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  1. Watching, thanks! Announcers said the game sold out before game day...7500-8000 in attendance. Nice!
  2. Zarek Valentin scores his first ever international goal for Puerto Rico.
  3. Beautiful cross from DeAndre, too, that should have led to a goal.
  4. Exactly. Robbie Dambrot, Shane Wiedt, and their team, the Pittsburgh Riverhounds, beat Loudoun 2-0 that evening (after our Zips won at Robert Morris).
  5. As I said, my problem with MAC Men's Soccer is its inability for the conference to maintain at least 6 members not the level of play of its full time members. Although I despised the drive to Hartwick, I didn't think it was a good idea at the time for the MAC to drop them. They were a good, competitive program with a good men's soccer history. NIU, BGSU, and WMU have improved as we've seen with their recent appearances in the NCAA Tourney. I'd prefer to see the inclusion of the four MAC full members --- Akron, BGSU, WMU, and NIU --- in another conference as opposed to this constant churn of adding affiliate members just to watch them leave. Too late, though, for Conference USA. Apparently when they lost members to the Sun Belt, the remaining 4 men's soccer teams went to the American Athletic Conference (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Conference_USA_Men's_Soccer_Tournament) while the MAC continues to churn with adding and losing members. SH*T SHOW!
  6. I'll be happy to see it when it happens. Btw, I didn't say he wasn't interested.
  7. I agree that the MAC is a sh*t show. I'm not sure that I like the idea of going independent, but I'd like to see the MAC quit sponsoring Men's Soccer as the Sun Belt did in 2021. I'd prefer to see the Zips join Conference USA, the Horizon League, or other conference as an affiliate member as opposed to being in the ever-changing MAC. This constant churn of not having enough MAC teams is awful. However, I don't see our AD fixing this. I'll leave it at that as he has done well at putting me back in my place of apathy toward anything other than Zips Men's Soccer. I wish him well and hope his approach is successful. I think, as others, that he made a great hire with the FB coach and wish for our Alma Mater's sake that it plays out well. As far as the AD himself, hopefully, others appreciate the "smart AD"'s interactions with them better than I have. As for Zips Men's Soccer ... Thanks to our coaches and players, I've come to really love the game and continue to be passionate about it. Our men's soccer players are the greatest guys showing how grateful they are for all of us who support them. Supporting them at Akron (home and on the road) and beyond is my happy place. I just wish I could keep up with all of our former players, but there are too many of them in too many places for me to follow as much as my heart wishes I could. I wish them all the best on the soccer field or wherever life has taken them. Go Zips!!!
  8. You are correct that a conference has to have 6 teams in order for the conference champion to get an automatic bid to the NCAA Tournament. However, my understanding is that a conference that has gone below the 6 team threshold has a 1-year cushion to get back up to 6 teams. So, in 2022, the MAC will retain its automatic bid for its Men's Soccer Conference champion, but it will lose that auto bid in 2023 if it does not return to at least 6 members, all of whom have to be D1 otherwise another year would have to pass, which I believe happened when Hartwick joined the last time. Good news at that time was that Akron was the MAC Champion ranked at or near #1 in NCAA D1 and did not need the auto qualifier.
  9. Congratulations to Akron City FC for the win in their first game last night. Great to see a number of Zips and former Zips in the match. Shoutouts to Cam Victor in goal and Jaden Wright for providing all of Akron City FC’s scoring.
  10. Sorry my statement wasn't clear enough. That was my point. That needs to stop. There's a lot of Akron gear out there with various logos. Some day, the new logo will likely be most prevalent, but I don't care what older Akron logo someone wears as long as all Akron alumni, fans, supporters, etc., wear Akron gear, new logo or preferred older logo, but not some other school's gear. Go Zips!
  11. The new logo looks fine to me, but my bottom line is ... Akron alumni, fans, supporters, etc., wear Akron gear, new logo or preferred older logo, but not some other school's gear. Go Zips!
  12. Looking forward to seeing the version with the ⭐️ for our Men's Soccer National Championship.
  13. Carlo Ritaccio making his MLSNextPro debut as Fire II Captain v MUNFV2 and Diogo Pacheco
  14. 👏👏👏 Danny Strachan playing in Columbus!!! 💙💛 🖤💛
  15. Not putting the program’s best out there to try to increase community interest. Die hard Zips football fans who stomached iCoach and Arth are unaffected. They’ve already shown an ability beyond compare to put up with the worst. Field House v Stadium is minor to them. When trying to build outside interest, advanced planning to open all seating areas of Infocision Stadium for a free Spring Football Game on a nice Spring day would have been a great way to show case the program and start building new relationships. Not saying that is not happening in other ways but I see this Spring Game in the Field House as a missed opportunity. .
  16. That’s a bit extreme. However, I think expressing our displeasure with the situation and asking for better planning is appropriate. I’d also be more accepting if he admitted a mistake in planning instead of trying to cover it up with the weather. OMG this might be the first time football takes place in less than ideal conditions in NE Ohio. Thus we are holding it indoor. Really?! Lol!!! Never mind that fans in attendance should have access to the club and “ritzier” levels. Maybe that would draw more fans allowing them to watch from those seats if they wish. Some people might be excited to enjoy those parts of the stadium.
  17. I’ve been told by the AD that moving the Spring Game has to do with not causing any issues should the Women’s LAX game go into OT. How long has the Spring Game been in planning? Is the Athletic Department incapable of planning to avoid such a situation? Seems like simple schedule management / advanced planning to me.
  18. A Spring Game indoor on a beautiful Spring Day is a total miss. That turf must be in really bad condition to make a decision to use the Field House. I think we are owed an explanation. I’m very much getting tired of being asked time and again for donations with very little from the Athletics Department.
  19. https://www.mlsnextpro.com/news/mnufc2-knocks-off-undefeated-city2-in-stunning-4-0-road-victory Cameron Knowles ... Anyone remember him? How about Diogo Pacheco? ...MNUFC2 head coach Cameron Knowles praised his attacking core for their performance on the night, while adding that it was a full team effort from the back to the front. ... Diogo Pacheco Midfielder · MNUFC2 Pacheco’s performance caught the eye of viewers both on screen and in-stadium, with Knowles praising the winger for his “determination” and “fight” to win his battles on the pitch tonight. Born in Lisbon, Portugal, Pacheco is a collegiate product out of Akron University where over three seasons he scored 10 goals and notched 4 assists in 34 appearances. 2022 is his first year with the Minnesota United organization, where he was signed to an MLS NEXT Pro contract on March 23rd. In his first start of the season, Pacheco took advantage of the opportunity presented to him and put on a passing clinic. His first of three assists to Justin McMaster may have been the cleanest. Video highlights: https://www.mlsnextpro.com/video/highlights-st-louis-city2-vs-mnufc2-april-24-2022#highlights-st-louis-city2-vs-mnufc2-april-24-2022
  20. we had better figure out how to get away from the stupid passing in the back or we’re not going to win low scoring or close games. It’s one thing to build from the back and to pass back with purpose, but for some reason these players often see little urgency when they do it. Indecisive and too many touches. I can’t say it any other way than insanity. I get so angry watching it. 🤬
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