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  1. https://www.maxbetsport.rs/uspesan-debi-amerikanac-pogurao-backu-do-boda-237716/
  2. Nothing would make this soccer and basketball supporter happier than to see UA athletics leadership get their heads out of their collective butts and make good decisions for the Football. I used to enjoy going to games until iCoach and the later Bowden years. ..the product on the field is less than unwatchable as was it last season under iCoach2...I mean Arth. Either put a watchable product on the field or fire each AD who continues to stupidly waste millions on those who cannot. It's a damn shame that Akron Basketball is still playing in an arena that isn't even as good as some high school gymnasiums while AD after AD fails with Akron Football. Stop playing around with these stupid committees and replace Williams and Van Horne with people who have a clue. I guess the problem is that those doing the replacing also need to have a clue.
  3. Thanks. I remember this, too, but when I looked at their roster, he's not shown. I realize now, though, that no Freshman appear on their roster. So, they must not be including their new players on the roster yet. At any rate, best wishes to Kai. Notre Dame College has a great DII men's soccer program. I think Kai can do well there. https://notredamefalcons.com/sports/mens-soccer/roster Gabriel Ramos to East Tennessee St University. https://www.etsubucs.com/msoccer/roster/ Other transfers: Bradley Chick to East Tennessee St University. https://www.etsubucs.com/msoccer/roster/ Mani Austmann to UNC Greensboro. https://gomason.com/sports/mens-soccer/roster Ricky Ceballos to High Point. https://highpointpanthers.com/sports/mens-soccer/roster Tor Saunders to Coastal Carolina. https://goccusports.com/sports/mens-soccer/roster Joe Bowles to Grace College. https://gclancers.com/sports/mens-soccer/roster Nicolas Alt to George Mason University. Marko Gasparac ? Jonathan Boothe ?
  4. Top Takeaways: On goal-line play, Nagbe’s brilliance and playmaker void | Steve Zakuani https://www.mlssoccer.com/post/2020/08/20/top-takeaways-goal-line-play-nagbe-s-brilliance-and-playmaker-void-steve-zakuani ...The 2020 Crew look really good and that’s mostly because of the form Nagbe is in. He’s not a great goalscorer but he’s certainly a scorer of great goals. The only player I’ve ever seen score a similar goal to the one he did vs. Chicago is Thierry Henry — that speaks for itself. Darlington is someone I’ve known since he was 16. It can be hard to explain what makes him so good because the things he does, don’t fill up the stat sheet. But show me someone else who never loses the ball, can run past anyone when he wants, tracks back defensively, plays for the team and can produce the type of goal he did tonight. You can’t show me someone else because that person don’t exist. ...
  5. 2. Look for Jonathan Lewis to continue to make an impact. Jonathan Lewis’ effect through five games in 2020 has been undeniable and has reportedly drawn interest from overseas. He leads the team in scoring with three goals in a mere 74 minutes played. This has him averaging 3.65 goals every 90 minutes, which is by far the highest average in MLS among players with three plus goals this season. He is also the league-leader in goals among players without a start. “His effect has been remarkable,” Fraser said. “Every time he comes on, he’s involved in a number of attacks. Certainly has scored some really important goals for us. His work rate has been great.”
  6. https://www.mlssoccer.com/mls-is-back-tournament/best-xi-presented-bodyarmor
  7. If "fans" indicates your skepticism of Zips fans who are not Zips football fans...believe it or not, it is possible to be a Zips fan but not a fan of Zips football. Sorry, your sports fandom may revolve around gridiron, but mine does not.
  8. Amazing prediction / confidence Just before any of us saw him at Akron.
  9. Just another Zip in the pros. 😉 💙💛 🥅 💪🏻⚽️
  10. https://anchor.fm/blueprintsoccer11/episodes/Blueprint-Soccer-XI---Scott-Caldwell---Episode-31-eh4v24
  11. You’re absolutely right about that. We have and have had a lot of great student athletes who are and have been proud to be Zips! Stupid UA leadership that can’t give Clayton Murphy the time of day is disgusting. He cares enough to try to find a way to restore a team of which he is proud without cost to the university and they don’t even want to talk with him. A number of our former soccer players who are playing with their MLS teams in Orlando have been nice enough to respond to my DMs through Instagram and Twitter because they appreciate what they had at Akron and that an Akron fan Still follows and supports them. I’m not as close to UA football or basketball but I’m sure some of you have similar stories.
  12. D1 Football at other than Power 5 conferences has been dying for years. Schools are digging holes they cannot afford and getting worse. 178 positions to be eliminated but not the 2 at the top of the Ath Dept,? And the new Prez wonders why folks would call for the BOT rubber stampers to resign.
  13. The football stadium was not needed, which implies requirement. Akron could have made the decision to dump football, drop out of the MAC, and join a conference without football...like Gonzaga, Butler, etc. Upon what information do you make the claim that the football stadium made financial sense at the time? Projected attendance because Akron won 1 MAC Championship in 2005 with a 5-3 Conference record?
  14. Thanks @TennZip With the return of EPL, then MLS, and now USL, I've been enjoying seeing our former Zips in action. With the financial situation at UA, I haven't been on the board too much. It's too depressing. I feel bad for the staff losing their jobs and for the athletes losing their Zips teams and the support they deserve. The people who should be losing their jobs are the ones who have failed and continue to fail to lead UA's academic programs as well as athletics. For example, the Navy invested in a one-of-a kind corrosion engineering program at UA, about which I hear nothing. What is happening with that program. How about other STEM-type programs...Is UA winning its share of work under various government and other R&D solicitations? As far as athletics, where's the marketing? I suggested some time ago that UA needs to offer customization of the apparel it sells. Is it really that difficult to that in this day and age of internet business. I notice on this board that various fans seem to have their favorite UA logo...the Z, the ARoo, the kangaroo, the moving A...Can't UA make it possible to buy apparel with your favorite UA-licensed logo. And why not make it possible for any fan to buy some of the special apparel given away to donors that give certain amounts...free to certain level donors, but charge otherwise. Are UA''s "big" donors that petty that they would prefer to have exclusive apparel that would still get free, but hat UA could sell to others and boost the bottom-line. I hope our current Zips are well and that our international players are able to return to campus. Out of respect for all of them, I've not tried to go by campus and see if there's any conditioning, etc. going. I'd love to see them, but even though I don't have any health issues oh which I'm aware, I won't take a chance of carrying anything of which I may not be aware to our coaches, staff, and players.
  15. Which means no big pay day games for Akron....further cuts, likely. Any contracts likely have an out clause that includes pandemics whether or not stated specifically as "pandemic".
  16. Thanks for the article, but I'd like to have some confidence in the financial analysis presented; not that I have any confidence in UA's either. One thing that stands out here under Akron and seems erroneous, unless I'm missing something, is "Student fees / support from university" $0. We know from UA's Athletics financial reporting that UA sports receive a significant amount of funding from this category. It seems to me that something is amiss here in this analysis; I, however, do not have a business or financial degree. I still think it is very small-minded, actually moronic, of UA Leadership to not work with Clayton to look at the numbers and find a way to restore men's cross-country. The shortcomings of UA leaders seems limitless. Every time we get a new leader, I'm hopeful that he will recognize those who have put UA in this situation and replace them with more competent personnel who can actually figure out ways, that actually work, to grow revenue.
  17. Incompetent Athletic Department leadership, 2 presidents, and 2 interim presidents who won't fix the real problem.
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