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  1. You are also scum. Don't forget that one. That may have been elementary school.
  2. NIU up 35-7 with 8 left in the 2nd. Just 1 of our 5 "quality" wins.
  3. In 1 post you root against a kid because of his dads post. In the next post you blame the dad for a kid trying to do too much because he needs to be an all star. When does the overpaid adult on the sideline take any blame? Even if you are correct that he was doing too much, Bowden should have either yanked him or adjusted his offensive play calling to make him more effective and comfortable. Didn't happen, but go ahead and blame the kid and his dad.
  4. Cry me a river. The only thing that smelt was the zips last night.
  5. We lost because we were out a QB averaging 193 passing yards a game.... a running back with 1 previous start and 25 carries on the season and a freshman offensive lineman that was still allowing our QB to get harassed while he was in the game. Oh... and we were losing when he went out. Got it. Let the Terry excuse train rumble down the tracks.
  6. You have a chance to score as long as Milwee isn't calling your play
  7. Would have been nice to see with Sands. We have no other threats at RB
  8. Still a lot of time left. That drive took no time at all.
  9. Hey... quick passes... looks similar to the first drives
  10. And no running back, no line and terrible play calling.
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