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  1. Never saw him play but he was my summer basketball camp counselor at Ashland when I was 10 years old. Pretty impressive!
  2. The bourbon barrel aged turbo shandy has become my favorite hoppin frog beer.
  3. Team. No Cheese. Wow! Get behind this team. Tribble, Ali, Sayles off the bench. MAC POY Jackson. COY Groce. Picked 5th in the East and clinched a top 3 seed today. 20+ year season ticket holder and this is a great year for Zips basketball. Lastly, hoppin frog turbo shandy helps these tight MAC games. Day drinking is wonderful!
  4. This is one Of the worst officiated games. Not homer, bad calls/ no calls both ways.
  5. Not sure why Jayden Sayles didn’t see the floor. He couldn’t have done any worse. Is Groce sending him a message for next year? don’t care if he didn’t practice well, when you are getting crushed on the glass, get another big body in there...
  6. Sayles played excellent defense inside in the first half and 0 minutes second half when Liberty was dominating inside. Also surprised that after a career high (albeit against Concord) he got 0 minutes in game vs. Tulane. What is the issue with groce and Sayles?
  7. Loved the game of course but also loved the comments about this being the best mid-major rivalry in the country. ESPN color guy must have said it three or four times. Not sure if that's true but I like the fact that someone on ESPN sees this rivalry's value. National exposure is national exposure. The wife and I were discussing the key components of rivalries, and UA Can't certainly measures up: close W-L record, geographically close schools, consistent contenders in the same league etc. On to Cleveland.
  8. As a 15 + year season ticket holder I am probably in the minority in saying that I am not as concerned with a win in the NCAA tournament as some others on this board. My wife and I look forward to each game because most of the time (last night excluded) we see good young men who play fundamentally good basketball (although the defensive fundamentals this year have not been to the typical KD Akron standard) and who legitimately compete for wins and conference titles each year. This is entertainment for us and we appreciate the effort and commitment it takes to be a D1 athlete and we truly enjoy mid-major college basketball. As an alumnus I am proud of the program not only for its success but also for its graduation rate and good reputation for growing young men. I feel this time has the potential to win next week and move forward to the dance, but if they don't we can easily argue that our money for tickets was again well spent for the entertainment value provided. Go Zips Beat Kent.
  9. I want to thank the academy for their faith in me.
  10. Interesting to see actual stats. we are 149/347 for average# of fouls per game (fpg). We average 18.8 fpg, but last 3 games averaged 22.3. We average 2 more fouls/game on the road than at home, and we are up 1 foul/game from last year. The fewest fpg in the MAC is OU, but they are #120 overall. I have to imagine that as a conference we rank pretty bad in the fouls/game category. I really don't see specific bias against UA, but the MAC referees seem to feel the need to insert themselves into every game and are very inconsistent with the amount of contact needed to call a foul. Lastly, they just call too many fouls.. and it would seem more than most other conferences. https://www.teamrankings.com/ncaa-basketball/stat/personal-fouls-per-game
  11. Not sure I understand the concern with Noah. We have scorers. Tonight he had 4 assists to 1 TO, shot 2/4 for 6 points and played good defense. A PG who can control a game like he does, keep his cool and let others score is valuable.
  12. This team does something better than others the last 3-4 years. They win these games. Prior years the second half shooting would have led to hang dog looks and an 8-10 point loss. The road in the MAC is tough, period. as for Campbell, I will miss seeing him play, but the top 2 teams in the MAC play at the JAR Tuesday and that doesn't change without him, it's OU and I hate them almost as much as the flashes. Get a w and an early two game lead in the east. I will definitely be there.
  13. Dish network (if you have it) offers a $13/month package that includes the Root network coverage. You can cancel after 1 month. I gladly paid the $13 to watch the Zips play a top 10 team. Just got to remember to cancel the damn thing in a month and a day!
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