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  1. Caleb Porter

    https://theathletic.com/473120/2018/08/15/caleb-porter-recharging-in-south-carolina-plots-his-return-to-the-sideline/ Edit: Appears that a subscription is required for this article. (Sorry, I didn't read before posting the link.)
  2. Caleb Porter

    Peter Vermes deserves chance to be next USMNT coach - Caleb Porter ..."If you're going American, Peter Vermes, for me, he is the guy that deserves the shot," Porter said. "I believe that. That guy deserves to carry the torch of our national team. Peter Vermes, in my opinion, based on what he's done in our league, he's proven it as an American coach. "If you don't go with Peter Vermes, I think, based on what I've proven, I'm in the mix with another two or three guys who deserve consideration and I'd be open to talking."...
  3. Great news. https://www.sportingnews.com/us/amp/premier-league/news/deandre-yedlin-injury-update-newcastle-usmnt-news/1kgyh00k0kz6m1e0frqazghd43
  4. Interesting starting backline last night. I think I'd like to see Daniel Strachan at holding mid. Perhaps I'd tweak your proposed lineup @buflobo to: 9 David Egbo 12 Colin Biros --------------- 10 Marco Micaletto --------------- 15 Braden Petno 6 Skye Harter -------------------------------------- 25 Daniel Strachen 5 Leonard Sohn ------- 4 Marco Milanese ------- 3 Carlo Ritaccio ------- 14 Diogo Pacheco 1 Ben Lundt
  5. By the way, it was great to see Niko De Vera (NY Red Bull II) and Pablo Moreira (2015 MLS Cup Champion Portland Timbers FC Asst coach) among Zips alumni in attendance last night.
  6. Yes, currently the 2018 Zips look like a group of talented young men but not yet a team who know each other. I saw players among the "starters", the 2nd team, and the third team, who could contribute to the starting lineup or be first off the bench. Unfortunately, we did not see the beautiful game to which we are accustomed, but I know our players and coaches will work hard to change that. Their first official practice was only a few days before this match...Wednesday, August 8th. What we saw last night is part of the process of integrating 19 new players into Akron soccer. I stayed for the entire 120 minutes. No place else I'd rather have been. I like watching the process as well as the finished product. Thanks to Akron and Denver for wanting to get the extra time and thanks to Denver for traveling here. For the record: Edit: Malonepioneer12, I agree with your comments about Egbo and Biros. On the 2nd team, Ivan Nikolic and Diogo Pacheco caught my attention and Braden Petno was the guy who stood out to me on the 3rd team. Congrats to Faisal Ghaffur on the lone Zips goal!
  7. 2018 Zips Mens Soccer

    I guess I’m not necessarily as concerned as you about so much youth starting on defense. It depends upon how good that youth is. The USMNT is criticized for not playing its youth soon enough. Often players in other parts of the world are further ahead at younger ages. As was stated, it’s ridiculously early to be selecting a lineup and judging our talent. First official practice is Wednesday, and we have yet to see 11 of our players together against an opponent, even themselves. Good reference to 2009. Significant number of freshman contributed. Good discussion. Looking forward to the exhibitions and updated discussions.