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  1. Stop giving them straight up 5 year contracts. Make it 3 or 4 years with 1 or 2 optional years based on performance. Gives both parties an out. Given UA's history with football head coaches, it's more likely to work out in UA's favor and ensure avoiding the complete $inkhole iCoach could have been if he had not been hired elsewhere by an even more incompetent HC.
  2. By the way, Jared was a part of the team he inherited for 6 of the 7 years before he inherited it. Also, 3 final four appearances in 7 seasons at the helm and 6 of those 7 in the NCAA Tourney; seems like we might want to cut him some slack on one season.
  3. Questionable book keeping. My issue is not a soccer v football or a basketball v football issue. My point about the AD and his associate is that bad decisions, which have caused the athletics budget to grow and take more from the general budget, continue with no known repercussions to those who make them. The athletics budget has to be looked at as a whole. $1M should never have been spent to buy out 1 remaining year of Bowden's or Arth's contracts. Wait one year to get rid of Bowden and hire Arth and save taking a $1M from the general fund. tOSU uses football and basketball money to fund most, if not all, of their other sports. I know that UA can't do that, but football revenue, basketball revenue, soccer revenue all has to be pooled across the athletics department and not looked at as one sport or the others treasure trove. (Please notice I said "revenue" not "profits".)
  4. This is exactly the PROBLEM. For 34 years people have said let it go, but it doesn't go because stupid leaders continue to make stupid decisions with no repercussions. Why do the Athletic Director and his associate cohort still have their jobs after wasting so much money?
  5. Fun podcast to listen to last night. Akron is mentioned a number of times, and of course, Morgan credits Zips Coach Jared Embick as one of the coaches who really helped his development...
  6. Thanks Danny for the post. For me it’s not a soccer v football mentality. I’m just tired of the stupid decisions. $650k for Bowden not to coach and $350k to buy Arth out of his contract. Then the cost of Arth’s salary on top of that. All for a 0-12 season and an unwatchable product. Who approves these stupid decisions? People laugh at Joe Dunn recalling Gerry Faust and the football team interrupting Bob Huggins’ basketball team’s practices. To me, that’s a tragedy. Demonstrates how screwed up UA’s priorities have been. Treat a winning coach and his team like crap in favor of the one that has little chance of doing anything. Ugh. How about the golden ticket raffle too? It appears that to date 55 tickets of 700 have been sold. (645/700 remain if you click purchase). Given the prize, how much does UA stand to lose? i hope COVID will help them out and allow them to cancel that apparently money-losing, ill-conceived venture.
  7. Exclusive Interview: Jonathan Lewis https://topbinstalk.com/ https://episodes.buzzsprout.com/jd2yyspxq2sqrz0utdesd47wvlsi?
  8. MAC Commissioner Jon Steinbrecher confirmed to WTOL that starting in 2021 the conference will be eliminating the postseason tournaments for the following sports: Baseball, Softball, Men’s Soccer, Women’s Soccer, Men’s Tennis, Women’s Tennis, Women’s Lacrosse, Field Hockey No info provided on 2020, and also no explanation as to what this means. No AQ to NCAA Tourney, or will the AQ go to the regular season winner? Or, will there be no AQ in 2021 because the conference won't have the needed number of men's teams?
  9. https://www.soccerbible.com/interviews/2020/05/the-dial-up-episode-5-deandre-yedlin/
  10. Missed this back at the end of April. https://www.topdrawersoccer.com/quarantine-corner-with-jared-embick_vid5265
  11. The real question is, if UA flushed football at that time and concentrated on basketball, could the Zips have had the successes of Gonzaga and Butler or George Mason, from time to time? No one has been the guy to take the program forward, including not only the football head coaches but also the Athletic Directors and their associates who have done such a lousy job of hiring them.
  12. https://anchor.fm/blueprintsoccer11/episodes/Blueprint-Soccer-XI---Leo-Chappel---Episode-16-eddkg5/a-a258cah
  13. https://anchor.fm/blueprintsoccer11/episodes/Blueprint-Soccer-XI---Jared-Embick---Episode-14-ed5fht/a-a22elp0
  14. https://anchor.fm/blueprintsoccer11/episodes/Blueprint-Soccer---Brad-Ruhaak---Episode-10-ecqnfi/a-a209ddl
  15. https://anchor.fm/blueprintsoccer11/episodes/Blueprint-Soccer-XI---Aodhan-Quinn---Episode-6-ech286/a-a1td2gn
  16. https://anchor.fm/blueprintsoccer11/episodes/Blueprint-Soccer-XI---Adam-Najem---Episode-5-eca0cd/a-a1r96q5
  17. https://anchor.fm/blueprintsoccer11/episodes/Blueprint-Soccer-XI---Richie-Layera---Episode-4-ec8jt0/a-a1rjo66
  18. I had to share this tweet thread between Zips Men’s Soccer alum Zarek Valentin and his former “boss”, the TimbersFC owner. 😂😂😂
  19. While discussing players of the decade, it seems appropriate to look back at this, which never gets old ...
  20. Men's Soccer gets 9.9 scholarships per NCAA rules.
  21. If the MAC drops men's soccer, there are other conferences nearby that I believe would be happy to have a team of the Zips' calibre. Men's Soccer is one of just a few Zips' teams that would add immediate, significant value to another D1 conference.
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