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  1. And we are getting crushed on the boards.
  2. Very unsettled in the half court offense.
  3. It seems like the norm in these games, the first one to 60 wins?
  4. Right now they are finishing more shots. We need to step it up over the last 8 minutes.
  5. And Akron forces a time out, up 17-13.
  6. Akron with a 66-53 win over Miami. Dawson led the way with 25 points.
  7. We also need to attack the basket when in the double bonus. Although we'd then have to make free throws.
  8. There's still some fight left in this team. Lead down to 8.
  9. Free throw shooting not helping us either.
  10. We cut the lead down to 6 and then let OU score 7 straight.
  11. Defense keeping us in the game. Offense not clicking.
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