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  1. Great announcers on ESPN. Instead of Nick Harney they called him Nick Haney. i think Cooper has put on a post college 50 lbs!
  2. Akron has signed Tre Edwards, a wing from Toronto, source told @Stadium. Played with UPlay and was at Hamilton Heights for two years. Did post-grad year this year at Link Prep. Just saw this on Twitter
  3. 2019/6-1/G/Greg Tribble of Huntington Prep, WV has committed to Akron, per a source.
  4. Oats is going to Alabama 13 days after signing an extension.
  5. Mikal Dawson’s Huntington Prep team beat Spire 74-71. He was the game MVP with 25-7-4 playing against high level future D1 talent. Hopefully he can give us some good minutes next year.
  6. 6 years ago tomorrow the season ended for KD’s best team with a 44 point loss to VCU. Some of the best players on that team (Aberu, Tree, Harney) left Akron/ we’re kicked off the team, eventually quit on the team (Pat F) or should have been on the team, but were suspended for the year (Diggs). This day started the decline of Zips basketball. Williams & Noah were leaving whether KD stayed or left. The program has had problems the last 6 years not 2. Lets support what we have instead of wishing we had something the we don’t.
  7. The official NCAA transfer list is already at 275. College basketball is different than it was 5 years ago. Most teams are going to have to adjust, especially the mid-major teams. This could be where we find the PG we need.
  8. Buffalo today is what Akron should have been 5 years ago. We never made the jump from good to great, they have.
  9. Every team plays a horrible half sometimes, but this team doesn’t appear to care.
  10. Josh had 49 points & 15-3’s last night!
  11. Parrish heading to Nevada. That’s a step or two up from us.
  12. At Nevada December 22nd. A probable top 10 team this season.
  13. Cayman Islands Classic. Nov 19-21, 2018: Clemson, Creighton, Georgia, Boise State, St. Bonaventure, Illinois State, Georgia State and Akron.
  14. From George Thomas: @ZipsMBB with two recruits in today to watch @ZipsFB scrimmage briefly. Combo G Tyler Cheese from JUCO Florida Southwest State and F @35Durantula35 (Xeryius Williams) who left @DaytonMBB last month
  15. Ivey announced he is staying on Twitter.
  16. I never said this team was better than the past two years I said they were playing their best basketball at the end of the year unlike the last two. Last year 2-3 to end the regular season (after being 22-4), 2016 3-2 (after being 21-5) and both years losing as higher seeds in the tournament. Is that playing their best? Anyone watching this year knows they were playing their best at the end. Don’t let basketball knowledge get in the way.
  17. It was nice to see the team playing it’s best basketball the last few weeks of the season. The last couple years our teams have been much better overall but didn’t finish strong, so that is a positive for this team. In the MAC that is the most important thing since we are a one-bid league and that’s what we should expect from a Grose team.
  18. Just saw Antino walk off the court in tears after another conference championship game loss.
  19. Cotton has some attitude about on the court just like Antino had the last 3 years. I don’t think anyone wanted him gone. Also like Antino he makes some great & boneheaded plays on the court and he’s not afraid to take the big shot (BG game). He has been the most improved player on the team from game one until now and I hope we get to see an even bigger improvement next year.
  20. Klac’s hands were active losing the ball!
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