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  1. Not the result we wanted, but a respectful showing.
  2. The Zips showing some fire... I like it!
  3. A nice win. Not sure if the header off the WV corner actually crossed the line, but nice effort by the Zips to get the ball out of there.
  4. The Zips drop a 3-1 decision to CSU.
  5. Defense not looking great, but keeping us in the ballgame. Need to generate some points in the second half.
  6. A nice win for the Zips. Over the last few games, this team is starting to resemble a Zips team that were are used to seeing.
  7. What a goal by Egbo!! That had to be about 35-40 yards out. Up 2-0!
  8. No, the wagon wheel is still the trophy for football. The wagon wheel challenge was created a number of years ago as an all sport event.
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