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  1. Absolutely! I would expect that they will be working on this.
  2. I'm really enjoying reading all of your posts. Please keep posting. There have been times in the past when I felt like I was posting too much and monopolizing the soccer forum. I never meant to do that but rather just being a fan (fanatic) about our Zips Men's Soccer team. Recently, I haven't had as much time to post here: I greatly appreciate TennZip posting all of the previews and other information and love reading others' perspectives. Please keep up all of the great discussions without worry about depth of knowledge of strategies, etc. I never played the game and know I don't pick up on many of the nuances of it, but I learn a lot reading all of your perspectives. Please keep sharing. Go Zips!!!
  3. Thanks for all the great information TennZip. Glad to see you're keeping busy in your retirement. 😃
  4. https://www.cantonrep.com/story/sports/2021/02/19/colin-biros-akron-zips-2021-ncaa-mens-college-soccer-season-mid-american-conference/6759259002/
  5. Thanks slowroll. Agreed on all of your points. Hopefully, we will see the team come together more quickly this season, and hopefully injuries are minimal although the inclement weather will not help. I like the attacking talent on this team as well as the many important players returning. Coaches can only do so much; I'm looking for some leaders to step up on the field and take charge (like Loren Christian Jackson does for Zips Men's Basketball). I met many of the newcomers last Spring before COVID set in, and I know they are quality people just like those returning and those who came before. I challenge them to take ownership and put in the hard work above and beyond that which they believe is already above and beyond. GO ZIPS!!!
  6. Looking ahead on my ESPN app on my Roku, Zips at Pitt comes up on 2/20/2021 at 3 pm...ESPN+ (or /ESPN3), I believe.
  7. I'd be lying if I said that I wasn't concerned. Although the Zips conceded goals in the last minutes often in 2019 leading to the string of losses that started the season, I was more concerned with the midfield maintaining possession and linking up with the forwards as well as the final third attack and inability to score than I was with the play of the backline. In 2019, and the 2018 regular season, our Zips struggled to finish/score, to maintain possession in midfield, and to make good link ups though the midfield to the wingers and forwards. There was also a discernible lack of speed, in my opinion. Having not seen any of these recent matches or practices, I don't have any idea how the Zips look. Hopefully, these 2 preseason losses are mostly due to trying out different players and formations to find the right combinations.
  8. All of the home games on the schedule on GoZips.com, have TV: ESPN+/ESPN3 listed. https://gozips.com/sports/mens-soccer/schedule
  9. Perhaps, but as in the past, I'm sure someone else will step up.
  10. http://isnsoccer.com/why-david-egbo-will-succeed-at-vancouver-whitecaps-fc/
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