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  1. I feel like weapons charges happen a lot with athletes and it usually doesn't amount to anything serious legally (Kevin Porter, Gilbert Arenas, etc). The claim is that he was driving a borrowed car from a friend. Definitely seems like there are character issues at play here and will probably lead to a suspension at least.


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  2. 13 hours ago, ZippyRulz said:


    If any of their best players liked the feel of Akron's size and facilities and wanted to play in FBS and could help our team.... and Loretta PA is just an hour-ish east of Pittsburgh. 



    It seemed like whenever they showed the SFU coach on TV he was either yelling at the refs or yelling at his team. I'd be doing anything I could to get the hell away from that. 

  3. 21 hours ago, Let'sGoZips94 said:


    Iowa beat South Dakota State 7-3.


    2 safeties and a FG for Iowa.


    Nebraska struggled with North Dakota.



    Akron winning that game Thursday was big. SFU came with everything. They were fast, well coached, and talented. At the end of the day, the W is what matters and we got that. 


    Iowa and VT always seem to struggle against FCS and lower FBS teams. Almost like every year one of them goes down, especially the Hokies. This year they lost to Old Dominion who most predicted to finish dead last in the Sun Belt. 


    A win can be ugly, but as Zips fans we have no room to complain. 1-0. 

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  4. 4 hours ago, GP1 said:

    Americans get to have more trash shoveled into their living rooms during the holidays. Awesome!


    I'd rather have actual meaningful bowl games instead of what feels like a hundred games like the Roofclaim.com Boca Raton Bowl or TaxAct Camellia Bowl which nobody cares about.


    Winning a bowl game should mean more than just a random trophy and maybe some shirts. Especially if you're a conference champion with a impressive record. Will a MAC team get an at large consistently? Probably not. But as fans of a MAC team, I see no downside in this unless they decide a MAC team is never allowed to be included regardless of record. 

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  5. These are basically "preseason" games for college teams. Just like we are for MSU. Only difference is that they count for something. Just want to get out with a win and healthy. With a boat load of stuff to work on.


    If I were SFU I probably would have just passed every play. Didn't seem like the Zips could defend that at all.  


    Looks like Bryant is playing FIU tough tonight, so at least we didn't have the worst FBS performance. 

  6. The Zips have playmakers on offense and wideouts that can get open. Irons just doesn't seem to be consistent enough and the line has been bad. 


    Now I'm not sure how much faith I have in the defense. They have been in shambles. 

  7. Just now, AKSportsFan said:

    Dreading MSU next week. Hope we make it out of this one but even that is in question right now.


    Losing in a blowout to MSU was expected. Losing to a mediocre FCS team is embarrassing. 

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  8. 10 hours ago, akzipper said:

    First time I have been legitimately excited for Akron football in a long, long time. 


    Hopefully this is the start of something special. 


    Welp nevermind.


    On a positive note it seems that my football watching will be done mostly on Sundays, at least my wife will be happy.


  9. 41 minutes ago, gozips19 said:

    Website has been updated. It actually looks professional. That being said I still cannot find a depth chart. Let's go Zips! Get a W 


    Agreed. It's nice to have a unified, professional look. Would be nice if the shop section had more updated apparel. I've been trying to get my hands on some nice Nike gear with the new logo. 


    Still not really a fan of the "Rubik" font they are using in all of the graphics. Consistency is good but it seems like with such a sharp angled logo, a rounded soft font just feels weird. That's probably just the graphic designer in me being overly picky. 

  10. 2 minutes ago, LoyalZIP said:


    It's hard to believe that you're at a UA football game when you're up there. That's an experience that is truly unique to Akron when it comes to amenities at MAC/most G5 level. If JoeMo can get things rolling, it could end up being a hot ticket. Hopefully. 


    I agree completely. I've sat in the Club level for the Cavs and Guardians and it felt the exact same way. The food selection wasn't the same, but the atmosphere, seats and everything else just felt top notch. 

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