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  1. I always have wondered what the deal was with Noah almost going after the trainer when he hurt his knee. It was a strange reaction I've never seen before in that situation.
  2. I'd like a clearer definition of "official team party members." 😉
  3. All downhill from there. Toledo 63-59 F.
  4. ***CORRECTION*** Sorry guys, I'm going to have to take back this info. Apparently they've renumbered the sections when they renovated the arena. The numbers don't line up the same as they used to.
  5. **DISREGARD THE FOLLOWING INFO. THE SECTION NUMBERS AT THE ARENA HAVE CHANGED SINCE THE ARENA RENOVATION** Since we're conference champs, we will always be the higher seed/home team. According to the info I have from 2016-17 and previous years that means sections 126/127/C126/C127 for Thursday and all others I THINK. 107/108 would be across from our bench, but assigned to the lower seed in the second game. I've used this as a guide over the years to buy tickets near our section on my own at times. At one time the info was available on line, but in recent years you needed a password to access the tournament manual. It hasn't changed much in recent years. I notice the arena website doesn't have a color coded seating chart by cost of seat posted yet, if they're going to do so.
  6. Anybody seen anything yet about a BOGO Ohio Lottery ticket promotion again this year? They seem to keep it under wraps until tournament week some years. I have seen the Hops and Hoops promos.
  7. Four of the first six games are on the road and half the home games are basically in November. It certainly does not bode well for a good start and decent attendance, not that it wasn't going to be a challenge anyway.
  8. Say goodnight Gracie. Time to shuffle off to Buffalo.
  9. 15 feet may be an over projection prediction. 😉
  10. You've been able to in past years. I used to have men's and women's season tickets and would give my women's tickets to someone else and use my men's tickets for both.
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