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  1. RPI Tracker

    Current Gaucho Dan RPI Akron 51 Upcoming opponents Creighton 15 NIU 47 SIUE 28 W Michigan 49
  2. Actually, I was there. Very disappointing. That should never happen, but early in the season, for a young team just getting to know each other, is somewhat understandable. Last night was unacceptable, but unfortunately reality. I don't know what the issue is with this team. I have every confidence in our coaches and staff. Our players are talented. As Jared said, they lose it under pressure, especially at home. Is it added pressure for them to perform in front of a crowd that has high expectations? Do they not focus the night before / day of a match at home, when on the road, they are "sequestered" in a hotel? I travel to see the Zips on the road; I stop by practice when I have a day off. These players / this team mean so much to me. However, I thought perhaps I might be a distraction; I wasn't at Michigan State and they won. So, I stayed away from practice this week to not potentially distract them. I left last night after WVU scored the golden goal and were celebrating in front of our stands I didn't think our players needed to see my pain watching that. I'll be at the Creighton and WMU games at home and plan to be at the SIUE game on the road. I have to miss the match at NIU because of a business trip to LA. I won't stop supporting this team.
  3. You are correct. Thanks for that information. I had not realized the MAC Tourney format changed this season. https://getsomemaction.com/tournaments/?id=101
  4. https://www.ohio.com/sports/20181013/college-soccer-west-virginia-2-akron-1-ot-zips-give-up-last-minute-goal-and-lose-in-overtime “He’s starting to find his rhythm,” UA coach Jared Embick said of Zajac. “He’s been battling injuries and concussions. You can see him starting to find his groove and get his legs back.” “I thought for the first 65 to 70 minutes, we were the better team,” Embick said. “I think the last 20 minutes, when they were really aggressive, you saw our lack of confidence and our inexperience this year. We didn’t manage the game well. We had a lot of turnovers in those last 20 minutes that gave them more attacks.” “We’ve got to keep fighting,” Embick said. “We’re trying to get better every day. As a team and as an individual, you have to learn from it. Things don’t go your way, but you can’t just have a lot of self-pity. It’s a learning process.” The Zips played naively in the waning seconds of regulation. Astute soccer teams don't kick the ball long down the field with that much time left, putting the ball up for grabs and allowing for counterattacks; they possess the ball to run out the clock. This season is not gone yet, but this team has put itself in dire straights. We'll see how they respond. Will they wallow in self-pity and go down to NIU, SIUE, and WMU, or will they step up, use their talent and their know-how and grind out NEEDED W's? How hard are they willing to work to not be the first Zips Men's Soccer team since 2006 to not make the NCAA tournament?
  5. Starting around 5:16, Jared tells a funny story related to himself, Caleb and the 2010 National Championship Game. Thanks Coach.
  6. 2018 Zips Mens Soccer

    Congratulations to Carlo Ritaccio (#13), Pol Hernandez (#32), Colin Biros (#60), and Marco Milanese (#68) who have been named to Top Drawer Soccer's Mid-Season Top 100 Freshman List. https://www.topdrawersoccer.com/college-soccer/college-national-freshmen-top-100/men
  7. https://spark.adobe.com/page/8RLJHlpI2dBnX/
  8. Caleb Porter

  9. Notre Dame game cancelled

    UIC (currently #24 in Gaucho Dan's RPI rankings) has matches on October 20th and 27th. Perhaps they would consider scheduling the Zips for October 23rd. Not much further than Notre Dame. We could face former Zip Jesus Perez.
  10. Notre Dame game cancelled

    Although they couldn't help the weather/scheduling issue, it would be a nice gesture on Notre Dame's part if they agreed to play Zips Men's Soccer in the near future at First Energy Stadium - Cub Cadet Field. Always a pleasure to have high caliber programs play at UA.
  11. Notre Dame game cancelled

    All I did was pass along the tweet from @ZipsMSoc
  12. A goal and an assist for Harter. A goal for Egbo. Daniel Strachan did well back at the CB position due to Milanese injury. Hmmmmm. Did Strachan earn consideration to remain at CB? Can Milanese play HM? Might be worth considering. As TennZip said, Hernandez and Mohamed have locked down LB and RB. Morgan Hackworth had a great game. Ritaccio continues to impress with his youthful leadership. (Is there any possibility he gets called in to U20 WCQ in November; U20s have lots of games over a short time.) Tojaga, Pacheco, Zajac, Christian Lue Young, Kahsay, Korb, Biros, Micaletto ... all contributed nicely last night. Great team effort. Akron Soccer. Congrats again...Please keep it going guys!
  13. RPI Tracker

    After last night's matches, Current GauchoDan RPI rankings: Akron 52 Upcoming opponents WVU 58 Creighton 12 NIU 23 Notre Dame 5 SIUE 25 W Michigan 59
  14. For anyone who might be interested, I did a little research at the "request" of buflobo. Akron Men's Soccer v current B1G members: From Zips Men's Soccer 2017 Media Guide (does not include 2017 matches): v Mich St, 26-13-2, 80 goals for, 51 against, 1st meeting 1962 (41 games through 2016) v blOSU, 29-6-5, 128 goals for, 48 goals against, 1st meeting 1955 (40 games through 2016) v Penn St*, 17-14-6, 47 goals for, 48 goals against, 1st meeting 1978 (37 games through 2016) v Indiana, 8-24-2, 25 goals for, 71 goals against, 1st meeting 1967 (34 games through 2016) v Michigan, 11-4-0, 28 goals for, 14 goals against, 1st meeting 1962 (15 games through 2016) v Maryland**, 2-1-1, 8 goals for, 5 goals against, 1st meeting 1993 (4 games through 2016) v Wisconsin, 1-2-0, 6 goals for, 6 goals against, 1st meeting 1986 (3 games through 2016) v Northwestern, 2-1-0, 4 goals for, 2 goals against, 1st meeting 1989 (3 games through 2016) * joined B1G in 1990 ** joined B1G in 2014 Add in 2017 and 2018 v Mich St, 28-13-2, 86 goals for, 52 against, 1st meeting 1962 (43 games through 2018) v Wisconsin, 2-2-0, 9 goals for, 8 goals against, 1st meeting 1986 (4 games through 2018) Only losing record is to IU, the program with 7 stars. 99-65-16 (0.604) overall. 351 goals for, 254 goals against
  15. By the way, Michigan St lost in grid iron football to Northwestern who lost to ... the AKRON ZIPS!