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  1. After a big lead in the first half, Toledo folds like a cheap chair and loses 76-66,
  2. This is when the real season starts. Who is going to step up and be that #2 and #3 scorer? And please.... somebody guard Metheny so he doesn't hit a bunch of 3s.
  3. OU is playing well, but it is no Pippen and no Nuga. Tough to beat a good team in the tourney without your top two players. I'm thinking it will be a close one tomorrow.
  4. As long as the Kent vs Buffalo game is played.
  5. The Zips hold off a late run by OU to win 71-67.
  6. As @NWAkron pointed out in another thread Akron is the 3 seed with a win. The loser of Kent vs. Buffalo falls to the 4 seed. Just win Friday and all is well.
  7. Assuming that the OU vs Kent game will not be made up, a win on Friday should get us no worse than the 4 seed. A win and a Kent loss would get us the 3 seed - if my math is correct.
  8. Akron cuts it to 10. If nothing else, I like seeing them climb back into this game.
  9. Buffalo not even needing a half court offense. Everything is an Akron miss and a fast break layup.
  10. Buffalo has just hit three of them.
  11. Dawson with a nice play. He needs more PT.
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