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  1. http://www.medina-gazette.com/High-School-Sports/2019/02/22/Wadsworth-39-s-Kai-Wagner-to-be-preferred-walk-on-at-Akron.html
  2. Thanks @TennZip. As a current Brunswick resident, I'm happy to read this.
  3. Credit to @TennZip for pointing me to this article which is tucked away in a Preseason section of MLSSoccer.com... Reunited in Ohio: Wil Trapp, Caleb Porter lead Crew in new era ...Over seven seasons at the University of Akron, head coach Caleb Porter built a machine. During his final two before departing for Major League Soccer, Porter's midfield lynchpin wasn't an upperclassman, but a kid who would spend two seasons on campus turning heads, winning individual awards and team trophies before also heading to MLS. It was a local kid, born and bred in Ohio, the 2010 NSCAA National High School Player of the Year. Together, the pair won two regular season MAC titles as well as one MAC Tournament title, with two NCAA Tournament bids over those two memorable years. Now, Porter and former Akron standout Wil Trapp have reunited in Ohio once again as Porter inherits a Crew side led by that familiar face. ...
  4. I've had this discussion with @fknbuflobo a number of times. Kentucky would be an awesome addition to the MAC if they could be convinced to return. If I remember Gaucho Dan's RPI conference ratings in the Fall, I think the MAC may have finished 3rd as a conference in 2018 Men's Soccer RPI. Now is the time for the MAC to look to lure some of these teams you mention. Kentucky had a great 2018 season and would be a nice geographical fit as well.
  5. I first noticed that Leo was gone at the MAC Tourney last year when another fan noted during the Zips v WVU match that he was not there. During the NCAA Tourney match v Stanford, which I watched at the JAR, this same fan mentioned running into Leo somewhere on Exchange St. Also, Leo was not listed in the College Cup Program among the Zips staff. Apparently, the Zips runs through the 2018 MAC and NCAA Tourneys were done without Leo.