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  1. Rivals has 4 people trying to update today and still can’t keep up. I imagine 247 is having a similar issue.
  2. I’m anxious to see how it all shakes out. Holt, Thomas, and Murphy give us a really nice starting point at DT. Same with Johnson at DE. Do guys like Robinson, Wilson, Fann, and Lawson continue to develop and live up to their potential? Or will we see a few of them hit the portal too? Regardless, just looking at the offers we already know about, we should be more explosive along the DL next year. Im sure we’ll land our fair share of playmakers.
  3. Good luck to him. Not surprising though as he was beat out by both Landers and Chambers at LT.
  4. I’d say pass defense deficiencies were mostly at the CB spot and lack of consistent pass rush. Safety play was by no means perfect, but they become a strength of the defense. The staff hasn’t made it a secret about the biggest needs on defense with the amount of scholarships that have gone out to defensive backs. I agree it’s always good to look for upgrades on staff, but for the most part, positional coaches at Akron will likely be young(ish) up and coming guys under Moorhead. I think we have a strong staff in place that needs a chance to show their ability with upgraded talent. We saw the development take place over the course of the season, now we need more talented depth.
  5. JUCO OL Darrell (DJ) Johnson committed to Kansas.
  6. Would obviously rather be bowling, but it took this staff no time to hit the road recruiting after the final game.
  7. Punting, FG kicking, and kickoffs need addressing for sure. Incoming freshman Joey Castle may solve the punting and kickoff issues. Would like to see one of the 3 placekickers currently on the roster take a step forward next year.
  8. Shame he only had one year with this defensive staff. Talent was there, but it just didn’t fall into place. I’m pulling for him.
  9. Grad transfers don’t have to sit either. So players could technically transfer twice without sitting. Possibly three times if granted a waiver.
  10. Looks like we are making Spriggs a priority.
  11. Mind boggling to me Kent finished 5-7 with the amount of talent on that roster.
  12. Apparently Cincinnati holds beating a 2-10 Zips team in high regard.
  13. NC State OC Tim Beck headed to Coastal Carolina as their new HC.
  14. 100%. Most of last year’s secondary starters didn’t see the field much this year. The ones that did were underwhelming with the exception of Amankwaa. He came on strong at CB and then decided to redshirt and hit the portal after his 4th game.
  15. Reports of Tennessee OC Alex Golesh taking the HC position at USF and Coastal Carolina HC Jamey Chadwell taking over at Liberty. Ah dang, wrong thread.
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