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  1. The schedule is out. https://gozips.com/sports/football/schedule Three weekday games and three Saturday games.
  2. That would give him more reaction time when the T-shirt cannon comes out.
  3. The difference this time is that there will likely be a large number of programs being cut across the country. Some of these students may not be able to find a scholarship somewhere else.
  4. No. He made it sound like the 23% cut of $4.4 million is something he obtained from an inside source. No insight into which teams might be cut. George indicated that he talked to John Groce. He made it sound like basketball coaches have agreed to a 10% reduction in salary.
  5. George Thomas is set to be on Baskin and Phelps at 11:05 AM. Will he have any insight?
  6. I agree about not having the influence over sports that was suggested. The state schools include schools like CSU Bakersfield, CSU Fresno, CSU Fullerton, etc. It does not include schools like UCLA or Cal. A post above mentioned Central Michigan being open to students in the fall. My daughter will be attending Bowling Green in the fall. As of right now, BG is planning on being open to students on campus. Across the country, I think you will have a range of decisions from no students, some students, and all students on campus..
  7. I'm sure the teams in the West would love having to play everyone in the East twice.
  8. I'm not sharing an Akron championship with another team! National Champs!! 😁
  9. They are also checking player temperatures and if a player has a high temp, further testing will be done. Limited fans are now being let into the arena.
  10. Just announced that MAC tournament start delayed until 1:03 PM so that official's can talk to players about potential concerns.
  11. Listening to Baskin & Phelps on 92.3. They just mention that cancelling the tournament was being discussed, but no word on a decision.
  12. They key is getting off to a good start. We don't want to fall behind by double digits in the first half. Stopping OU starts with Preston. I'm hoping Banks will be covering him like a blanket from the start of the game.
  13. A friend and I were talking about getting lunch and beer somewhere to watch the game (since we can't go) . Is a bar or restaurant going to have access to ESPN + ?
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