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  1. Well said by Jared and appreciate his apology. No idea why our players were so uninspired in this game. As he said, arrogance? I hope they learned to never take any opponent for granted. I love this team. I don’t regret traveling to Columbus to support them and will continue to be there at home and on the road, but very disappointed they let us down like that.
  2. I’m very disappointed in our new Athletic Director and his Deputy. In the past, UA has often sent a bus load of Rowdies to Mens soccer matches at Ohio State creating a great atmosphere on the road. No, not tonight. Don’t tell me it didn’t happen because of Covid. They’re sending a bus on the 25th to see a completely lopsided grid iron game at Ohio Stadium. Also, I didn’t see the AD or his Deputy in attendance tonight. I saw Caleb Porter, Darlington Nagbe, Perry Kitchen, Evan Bush, Blair Gavin, Chad Barson, and the founder of our Men’s Soccer Program, Stu Parry. In fact, Caleb has so much respect for our program he made sure to catch up with Stu Parry and took a picture with Stu and Bill Parry. Caleb, Darlington, Perry, Evan, Blair, and Chad were all very gracious to the Zips fans in attendance taking time to reminisce with us and talk about current happenings in their and our lives. Our AD and his Deputy missed a great opportunity to meet some key people from our prestigious Men’s Soccer Program and current coach, staff and players of the Columbus Crew. Heck, I think one of the OSU sports facility staff with whom we talked prior to the game knew more about our program than our Athletics Department leadership. Come on Charlie and Marcus. Soccer may not be your thing, but Zips Mens Soccer is the most successful program in your department as you should be able to tell from the banners at First Energy Stadium Cub Cadet Field. Soccer continues to grow in popularity in the USA. You’re doing better than the previous AD, but time to get yourselves out to more than hopeless grid iron games and to use some of those pay outs from Auburn and OSU to help some of our sports other than grid iron.
  3. Well-earned accolades continue for Will Meyer…
  4. West Virginia 1 Ohio State 0 (https://ohiostatebuckeyes.com/sports/m-soccer/schedule/)
  5. Our coaches have done an excellent job of retooling and coaching this team. We have talented, athletic players with the skills and fire to be great. Who else is planning to travel to blOSU to support our team versus the despised Buckeyes against whom the Zips have an all-time winning record of 29-6-5 (W-L-D), I believe?
  6. Seems like the same order to me if one looks at the numbering. Lol
  7. The B1G does a great job of getting money from their own fan base and other schools’ as well.
  8. Sorry malonepioneer12 (and fknbuflobo)...any cross that scores a goal is by definition not a bad cross; perhaps errant (i.e., not quite as intended), but not bad. 😎 Nice job Nick Scott! Nice game by our Zips. I love the depth and teamwork. Let's go Zips!!!
  9. Great posts. Fun ride home last night from a very successful road trip and happy celebration with our guys. We always get homered by the ref at MSU. We deserved many of our fouls but they were not called the same on Sparty. Love the depth on this team, their teamwork, and seeing the fight in these Zips in the face of adversity. Nice to see Tobias Bak's cheering section...a handful of friends must have made the drive from Muskegon CC...nice!!! On to the next one at home...Let's Go!!!
  10. I like this team. I’ve met all but one of them now and will meet the remaining 2021 recruit tomorrow night. I challenge them to put ‘21 up on our NCAA Tournament banner. We haven’t had a year there since ‘18. I want to be with our team in Cary, NC in December 2021. Go Zips!!!
  11. Aodhan Quinn has another former Zip as a teammate in Phoenix… Phoenix now has Aodhan Quinn Ben Lundt David Egbo Darren Mattocks on their roster.
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