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  1. The staff at TopDrawerSoccer decided to name our favorite Men’s College Soccer teams that we’ve covered - taking nothing more than enjoyment into account - below... Akron Zips (2010) - J.R. Eskilson ... It’s been a decade since this team graced the field, and you can still see that impact that the squad left on college soccer today - plus the handful of players still making their marks on the professional game around the world. The 2010 team was Caleb Porter’s fourth season in charge of the Zips program - it was the first time that the squad consisted of only players he had recruited to Akron. This team exemplified the famous moniker “Death by 1000 Passes”. Sure, the foundation for that identity was put in place years earlier, but the Zips became that mantra during the 2010 season while also crushing the competitive spirit of any team that got in their way. ...
  2. Pol Hernandez and Marco Milanese were interviewed on the 6 pm broadcast of News Channel 5 (WEWS) yesterday, talking about their returns to Spain and Italy, respectively, and the uncertainty of any issues they may face coming back into the USA at some point. Afterward, I exchanged messages with Pol through Instagram. He's doing well and taking his classes on line. I told him he was on the news; he was surprised it aired that soon and was happy for me to confirm that he came across well. I miss our team and the Spring matches. We have an exceptional team of very talented players, coaches, and staff. They are all incredible people and great friends. I hope all of them and their families are well and staying healthy and safe. Can't wait to see them again.
  3. https://montrealgazette.com/sports/soccer/mls/montreal-impact/impact-keeper-evan-bush-tries-to-set-example-amid-covid-19-crisis/
  4. USL Championship Fans’ Choice Save of the Week – Week 1 By USLChampionship.com Staff, 03/13/20, 12:00PM EDT Share SENSATIONAL STOP BY LOUISVILLE CITY FC’S BEN LUNDT CLAIMS THE WEEKLY HONOR A spectacular save by Louisville City FC’s Ben Lundt has claimed the USL Championship Fans’ Choice Save of the Week for Week 1 of the 2020 regular season. The 6-foot-6 shot-stopper needed every inch of his frame to squeeze a header by Robbie Kristo onto the crossbar and out in LouCity’s 1-0 road win against NCFC, claiming 64 percent of the poll.
  5. Sorry, but I don't share your confidence in the people making these "calls". IMHO they're not considering big picture. We're all complaining because we don't get to see our sports, but what about all of the lost jobs? Not just in sports but in everything that's being and will be affected? COVID 19 has a higher death rate than the flu they say. But, for 80%, they say it is merely a cold or less. How will death rates and sickness from global recession / depression compare? We all face risk everyday at home and when we step outside our homes. Is the current reaction really warranted for the risk?
  6. Ben Lundt's save is up for Save of the Week. Vote at the link below through noon ET on Friday, March 13th. https://www.uslchampionship.com/news_article/show/1094152
  7. Thanks @TennZip I'm out of "likes" at the moment but will "like" your post when I can. “I JUST KNEW I WAS GOING TO END UP PLAYING D1 SOCCER” “Going into my senior year, I still didn’t have any real offers. I had a few NAIA offers from smaller schools, but I just knew I was going to end up playing D1 soccer. I don’t know how I knew, and looking back, it’s kind of crazy. I just KNEW. And my coaches, especially Brian Quinn, really believed in me.” “During my senior year, I still didn’t have any D1 offers. And Quinn sent my highlight video to Akron. He really advocated for me. Quinn believed in me, and he knew I could play D1 soccer at a top program. Caleb Porter and the staff and Akron really trusted Quinn, so they gave me a look.” PREFERRED WALK-ON AT AKRON I asked Jake if he had “that feeling” when he went on a visit to Akron — the feeling when a player steps foot on a college campus and just knows this is the right school. Sarah Trent had that feeling. So did Sydney Sparks. Jake did, too. “I went on an official visit during my senior year. And, yeah, I knew it was the place for me. I loved it. They offered me a preferred walk-on spot on the roster. That means no athletic scholarship money, but I didn’t care. Akron is a huge D1 soccer program, and getting onto the roster was great. My grades in high school got me some academic money, too, so I got into the school and had some scholarship money.” Stay tuned for next week! SPOILER ALERT: HE WAS IN GOAL DURING A PK SHOOTOUT AGAINST JORDAN MORRIS! ... I'll comment that although that PK shootout didn't end in our favor, we got to that shootout because of Jake's stellar performance throughout that match, and our Zips shut out Jordan Morris that day. Also, for those who might not know, Brian Quinn is Aodhan Quinn's father.
  8. Yes, please put me on that jury. I can hear that testimony now...People of the jury, the MAC and its member schools forced me to buy tickets and go to their basketball tournament and I walked through crowded streets to get there and was in contact with a lot of people that day who had absolutely nothing to do with the tournament. But, I got COVID 19. So, the MAC and its member schools owe me. Yeah, I'm going to cast my vote in favor of that plaintiff.
  9. I don't want them to cancel the MAC Tourney, but I don't consider playing all those games and winning the regular season a "handout".
  10. Cancel MAC Tourney and give Conference automatic bid to the regular season MAC Champs.
  11. By the way, welcome to ZipsNation @JZIP I'm always happy to see more Zips fans join in. As MP12 said, please don't jump ship yet. I'm looking for a return to glory this Fall.
  12. I understand your frustration with the 2019 season, but lots of new players will be coming in the Fall. It’s difficult to judge next season based upon Spring Exhibitions. I trust the process and that 2020 will be better, having learned from 2019.
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