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  1. https://247sports.com/college/north-carolina/LongFormArticle/College-football-2021-preseason-Top-25-rankings-Phil-Steele-poll-Alabama-Clemson-Ohio-State-Oklahoma-Georgia-Notre-Dame-167447078/#167447078_1 3 G5 in top 25, 1 in top 10, surprised? I am
  2. My guess is if he is able to contribute it will be in football. Has anyone seen anything from Groce? The Akron City Schools other than Buchtel right now is awful basketball.
  3. I believe Domonick Holley, never made it, like all the kids from East but in his defense looks like Eric has good grades, will see, i wish him the best Correction - I guess they are cousins
  4. Nope Hope he does better than his brother did, want to correct myself, i guess they are cousins
  5. Wonder if it’s Hightower? Maybe he wanted to come home
  6. I understand Dollard is back & got guy from Michigan St & Gest back another year and Norril, not sure if I spelled right. From what I understand RB’s are ok, Zips biggest problem is over half the roster is freshman because of Covid rules and most the upper classmen have transferred, so they will hopefully start to show some progress over the next couple of years. Time will tell
  7. Yes, multiple but nothing we will miss
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