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  1. He does always look like he is need of a rain out.
  2. Not a lot of deer loose on the 600 Block of Sherman Street in Akron. The full article is up on page two of this thread. It was a terrible decision by a young man that had a chance to be the focus of the offense. I hope he gets his life together.
  3. Hopefully they add liquor to the beer sales. This feels like more of a whiskey than beer season.
  4. After the Bobcats big first round upset, the MAC settled back to what it has been lately. Closed the post season with 4 losses (NCAA, NIT (2), CBI). Brutal.
  5. or to say #15 Oral Roberts. Lots of big programs taking L's this year which i hope continues. I just LCJ would have gotten to go dancing during his time here.
  6. A rare occasion where the MAC gets two teams in the NIT with both Toledo and Buff getting bids. I know a lot of the blue bloods like Duke, Louisville, etc. declined to go, but it's still amazing that the MAC got 2 of the 16 spots this year.
  7. It must be COVID protocols. After almost every game you will see Groce do a fist or elbow bump in the air while nodding to the opposing coach.
  8. I have to admit, I kind of miss going into a bad Napoleon Dynamite accent and yelling "Deng" when Riak came into the game. He had terrible hands, but he always hustled and called out a lot of our defensive sets. He would be very valuable to this team.
  9. They would have stormed Polsky's
  10. Double yikes! That is brutal. I'm having flashbacks to Harney and Tree. I'm in too good a mood to list all the others.......
  11. Not to mention how many front ends of 1 & 1's we missed every year (Big Dog again comes to mind). It was not just the team's horrible percentage at the line, but we left a lot of scoring attempts behind as well and we were usually terrible in crunch time. KD won a lot of games by 1 or 2 that could have been 5 or 6 or more if we hit our shots. This is just another reason I enjoy watching LCJ so much. After all the years of watching our bigs hit iron, its so much fun to watch our automatic PG be the one at the line when it counts most.
  12. I enjoyed the Dambrot era, not counting the last couple of MAC Tourney runs, but I hated seeing a hot shooter hit 2 or 3 shots and then come out of the game at the first 4 minute mark timeout regardless of the situation (defensive match ups, other team's run, etc.) We also had a lot of streak shooters that once they sat never got back in the groove. I specifically remember several games where the shooter from Nitro, W Va., Brent McClanahan, would knock down back-to-back 3's and be out for a long time due to what appeared to be pre-determined rotations. I also don't miss the extended scoring droughts that seemed so common for Zips teams that had plenty of talent. Last but not least, I still have nightmares from being at close games in the JAR where the ball went in to Big Dog every late possession and he would get intentionally fouled to go put up bricks at the line. We lost a couple close games with him going 0-3. 0-4 from the line in the last minutes. Fortunately, Groce has delivered in a big way and the future looks bright. After being sooo close so many times with KD, if Groce gets us to the big dance and wins a game or two and heads to a bigger program, I will be all good with that. I want a banner that says more than most coaching wins hanging in the rafters. Go Zips.
  13. Nothing like a ZNO deep dive. I love it.
  14. MACtion went 2-0 in bowls. Nice showing for this crazy season.
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