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  1. The $13 price is if you pay for the whole year. Will cost $19 for the month to month plan. I signed up. Might be our only win this year.
  2. Not sure if this has been mentioned, but the game is only on flofootball live stream. Costs $13 to watch it. Edit- I see this was already talked about.
  3. I haven't been to a game in 3 years but I watch every game on tv. Got tired of people turning and staring at me like I'm a freak every time i'd yell or stomp my feet to make noise when we are on defense. Typical attitude i used to see is 'We like the Zips, but you're kind of a loser if you get THAT excited when cheering Akron on'. Seems it is acceptable to make noise only after a big play.
  4. We should have kept the guy that won a bowl game and beat a big ten team.
  5. Announces are driving me nuts. Last I checked IllinoiS has an S in it!
  6. He looks and talks like the coach from Friday Night Lights.
  7. Espn shows one 3 star. All the rest are no stars.
  8. Seems the best move is to have Milwee replaced first before they think about replacing Bowden. Obviously the weak link is the offense. We'd be winning more if that good defense had some help. Watched Zips football with Terry Bowden show. First time I've seen him in the show be vocally critical of the offensive ineptness and not make excuses.
  9. We know. Just kidding. She probably better than most of her male counterparts!
  10. My wife says " If we lose its because they let a woman be a ref LOL".
  11. Not sure Chapman is a good comparison to Nelson. Chapman flat out couldn't play the position. Nelson has consistency problems but still has a lot of talent.
  12. Bear says the Zippers are 6-1 ATS on conference underdog games with 3 outright wins. He's got the Zips covering, but losing the game. Hope he's not completely right!
  13. I remember TB's comments on preseason that there were one or two practices where Ramart pushed Nelson but that was about it. Kato has 2+ years left. Makes sense to keep him as the starter.
  14. Zips win convincingly. They often seem to show up in full force and focused when counted out or following an embarrassing loss.
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