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  1. In the post game interview Frenchy did with Groce, they talked about the bench usage. Groce said he would look at it, but thought he would have to get the bench more minutes as he thought the starters looked a little gassed at times against Toledo and Ohio. I think he realizes that 3 games in 3 days is tough and you are going need quality bench minutes. Right now it seems that wants them out there more, but doesn't yet have the trust in them for heavier minutes. I agree that we need to work them more in games where we have large leads.
  2. Don't forget the Charlie Frye bobbleheads.
  3. How did this team beat Kent (who is losing by 10 to NIU)?
  4. Reece just called for a moving screen. Looked like a good screen to me. What am I missing?
  5. Early in the game they said to leave X open for the three. Now they indicate he is 3rd on the team in 3 pointers. hmmmm......
  6. An "and one" and we get a technical called against us? We cannot continue to make these kind of mistakes.
  7. Time for a little post-game with Frenchy.
  8. To hold any MAC opponent under 50 is impressive. To do it on the road - VERY impressive!
  9. These announcers seemed to have dialed it back a little....considering NIU is now down by 23!
  10. It's nice having some depth for a change.
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