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  1. while I agree with you about the corner kicks being an issue both on defense and offense, I’m also frustrated that we didn’t have someone this season who “had a nose for the goal”. How many open chances were missed? How many scoring opportunities were not taken? I attended every game, home and away, and this was absolutely the most frustrating season I can recall as to going for goal. Our midfield and forwards have to do better. Being one dimensional (Egbo) was easy for teams to shut down. oh how I wish that Jesus Perez would have stuck it out at Akron rather than going to UIC. He could have helped Akron and Akron could have helped him.
  2. ...He’s going to be valuable for the Dynamo. He’s contributed everywhere he’s been before. But today’s selection still feels like a blow to both player and, now, his former club. One month after their biggest loss on the field, the Timbers and Valentin suffered another defeat off of it.
  3. I should also add former Zips who are [protected] not listed as unprotected, would include: Colorado Rapids Dillon Serna, HGP 25 years old Jonathan Lewis, Generation Adidas Columbus Crew Darlington Nagbe Captain Wil Trapp, HGP but older than 25 NE Revolution Teal Bunbury Scott Caldwell, HGP but older than 25 Orlando City SC Joao Moutinho, still Generation Adidas, I believe Toronto FC Richie Laryea, still Generation Adidas, I believe
  4. MLS Expansion draft on November 19th... https://www.mlssoccer.com/post/2019/11/16/2019-mls-expansion-draft-official-list-players-eligible-selection The 2019 MLS Expansion Draft will be held at 5:30 PM ET on Tuesday, November 19, streaming live on MLSsoccer.com and the free MLS app. 2019 MLS Expansion Draft Rules Inter Miami CF and Nashville SC may select up to five players from the eligible MLS player pool below. Only a single player can be drafted from any one club. Once one player has been claimed from a club’s unprotected roster, Inter Miami and Nashville SC may not select any other players from that club's list. Five rounds Three minutes for each selection No timeouts No trades permitted during the draft Players and teams exempt from the draft The five teams that had players selected by the FC Cincinnati in the 2018 MLS Expansion Draft are exempt from the 2019 Expansion Draft: FC Dallas D.C. United Houston Dynamo New York Red Bulls Vancouver Whitecaps FC Players automatically exempt from the 2019 Expansion Draft: Generation adidas players (who did not graduate at the end of the 2019 season) Homegrown Players ages 25 and under (those born during or after 1994) ... Former Zips who are unprotected: FC Cincinnati Ben Lundt Darren Mattocks LA Galaxy Perry Kitchen Montreal Impact Evan Bush New York City FC Abdi Mohamed Portland Timbers Zarek Valentin Seattle Sounders Saad Abdul-Salaam
  5. How could we possibly "crucify" any Zips fan for comments such as these when they stem from the fact that OUR STANDARD for Zips Men's Soccer IS SO HIGH, and rightfully so. Our standard for all of UA should be as high. Instead of "ripping up each other" in discussions as 72 Roo has pointed out, we should all be letting our President, Board of Trustees, Athletics Department and other leadership know that we expect them to live up to the same high standards. It's unacceptable to be lazy in making financial decisions, hiring coaches and & other important decisions. Zips Men's Soccer, Track & Field, Swimming & Diving, Volleyball... are all exemplary of the high standards we expect throughout. Get onboard, earn your salary, or move on.
  6. How might this season have been different with a healthy Skye Harter, Diogo Pacheco, and potentially Natnael McDonald? Speaking of coaching, lest we forget that Jared and staff took an unseeded Zips team to the 2018 National Championship game, having to play every match on the road except the opening match v Rider. Nov 15 Rider at home Nov 18 At Syracuse Nov 25 At Wake Forest Nov 30 At Stanford If any other Zips team did similar, it was only the 1986 Zips.
  7. The Zips coaching staff this season consisted of Jared, Ger, Michael Nanchoff, Drew Crawford (Director of Soccer Operations) and Sam Gainford, whom I believe was a volunteer assistant.
  8. Yes sir... 1995 to 2004, according to this...https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kentucky_Wildcats_men's_soccer
  9. I didn't quote and/or respond to everything thus far, but I think this is a great discussion with a lot of great points. I'm extremely happy to see and read all of the posts.
  10. As far as the MAC CotY, my bet is that Jared doesn't find much meaning in it anyway. That award is given before the post season and is only based on Conference games as far as I can tell. It is meaningless. 3 College Cup appearances in 2015, 2017, and 2018 and no MAC CotY award in any of those seasons? ...hahaha. No other MAC coach even comes close to Jared, including 2013, 2014, and 2016. I'm certain 2019 is an anomaly. As far as leaving the MAC, that is one option. The other is to do as buflobo has been touting for sometime...get other good teams, such as Kentucky to join. We already have a Big 12 member in WVU. SIUE joined recently. Last year the MAC had a good RPI. We could build upon it.
  11. Totally agree. I think I posted a number of times throughout the season that I was certain the coaching staff was doing everything they could to get things going in the right direction. This is also to the point I was trying to make above about being humble, looking at things with an open mind to get to the root of what worked and didn't work, making the needed adjustments, and moving forward. Hopefully, even with the university's financial woes, Jared and staff will continue to get the needed support for recruiting, etc. to continue our tremendous Akron Men's Soccer tradition.
  12. Yes, someone else said it...Thank you. I hope we do not do that again. We need to reflect on both seasons, ask the hard questions, make necessary adjustments and move forward.
  13. By the way, it was awesome to see some of our recent former players make it back to Akron. Always a pleasure to see them...Ezana Kahsay, Niko De Vera, Abdi Mohammed, Marcel Zajac, Reggie Laryea. Also Stuart Holthusen who is taking graduate classes at Akron and our numerous alumni who are season ticket holders or regular attendees. Sorry if there were others whom I did not get to see.
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