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  1. Penn State

    It's MatchDay! Let's Go Zips!!!
  2. Penn State

    So used to going to post season that it just blends in with regular season.
  3. 2017 Zips Mens Soccer

    LtoR Row 1: Niko De Vera, Braden Petno, Stuart Holthusen, Manel Cordeiro, Cody Lynd, Ben Lundt, Nick Costa, Tor Saunders, Sam Gainford, Nate Shultz, Pau Belana, Dener Dos Santos Row 2: Jared Embick, Ger Coppenger, (?), Barth-Luther Muafo, Nate Brown, Shane Wiedt, Declan Watters, Ezana Kahsay, Morgan Hackworth, Alex Mapp, TJ Kolba, Leo Chappel Row 3: David Egbo, Christian Lue Young, Faisal Ghaffur Joao Moutinho, Daniel Strachan, Joe Korb, Skye Harter, Nick Hinds, Marc Alexander, Marcel Zajac, Reggie Laryea, Jackson Crawford
  4. Captains Sam Gainford, Ben Lundt, and Nick Costa...
  5. I believe it will also be streamed on ussoccer.com...so, anyone in the USA should be able to watch. EDIT: Now that I opened the link, I see that FC Cincy has a link to the stream: fccincinnati.com/match-stream
  6. Aodhan Quinn In Fall’s Absence, Who Steps Up for FCC?  Three options that could play a key role in Tuesday’s Open Cup clash
  7. http://www.topdrawersoccer.com/the91stminute/2017/08/its-time-to-pay-attention-to-nycfcs-jonathan-lewis/
  8. Vote Jonathan Lewis Goal of the Week thru August 17th https://www.mlssoccer.com/post/2017/08/13/vote-goal-week-week-23
  9. Penn State

    Could the 1 pm start time be Penn State's request? Bus over in the morning for the exhibition; bus home after.
  10. Penn State

    I will also be part of the "dozens" for the full match. Go Zips!
  11. Bunbury’s Goal Lifts Revolution to 1-0 Win Over Vancouver http://m.golocalprov.com/sports/bunburys-goal-lifts-revolution-to-1-0-win-over-vancouver
  12. Season tickets

    Received my Mens Soccer season tickets today. I was out of town and just had my mail resumed today. So, I don't know whether they arrived prior to today. Per the enclosed information, we will not get our scarves until the UMass Lowell game.
  13. Timbers meme ... LA Galaxy

    Royal Cascadian Technological Institute Discovery ... #RCTID (Rose City 'Til I Die)
  14. Great come back after the Caleb Porter - led (Akron tie-in) Timbers recently defeated the LA Galaxy. This is a great response to the Timbers "diving" meme that the Galaxy released late last season.