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  1. I hope our Freshman of the Year, whom we all know was an outstanding leader even though this was his first year, will be back in 2019 to help make this reality.
  2. Someone said Gen Adidas names were released around January 5th this year.
  3. Steve Zakuani

    Edit: Akron around 23:38
  4. 2019 MLS Combine: Jan. 3-9 at Orlando City Stadium in Orlando, Fla. 2019 MLS SuperDraft: Jan. 11 at McCormick Place convention center in Chicago. (2019 Expansion team FC Cincinnati will have the top pick in the SuperDraft.)
  5. Invitees from the Zips: GK Ben Lundt D Abdi Mohamed
  6. Caleb Porter

    I kinda got that but just wanted to reiterate.. Sorry, no offense intended.
  7. Caleb Porter

    The reason our program attracts the best players is their opportunity to play for Akron and go pro, whether that is after a year or several years. Having players sign with Generation Adidas draws potential recruits' attention to our program and gives our coaches a great tool with which to convince them to sign up. Without that, we would not even know these players to lament their leaving early.
  8. Thank you. This is the young man I pointed out to buflobo at a ZIps home match and said I wondered if he was a potential recruit. Excellent!
  9. Caleb Porter

    I can tell you this from talking with him as he was leaving to become Timbers coach and recently when he was at Akron for the Varsity A HoF induction ... Caleb loves Akron. He made it his program and took it (along with Jared) to the pinnacle of D-1 Men's Soccer with our 2010 National Championship. He recommended Jared Embick as his replacement and has followed and been pleased with the continued excellence of our program...which also adds to his legacy. (It's always a plus for a coach's assistant to also go on and be so successful like Jared.) Also, it is likely that former Zip Pablo Moreira will be part of Caleb's coaching staff in Columbus. Wil Trapp is Captain of the Crew. Who knows what other former Zips may join the Crew. No guarantees, but it seems the ties to our program will be strong.
  10. Caleb Porter

    One would hope the connection to Porter would help connections to the Crew and Crew Academy. Although Porter also has a connection with the coach at tOSU, men’s soccer only has 9.9 scholarships. So hopefully Akron can benefit even though we are further away.
  11. Caleb Porter

  12. Caleb Porter

    So, which is true? LA or Columbus?
  13. Caleb Porter