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  1. Wow, he had basically no stats at a D2 school & he is gonna go to Illinois, his 4th school, why? Good luck to him I guess
  2. Why is he not playing in 20 & 21? 20 I can see as Covid but only 3 games in last 2 years https://ualbanysports.com/sports/football/roster/jeff-undercuffler/8416
  3. I don’t see it on there, it’s the one above with the 3 A’s & kinda looks like the Central Michigan C I think
  4. Like both of these better because of emphasis on Z because it’s unique to our University of Akron Zips & makes sense
  5. It’s growing on me, i know my thoughts don’t mean anything but if they made the top of the A come out a little further to the left & emphasized the Z & maybe used a different color for the Z it could be special. Idk, maybe I’m reaching
  6. The zipsbarstool Instagram is taking a beating on the new logo which IMO is the most important because it’s the students
  7. Lol, i hope whatever it is that it’s original & not go from Nike script Akron to Copied Atlanta Braves A
  8. My explanation explained it, there is no time frame guarantee, they are year to year, you do your part it’s renewed until your out of eligibility or till you quit or if you enter the portal after season your scholarship is good until end of 2nd semester, you leave to go somewhere else you leave your scholarship & hopefully you received another from your next destination when i said it didn’t work that way i was saying the 4 year term isn’t the case at Akron hope that cleared it up
  9. Scholarships are year by year, you sign a one year contract, if your worthy of the next year the contract will be signed again. It includes room & board and is approximately 30k. They receive a small stipend if they take advantage of University room and board facilities & a much larger stipend if you live off campus. Although it is standard practice if you meet academic requirements & do everything your asked that the scholarship will be there until you are out of of eligibility, I have personally seen scholarships taken away when Arth got here of Bowden players that didn’t meet his demands either academically or athletically
  10. Looks like article was correct, Mumpfield might be there #1 now
  11. A current player told me he wasn’t D1 material & that his leg injury definitely slowed him down
  12. Just thought this was interesting https://saturdayroad.com/pittsburgh-panthers/pat-narduzzi-reportedly-confronts-lincoln-riley-pitt-officials-suspect-tampering-in-jordan-addison-saga/?fbclid=IwAR1b9Haz4FDT6tcq_uFHlgZcYFQZCjooDortvtNel5dmxu5NMgQj5ewK3bc
  13. One would think but I’ve been told he is not quite the same after the leg injury, hope that’s not the case
  14. I’m not surprised, my guess we will be getting one soon. Hopefully
  15. Don’t forget Murphy had off season surgery, he started at left tackle most of last season
  16. Lol, got a Wilson bobble head
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