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  1. maybe when they're not still coming down with COVID?
  2. You don't get a national title game if you aren't good
  3. Can't wait to post X gonna give it to ya way too many times next year
  4. Don't feed the troll
  5. I hope he can make it into an NBA team. It would be so fun to follow a Zip in the league
  6. https://gozips.com/sports/football/schedule
  7. Every NBA scout was locked in on the State Farm 3 point contest
  8. LCJ signing with an agent and entering the draft. Appears his decision boiled down to the draft or transferring, the way he worded it.
  9. https://www.instagram.com/p/CNLKOGwg84n/?igshid=1gm5146no4xju
  10. It is what it is. We weren't a lock to win the tournament.. What if we lost? Then we'd be having a much different conversation right now.
  11. I think at least the seniors would. Would make little sense for seniors to get a 5th/6th year then have to sit another year to use it. We'd have some 8th year seniors across the country
  12. not a subscriber, cliff notes if you don't mind?
  13. It'll be KD in a couple more years
  14. Cinci has had nationally ranked football teams for over a decade now, spanning 5 coaches. They're a good program. Well, besides when Tuberville stopped by..
  15. To be fair, only a few teams end their season with a win in the postseason..
  16. Lot of jumping to conclusions here without knowing the story. What if a friend had it in his car and left it? Obviously not hanging out with high character people if that's the case but I don't think that warrants him ending his football career. Let's just let it play out
  17. It wasn't a gun licensed to him
  18. 14 hours later and zipsoutsider hasn't popped in to mock the culture here. Must be busy helping with spring ball in Monroe
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