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  1. It was 70 and sunny yesterday and I went to the beach in shorts. People here don't know what cold means. Winter coats in the 50s.
  2. I moved to the Wilmington, NC area earlier this year. I got a hankering for some basketball so I looked at taking the wife and kids to a UNCW game. They're a solid program in a similarly situated conference (CAA). They play in a very similar mid 80s arena with an almost identical capacity as the Jar, Trask Arena. The get-the-door price for a family of 4 is $130, plus parking. They regularly sell out games at Trask. Basketball season weather, public perception of the program, and competition from professional sports absolutely suppress attendance. It'll take some seriously outside the box thinking, or another 20 game winning streak, to get regular season butts in seats to a higher threshold.
  3. $10 is insane considering it was free a few years back.
  4. Can we just lawyer up like UC did for Bandaogo?
  5. Used to be a pretty prevalent problem a few years back but I believe the major cell carriers have addressed. I used to get spoofed phone calls all the time from numbers that matched the area code and first 3 numbers. I had a friend that received a call that came up as his own phone number.
  6. I moved out of state earlier this year, so I'm selfishly hoping Coastal Carolina outperforms and the Zips get sent to Myrtle Beach for round 2. And hour drive to see my Zips? Yes, please!
  7. First homecoming game since I've moved out of state, and I can say that I'm very happy I'm not there. What absolutely pathetic effort on any level.
  8. Little bit of a throwback here for one of the recruits I was incredibly excited for...that never played a minute for the Zips: https://fmuathletics.com/roster.aspx?rp_id=1986 Eric Hester ended his career last year at NAIA Florida Memorial University averaging 10 points, 4 rebounds and 3 assists.
  9. Oh, I'm aware. But it sure feels like Michigan should be travelling to UT.
  10. One would also think that the disaster that was Ali's transfer season would influence Enrique's decision. He's such a smart friendly, and well-spoken kid, I really really hope he's back. He's a great representative of the program. Another season like this year (or better) and he's within striking distance of top 3 Zips scorers all-time. He projects to about 1,750 right now. Edit: Additionally he projects to 1,322 rebounds which puts him second all-time behind the Zips legend Fred Golding's 1,360 from the 1950's. (I have no idea who Fred is). Not bad for a walk-on.
  11. The big boys have twisted the metrics enough by switching from subjective, to subjective + RPI, to NET, and now to subjective + NET. Now they can justify sending a 27-7 conference champ that had win 17 straight before losing in their conference tournament championship game to play at a .500 Big Ten team that lost in their opening conference tournament game.
  12. Toledo: 41.0Milner/Shumate 32.1 ppg (37.4%), 10.6 rpg (30.9%), 3.2 apg (21.1%) Kent: (Carry, Jacobs, Thomas, Payton) 47 ppg (61.3%), 18.9 rpg (53.2%), 9.6 apg (78.0%) Akron: (Hankerson, Castañeda) 30.6 ppg (41.0%), 8.2 rpg (23.0%), 5.1 apg (38.1%). On paper, assuming Enrique is back, Toledo and Akron are in a similar position for what they lose from seniors. Kent is most likely to see a step back out of the top 3. Of course, I did this on my phone with a lot of mental math so I could be way off. Also, don't believe OU loses much and had a pair on the All-Freshman team.
  13. I'd say pretty even. Maybe a few more Zips fans.
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