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  1. Maybe, just maybe, the trucking company that the team uses to transport the Football Equipment, is using their trailer on the road and making money with it, since it was just sitting around collecting dust on campus!!
  2. http://www.hudl.com/video/3/5376324/5721cf93c124573b5477137c
  3. He was the kicker at Orange Lutheran when Jake Olsen, the blind long snapper at USC, was the long snapper played at Orange Lutheran, i googled his name and saw some pretty good videos
  4. I think Zip fan 33 is talking about the kicker from LSU. This guy is from California. He was redshirted Search on youtube. Jerry Fitschen just a little 85
  5. What does your friend have to say about this kid?
  6. That article is much easier to understand. So, according to that article, he is good to go for this season. Looking at his twitter, @jerryfitschen, he also runs track for Orange Lutheran, in the tough Trinity League, and take a look on his twitter from 2/10/16. www.prepcaltrack.com shows him as 3rd fastest in the 200 meters and 4th fastest 400 meters in Orange County.
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