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  1. I agree, education first, work through adversity instead of leaving, i understand kids moving but at some point enough is enough, just my opinion
  2. What does this kid expect when this is your history and you haven’t played a down yet https://247sports.com/Player/Brayden-Hawkins-85811/TimelineEvents/ UTEP Maryland Louisiana Akron Back in the portal
  3. Didn’t even know there was a general forum 😂 I only look at football 🏈
  4. What school is this? I googled it, Central Connecticut, never heard of them, good luck to him
  5. I hope he is healthy but I also hope he is taking it seriously, I’ve heard he let himself go and lost a step
  6. I personally don’t think it’s necessarily about the stars, if they get the stars they probably athletically deserve them, but doesn’t mean they can handle 16 hour days of classes, practices, lifts, films, study tables, doesn’t mean they can take coaching or work well with others. Just my opinion
  7. We already knew about them but we got the 2 transfers from Michigan State
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