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  1. You hire a coach for the long run. You want a guy who will build a legacy. Coach Jo will do just that. He gets it and he gets Akron. Just watch his presser and you realize he wants to deliver a win as bad as we want one. Our mistakes will be corrected and we will cease to beat ourselves. That will happen because we have good coaching and we are growing our talent base. Neither of those two happened under Arth or Bowden. The process may be painful at times, ala BUGS and Liberty, but the foundation is emerging. We haven't seen this engagement from the coaches or the team in a long time. From that base Jo will turn it around.
  2. Wow! Where did that come from ME? Call me crazy, but if we are having problems with streaming telecasts I thought it would be reasonable to go to the guy who directs that operation. If it continues I agree that we should go higher. I'm having a hard time understanding how going to Chad equates to "worship' of our AD. I really don't think he spends part of his day choosing the cameraperson for each streaming telecast. But what do I know, maybe he does. One thing for sure, I'd hate to see your response if we weren't friends.
  3. "If" you can find the space key after a comma your post will be readable and not like a graduate of PCCC. Sorry, that was pretty low. No one should suffer that indignation. 😁
  4. That was an incredibly horrible production. The camera person should never do a game again. Send your comments to Chad Welker at cvw1@uakron.edu. I hope he is inundated with emails so we never have to suffer thru that again.
  5. This game was a huge booster shot for all Zip fans that we are on the right track and getting better each week. I think we will be fine in the MAC but Miami, Central and PCCC still scare me. I hope this week they work with Irons to not lock on one receiver thereby waiting too long for him to get open and risking a sack. Irons really needs to work on his progression. If you watch yesterday's game closely he rarely moves his head looking around and we do have open WR's. With the lack of a running game I am curious as to why Norrils does not get PT. In my mind he is better than Price. Norrils will hit the hole harder than any of our RB's. Perhaps his lack of PT is an issue they are keeping inside the team. I hope not. I hope to see the guy get a serious look in games.
  6. Winning is the answer to attendance increasing. I have always felt that the NE Ohio fan is very intelligent when it comes to appreciating good football. Put crap in front of them and they will not come. Show them quality and they will begin to turn out. Quality also leads to winning games. Those two issues are intertwined. Joe has a huge task in front of him. Perhaps bigger than he initially thought. Nonetheless he is capable and will get the job done. These days look dark, but we are laying the foundation that will yield a MAC championship program under Joe. In Jo We Trust!
  7. You are clearly a guy that says the glass is half full. Bring on the Vols.
  8. Got to agree with Lee. Our team is a work in progress. I went to the MSU game and came away hopeful. I realize Irons is hurt, perhaps for a long time. Joe will find a replacement altho we may lose game we counted on winning. But our OL got better. They protected and opened holes. The DL looks much improved and showed they are capable of putting pressure on the QB. The game is won on the lines and we are setting a solid foundation. We have to solve problems in the secondary and at LB. Joe called a good game. Not so sure on the defensive side. So we are a team of a lot of new, moving parts. Chemistry is building. The only tradition we have to rely on is bad tradition. We need time. The culture is changing and when it changes completely we will win. In Jo We Trust.
  9. That was indeed a hell of a team. It served notice that Stu Parry had built the program to compete on a national level.
  10. Most of the predictions I've seen give us too much credit for improvement this week. We do not have the talent to stay with MSU. Coaching and new players will make little impression on our team's fortunes. Our journey continues with slow growth. 51-10 MSU.
  11. Meister, now that you mentioned it I have two impressions. My first is going to East Lansing to play on a cold day against a Spartan team that featured two Jamaican national players. How the hell they got to Michigan from Jamaica is mind boggling. They had speed and we lost. My second is getting them back at Jackson Field with 3,000 fans lining the field and lots of rain. Our keeper Stein Christiansen was incredible. That was a very heated rivalry. Now we own them and most of the Big Ten.
  12. I for one was impressed with the quality of their players. Some were outstanding and would look good in blue and gold.
  13. I watched Kent v. Washington. I thought Kent was better coached than us and had better talent. Based on what I saw in this first week we may have too big a gap to make up when playing the Flashes. They are the better team for now. There is much in our first game that was disappointing, primarily QB and OL. Both were terrible. Still, this is a marathon and JoMo knows that. He probably also knows he has a bigger rebuild than he thought. That's OK. We have the right coach and he will deliver. This could be a painful year, even when we get to the MAC play. Like others there were transfers I had hoped he would play. I don't know why he didn't get them in the game, but I trust his decisions despite dying to know why they weren't in. You gotta be tough to be a Zip fan......and we are. Enjoy soccer. Jared has a hell of a team that could see final four. Go Zips!
  14. I also went with the Zips by 4 TD's. Our OL is now good, not great, but moving in the right direction. We have 3 WR's that will not be stopped and 2 RB's (Wiley and Norells) who allow us to attack all over the field with talent and depth. The offense will be kept simple for Irons so execution becomes the goal not diversity. None of this is good if we cannot stop SFU. Our D will be much improved. Every facet will be better. Improvement starts with the DL. We got better on the DL but it is the area that we improved the least. Yet if they are serviceable our LB's and DB's can carry the day. The D is going from terrible to fair. It will take time to get to the level we need in the MAC and it will not happen in games with MSU and Tennessee. But it will continue the improvement over the entire season. I'm good with that as that's when we will need it the most.
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