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  1. Daniel’s isn’t even there yet, we are low on the totem pole for updating the portal, seems like the P5 transfer to come here shows up faster then even getting our guys going in
  2. Oregon’s portal list, long way to travel but wonder if JoeMo has a connection with any of them https://247sports.com/Season/2023-Football/TransferPortal/?institutionkey=24090
  3. The Williams kid, good ppl, brother played at Ashland, dad played at Toledo & I believe mom played softball at Toledo
  4. So you guys are saying he should get another chance, Be Interesting with Cincinnati heading to Big 12, has name recognition for recruiting
  5. Does anyone else feel like Tom Herman probably falls in the good OC but not a HC after many chances?
  6. Lol, I read that and thought to have a winning record in six years would be so awesome
  7. Lamar is a beast, I think him only getting 1 offer comes down to measurable’s, he is considerably undersized for a college running back
  8. Valpo is in the Pioneer & the Pioneer has a no scholarship agreement so I would say we are his only offer.
  9. 19 fumbles this season, 11 of them lost, -9 turnover ratio, can’t win like that, every skilled position player would be given a football to walk campus to & from classes & everyone on campus told to try & knock ball loose until they truly understand ball security, I’ve actually done this
  10. I would say not very hard, these guys he is posting are going FCS, it’s there turn, within the next couple of weeks you will start seeing D2 commits
  11. You don’t need a lot of yards with short fields & we are always giving short fields
  12. I agree but good teams don’t do it every week during crunch time, we pucker up during those times
  13. We need to get some more players but we need to learn how to win, we are right there & self implode every time. It’s been interception, muffed punts, terrible unexcused pre snap penalties & terrible clock & game management down the stretch week in & week out, we would be fairly satisfied if they had figured out a way to win a couple of the MAC games We didn’t & until they do we suck & the coaches need to figure it out because come crunch time we pee down our leg fyi - i didn’t use pee, lol, this must be a family friendly site
  14. He was sacked I think like 7 times. That is the minus 25 yards
  15. Could be a fringe P5 guy in recruiting & they played well in G5 in the 1st 4 games and redshirt & save 4 years at a bigger P5 program
  16. I am also not throwing credentials or questioning yours, your a great poster & bring a lot to the table but a great head coach or person in general is open to listening, I’m not trying to change your opinion on any defense. I’m just saying no defense stays in a base or they get killed, need to be a hybrid to be able be flexible or the OC will dictate the game please don’t take personal edit i guess i did say it CAN be a great defense (can being emphasized)if you have the right personnel, meaning you have great S / LB’s that are versatile & can play both & Im not a big 3-3-5 fan but some have made it work sorry, maybe i missed my own point lol let’s move on
  17. Last time, you are missing the point, i never said any defense was good, I’m saying don’t get caught up in base defenses they have to be hybrids with offenses having progressed so much, never once did I say I liked the 3-3-5
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