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  2. DEFENDER: Shane Wiedt, Erie Commodores Why: The University of Akron defender has formed such a solid partnership with Guillermo Lazcano that it's difficult to determine who's been more valuable in a back line that's permitted just two goals in six matches. Wiedt is a modern center back in his sheer athleticism, 6'3 frame and strong dose of nastiness; the former AFC Cleveland back's play is reminiscent of the old rugged Erie Admirals squads. Honorable mention defenders: Jack Webber, Fort Pitt; Matthew McDyer, Fort Pitt; Jake Schindler, Rochester; Guillermo Lazcano, Erie; Chris Cvecko, AFC Cleveland. FORWARD: Ezana Kahsay, Erie Commodores Why: Finding a position has been tough for Kahsay, a native of Eritrea who played his high school soccer in the city of Buffalo. The supreme athlete with a fierce competitive streak got noticed and signed by superpower Akron, then spent the first three years of his college career making the transition from defense to midfield to forward. As it turns out, Kahsay has finally found his form as a striker, leading the Great Lakes East in goals (six in just six games) and tormenting opposing defenses with his relentlessness and improved composure in front of goal. He tends to find the back of the net in bunches, too, scoring a brace against Dayton and then a hat-trick against Fort Pitt.
  3. Moved to appropriate thread...
  4. You might check with American Outlaws - Akron Chapter. I'm traveling early the next, I'll pass.
  5. Saad's 1st MLS goal.
  7. Thank @ZIP for the great info. Thanks @fknbuflobo for the guess was that NIU hosted in 2006 (last time Zips did not; CP's 1st season).
  8. I get where you were coming from now, skip-zip. For MAC and Akron Mens Soccer, SIU-E joining is a plus up. As far as overall bump for the MAC, no. When I first saw this news that SIU-E was joining the MAC for Mens Soccer, I couldn't help but immediately think of Billy Berger, may he rest in peace.
  9. It's also good news as has been stated that the MAC is back to the minimum number of teams required to maintain Automatic Qualifier, and SIUE is a division 1 team, so there should be no worries about losing AQ for a year as the MAC had happen with Hartwick. As as far as the travel, it's once every 2 years. Stop going to UCSB for a single game and find a closer opponent; fly to St Louis/SIUE instead.
  10. SIUE is a good men's soccer program and has been consistently working to better themselves. Better soccer program than U@B. Made it to sweet 16 last season. I think they've been in the Tourney at least of years in a row. Seem to being going up while many are stagnant or dropping.
  11. This is good news for the MAC and Akron. Maybe SIU-E could get involved in the "Akron Tournament" like WVU did last year. With 4 teams and only playing 2 games, there's always a team that Akron doesn't play. Maybe SIU-E could set up a similar situation at their place.
  12. Looks like Ampai has been called up to Thailand's National Team...
  13. Tampa Bay Rowdies U23 Morgan Hackworth