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  1. The advice, book and club move that put DeAndre Yedlin's career back on track Bisbee even gets a mention, sort of... (love it)...Yedlin’s grandparents, who raised him, visit frequently and have mastered driving on the left so they can attend his games while they’re there. ...Over the next few months, as the USA tries to enhance its Hexagonal standing, as it looks for Gold Cup redemption and as Newcastle takes its rightful Premier League place, Yedlin will have the chance to show off what he’s learned. It’s an opportunity he’ll have earned.
  2. Michigan dropped us a year or 2 ago. The Buckeyes must have become tired of losing to the Zips also. Michigan State is the only BiG team not afraid to play the Zips apparently.
  3. I should not have started posting in this thread because I despise comparing one Zips program against another. However, I am almost completely fed up with the amounts of good money after bad that are thrown at Akron Football with so little results. Yeah, we went to the tater bowl and won it. Lowest paying bowl game out there...sinkhole. When expectations are set by 2 years of iCoach and Bowden's 1st year, just about anything looks good. Since 1986, Akron Basketball has gotten the shaft in favor of Football. I think we got really lucky that Groce was willing to take a chance at Akron. Hopefully, he can move us to that next level of actually getting an NCAA Tourney win as opposed to the couple of close shots (before the major blowout). But, how long will that last given the high school gym in which we play. Akron should have an arena at least as good as Dayton or Cincy, but we're too busy coddling Bowden. I can't believe that he can't put together a Football team capable of winning the MAC. What a waste.
  4. I downgraded my season ticket for 2017. Didn't completely give up, but very close. Extremely frustrated with the amount of wasted $'s on football. UA Ath Dept. continues to not know when/how to move on.
  5. I can't believe people keep coming back year after year and expecting different (better) results. "Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." Add to that, that the year that we won the tater bowl was probably one of the biggest sinkhole years.
  6. I'm beyond being able to blindly support a program that is ranked so low every season. 116/128, I don't doubt it at all. Look where Mens Basketball ranks vs other D1 teams...not even close to that low. Probably true of the majority of Akron sports.
  7. I disagree. King-sized sinkhole doesn't even come close to quantifying how bad it is.
  8. And the cost of our football program has been the big sink hole pulling down UA for years (and years to come).
  9. Hopefully Groce can deliver a few NCAA Tourney wins to help pay for the tragic joke that is Akron Football. Should have built a new college basketball arena and a high school football field rather than building that new collegiate football stadium while maintaining a high school gymnasium.
  10. Thanks for the additions, TennZip By the way, Erie plays at AFC Cleveland May 28th at 2:30 pm at Independence High School. Harter v Kahsay
  11. Jacksonville Armada FC U23 Dener Dos Santos