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  1. I really wish Alabama would have lost to Texas week one. That would have been beautiful. So tired of Alabama.
  2. Really not looking forward to this, especially since Irons is all but ruled out. I'm pretty much ready for MAC play since I feel we stand a chance in those games. MSU and now Tennessee is a lot to stomach in our rebuild...esp with our starting QB injured.
  3. Any word on Irons? I'm so confused as to what happened. I didnt see him get hurt or limp off the field. The fact he went to hospital and couldnt put weight on one of his legs concerns me.
  4. Yeah, I think I'm just trying to grasp at some type of hope. ☹️
  5. We are so in trouble without Irons. I'm not sure what Jennings can offer, but Undercuffler is far from someone I'm confident in now. Oof. Maybe he just needs a week to prepare as starter? I dont know, but geez.
  6. MSU has not beaten Akron thus far, it's more of Akron beating themselves. The fumbles on decent drives have been killer.
  7. Goes to show the Beacon Journal covers the Zips as a local obligation only. "Oh, the Zips won? Okay, I'll just assume it was a promising performance now and write something simple so I can get back to slobbering over Ohio State". Nothing about the game was promising. I appreciate the win, but we literally almost lost to a cupcake team.
  8. I voted that the Zips win. Why? Because its early in the season and I'm hopeful something big like that could happen...
  9. I hope a MAC school could qualify for the 12 team playoff. That alone changes the MAC, in my opinion. Can be a selling point to recruits that their football isnt 100% irrelevant, that they can in fact compete for a title. If MAC schools essentially dont qualify, that is a huge damper
  10. I was thoroughly disappointed with the game day experience. I thought with JoeMo being hired, the excitement would have been ramped up. It was the exact opposite. I was sitting low and at one point he tried to get the crowd involved and looked disappointed. Akron needs help in this department. I wish they could get more fans (I hope that will come with winning...), but they need to have a D1 feel for the fans who do show up. Sadly, my wife turned to me and said she felt more excitement at her high school games than Thursday night. So, yeah. Glad for a W on the field though, even if it was ugly.
  11. ...GAME DAY!!!!!!!!!!......
  12. The Man of Steele Leads Yellowjackets Recent interview with Steele Wasel. The interviewer isn't the best, but within the 14:00 mark he gets into Akron commitment. Sounds like his connection with Moorhead and QC coach is a big part of him wanting to play for Zips. Makes me feel good that no matter how successful he will be this year in his senior season, his connection to coaches will keep him committed to the Zips.
  13. That's a beautiful pic of the stadium, though.
  14. Man, I NEED to get up there sometime! Sounds awesome!
  15. 2022 Zips Weekly with Joe Moorhead - Episode #1 - 8/31/22
  16. Club seats, correct? Are those pretty snazzy up there? I have lower level seats, but one day may head up that way lol.
  17. Zips by 3 scores. Not only is Akron the superior team, but I think JoeMo is going to have those fellas MOTIVATED to come out and show everyone this is a new era and to forget about anything in the past.
  18. Agreed! I still have the first ticket I ever went to for an Indians game. My Uncle still has his ticket from the last game of Cleveland Browns in 1995. Makes me kinda sad those types of things my future kids won't ever get to experience. Sure, its a small thing, but it's cool for nostalgia purposes.
  19. Great post, Loyal! GO ZIPS!!!!!!
  20. I def hope for a great crowd next Thursday!! And I can guarantee the fans will be in full force October 1st after the Zips beat both MSU and Tennessee. EDIT: and Liberty (Wishful thinking about those wins lol)
  21. I typically tailgate, but with a client meeting mid-day, I'll be showing up about an hour before game starts. No time to tailgate, but plenty of time to take in the excitement before kick off!! I like Lot 10 a lot, by the way! But Lot 9 is always fun too!
  22. I agree. I almost give DJ and most players a fresh slate in my mind. Although each player should play hard no matter what, it's no secret DJ (and the others) were coached by a bunch of guys in over their heads last season, and as the season went on I'm sure they all got a sense the program was an utter joke. Mindset can be a heck of a thing for talent. NOW, with a great staff and a tremendous head coach, the motivation and mindset for everyone has to be night and day. I truly think we are going to see a much, much better and motivated Zips team out there this season. It may not equate to many W's as they are still growing, but I think us fans are going to be happy.
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