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  1. I'm not sure why, but it looks like Preston missed a few games.
  2. A great second half to get the win. With the BG loss, we're moving up the standings.
  3. Miami smoked Bowling Green 96-77. Plowden and Turner combined for 41. The other 3 starters combined for 4 points.
  4. Good start to the second half.
  5. The did a nice job closing out the half.
  6. Early on, CMU can only score on the fast break. Not much going on in the half court offense.
  7. These announcers have no idea how many fouls Akron has.
  8. Does that remind you of a Cavs offense from a few years ago with #23?
  9. Three and a half solid minutes.....
  10. Freeman is a beast! If we didn't have him I shudder to think what our rebounding would be like.
  11. They seem to be more interested in Dylan Frye sitting in the stands than the game they are announcing.
  12. Looking at the box score, Akron out rebounded Toledo 43-34. How is that possible? Toledo had a LOT of offensive rebounds in the second half. That stat really surprises me.
  13. I think we're going to see a few more games like this, but also a few more head scratchers. Win enough games to get a decent seed and then be peaking come MAC tournament time.
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