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  1. Have had the opportunity to meet both Coach Parry and Coach Porter. In fact attended the same church as Stu. They are two of the classiest people in the world not to mention being outstanding soccer coaches. Have not met Coach Embick to date but he's in a great coaching tree.
  2. There SHOULD have been one awarded as Pacheco was laid out just inside the penalty area. Ref just said play on. But no calls and/or bad calls are to be expected, especially on the road. Bucks were pumped to deflect attention away from their crappy record with a top 10 upset and give them credit they got it done. Zips' younguns can hopefully grow from this by realizing it's a far different game when you're the hunted than when you're the hunter.
  3. Halftime..OSU could easily be up 3-nil as they've dominated the last 15. Embick needs to give them the "Don't believe the press clippings" halftime speech.
  4. Zips looking very lethargic...just went down 1-nil on an OSU corner that wasn't defended well.
  5. no threats so far...feeling each other out
  6. I think we may have a god basis for smack when referring to soccer. We'll see after tonight's action. As far as the football comments, I'm not poking that bear until around the 1st of October when the UAfb game is well in the rearview mirror. On B10+, I don't think they'll go to Akron to cover away games for their members. Best bet for tv would be ESPN + which doesn't currently list those games but as they get closer they may list them.
  7. I'm new here and I'm certainly nothing more than a fan of Zips soccer , but from looking at Indy's roster these may be 3 players to watch Friday.... 1.Probably the guy most would know is Victor Bezerra, who has missed a few games this year but came back last match vs. Xavier. He scored 15 times last season and was Hermann Trophy runnerup. Trains with the Chicago Fire...not their club team, the actual Fire! Wears #7. 2. Forward Sam Sarver from Beachwood, Ohio scored the only goal of their last game as they beat X 1-0. He was rated #32 in U.S. last year by Top Drawer and is a freshman wearing #9. 3. Ben Yeagley is a midfielder and a redshirt junior. He is the son of the Hoosier coach Todd Yeagley and wears #20. Of course as the #1 team in the country they'll be throwing a lot more talent at the Zips than these three. My hope is by mentioning them by name I'll be jinxing at least three of their better players.
  8. My players of the game... 3. Malik Henry. Dude is FAST and made a great cross on Zips 1st score. Last night I hated the Canucks but tonight love ya Malik! 2.Ryan Kingsford. He's the player that seems to get stronger as the game goes on. Never slowed down tonight. 1. Will Meyer. Has improved so much since last year. Will and the Pitt keeper had a great time one-upping each other.
  9. Yeah what was the bone of contention at the game's end? I kinda thought Pitt's players were pissed the last few secs ran out with the ball out of play, but that's life on the road.
  10. FYI the match in Columbus on Wed. Sept.15th will be on Big Ten Network at 7pm.
  11. They should've asked Dyson Clapier if he knew Caleb Porter since they both have Akron/Portland connections.
  12. 1. Never too early to get excited! Wow was that a dominant performance. 2. I had to get both subscriptions, so the answer is unfortunately no.
  13. There are no secrets around the MAC. Zips have had trouble with the high press since the get go and now every opponent is using it to keep the offense bottled up in their own end. BG played with confidence and with that unrelenting wind favoring them in the first half they dominated. Yet they couldn't score. Second half I expected the Zips to use that wind too, but it was BG who played like their hair was on fire. Our goalie was the only Zip who matched their intensity and he deserved better. Pacheco certainly could have made some kind of difference but good teams rise to the occasion. Today that didn't happen.
  14. Feels strange and totally homerish to say this considering the 6-1 aggregate, but I still see Akron as the better side. First game up there was a weather s--t show that screamed "fluke!". The Northern defense had a #19 playing today (as in Covid) . I think we had 3 or more starters out and a few more way below normal match fitness. Now that being said, it is what it is and Zips are 0-2 against them. Just have to suck it up and finish strong and see what transpires.
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