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  1. No... Kato was only out 1 play after he lost his helmet.
  2. 2017 Bowl Watch

    The Bahamas Bowl is a logistics nightmare getting equipment there not to mention poor facilities once you get there.....
  3. Game 12—Golden Flashes @ Zips

    My son's helmet last night prior to the game as we waited for senior night recognition.....passing the torch...
  4. Game 7—@Western Michigan

    They had vacuum trucks on the field most of the night removed up to a million gallons of water...there is no standing water on the field right now
  5. Game 7—@Western Michigan

    The sidelines got kinda deep....
  6. Game 7—@Western Michigan

    That's only half of it ..the water ended up vovering the entire field...and some of the parking lots
  7. MAC Talent [All in one place]

    Not sure where to post this...
  8. Council started this week due to an injury that the starting center got the 1st half of the Penn state game..
  9. I will be taking the bus out....too long a walk from the parking...lol..I think the game is on ABC?
  10. Sept 20 Presser

    Yes it was due to the weather....it was extremely miserable...lol...my boy plays on the offensive line and was more then ready for the air conditioned bus ride...
  11. Sept 20 Presser

    Yes Woody was spent....he went to the locker room with a wet towel on his head as soon as he came out before the half ended...
  12. Three for Thursday [Keydets @ Zips]

    Unless this year is different then the past...those are just captains for this game......they have different captains though out the year then elect team captains at the end of the year...
  13. Meet the Team - Sunday 8/21

    It was a beautiful day..however the turn out for this event was disappointing... ....for the most part just the players family members....
  14. pratt shot

    The story in the LA times reported him as a former teammate that dropped off the team last spring for medical issues. ...
  15. pratt shot

    Scott has been off of the team for over a year. ...that seems to get lost in the conversation. ..