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  1. Loved that uni. I wish they would bring it back.
  2. I'm in agreement with GP1 here. Texas and Ok are gone and with their departure the Big 12 is dead. There is no way the rest of the CFP teams will allow the remaining Big 12 to add more teams and keep their membership in the CFP. That will mean adding more teams that will split the pie of money and that will not happen. Look for some members of the Big 12 (Colorado, OK St) to go to the PAC 12. The rest are screwed. The ACC will break up with NC going to the Big 10, maybe even ND. Maybe FSU to the SEC. What emerges is three super conferences that all leave the NCAA for football. The MAC and Akron will play no role in this. That is a good thing. These changes finally force the G5 to look to their own future w/o the former P5. Let the G5 stay in the NCAA and have their own championship. Forget about the money of the CPF, the conference network money and the big bowl payoff money. The G5 schools were never going to taste that. It's better that they focus on what they can control. Look to their own interests and let the greed of the P5 eventually eat them alive from the inside. It will take decades, but it will happen.
  3. My bad. The BCS played its last season ending championship in 2014. It was succeeded by the College Football Playoff made up of the same members who were in the BCS, but raking in lots more money. Interestingly enough, Forbes reports that if the proposed 8 team CFP becomes reality the TV pot to split amongst the 65 members will increase 6-7 fold. That alone will pay for much of an athletic dept budget.The TV payout is exclusive of the money offered by each bowl to the participants.
  4. If the Big 12 does have to refill, and the BCS allows the newly reconstituted Big 12 to stay in and get a part of the football playoff money, you better believe there will be a huge effort to be a new member of the Big 12. My money is on the BCS siding with greed and refusing to let the Big 12 stay in. That strategy will allow more money for the BCS members because there will be fewer members to share in the pot.
  5. The Zips are working on the hidden ball trick with Cato's hair. Arth has gotten sick of being called predictable. This is the new OC's response.
  6. I appreciate that you want to hear some ideas that can make the situation better. But in this case neither me nor you nor anyone on ZNO is paid to come up with ideas. Guthrie and his staff are paid to do that and still we hear nothing. I guarantee you that any idea I, you or Joe ZNO come up with is better than nothing. We need to expect and demand more. So far we have nothing which is crap. We should not be afraid to call it what it is. If we applaud anyone for doing nothing we are insuring that that is exactly what we will get in the future. Let's set the bar higher.
  7. If the way football has been hyped since Guthrie started the job I'd say his grade in marketing communication is pretty damn poor. With limited time before the first game every day lost in getting the public excited for football is a squandered opportunity that he bears responsibility for. I can't get too excited so far in regards to his management.
  8. I think they are a waste of money. At the Boise Famous Potato Bowl Trevor Maddox called our white uni's the best in college football. I agree. if it ain't broke , don't fix it. Spend the money on promotions instead. BTW, the Fear the Roc logo is too small to see from the stands or on TV so why have it. A waste of $ when we are short on it.
  9. This top ten countdown series is the only thing to look forward to as our football season approaches. Please, someone, explain to me why the university is not creating any hype whatsoever, for any sport? Ultimately the marketing is the responsibility of the AD, I don't give a damn how new he is. The conspiracy side of my brain is having a real field day. Help! I want to get excited about UA fall sports.
  10. Judge Coach Z by his performance. He has yet to produce better O linemen or an offense that can move the ball.
  11. The NCAA does make a ton of money off the BBall playoffs, but they don't make any money off the football D1 playoff. That money goes to the BCS and is divided against the 65 members. Those schools are the members of the Big 10, Big 12, PAC 10, SEC and ACC plus Notre Dame. They have no intention whatsoever to include any G5 school. The rich get richer.
  12. Yesterday OSU landed the highest ranked defensive recruit in its history. That may have evened the odds for our game. I think it is fair to say we can no longer take a win over them as a given. Now Auburn is a different story.
  13. Meister, a pretty interesting ranking that means absolutely nothing other than who is on the move. Kent's Sean Lewis and Ball State's Mike Nee seem destined to move on after this year. I always appreciate someone who moves up in the rankings, yet I think we can expect our coach to move more than 5 places this season.
  14. I agree. I like who we have now to compete for the job. Clark is a cancer in the locker room that began at Hoban and has been fostered by his dad. We don't need his act. Clearly not the high character recruit Arth wants.
  15. I do not believe for a second that 147 schools make a profit or break even in athletics. A couple of years ago Forbes, I believe, reported that only 27 schools made a profit from athletics revenues, that is no support from the school's budget. OSU was one of them and they made a ton. Enough so that athletics gave millions back to OSU's general fund after paying for 37 varsity sports, the most in the country. This was on top of the building spree that OSU has been on for the last 20 years. That building spree was funded completely by the athletics dept's accrued funds or major donors. No university funds.
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