the backfield but go into motion out wide. This gave us a spread offense with Deltron, Jonah, Boogie & Nate out wide & Maverick Wolfey at TE. Bad news: Jonah Morris looked like he hurt his knee & had to be carted off the field. I pray it's not too serious. Abraham Alce is a tank. I didn't notice Devanier Floyd today. Did he practice? There were a lot of this year's signees at the game. At least I think that's who they were. There may have been some recruits at the game as well. I could only recognize OL Xavier Gray from Jackson. So I just assumed they were signees who will be freshmen next season.
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    I could see Dustin Ford being as a head coach at some point, but not now. Assistants generally move up to HC jobs either as a promotion where they are (and Groce is going nowhere for now) or they move on from a very successful program (which UA is not right now). A small college could take interest, but he's going nowhere in D1 as he's attached to Groce right now and Groce isn't having great success. Also, D1 programs are more likely to look for P5 assistants than MAC assistants.
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