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  1. The yardline numbers aren't straight either, so it can't be a finished product.
  2. Funny, I was in the Kohls in Tallmadge last week and they didn't have very much. I didn't even see a hat. Same can be said for a recent visit to JC Penney.
  3. Good to know I can still wear my old Zips gear. My sports apparel budget can't handle new Guardians and Zips gear in the same year. 😉 (Not that most stores are very well stocked with G's stuff anyway)
  4. I'd rather see a blue helmet than white.
  5. Not sure I could be more underwhelmed. I guess I won't be running out to buy new apparel. 🙄
  6. Interesting that he's joining as asst head coach slotted above KD's old guard of Weigand, McFadden, etc.
  7. I attended all the events and the football game was the least enjoyable. The game apparently started early, was cramped and crowded and I stayed for a very short time. I guess one of the reasons for holding it inside is the condition of the turf outside. I'll accept that since I know it is being replaced in a few weeks. It was a nice day to be outside and watch the other events. 🙂
  8. Just seems like a bad idea from a marketing standpoint. Geez, it's a new era. Generate some enthusiasm be getting fans back in the stadium on a nice spring day. Might even sell a few season tickets. I know there have been much worse weather days for spring games. I've been to a couple of them. Gonna be tough to create close to the same atmosphere in the field house. I guess I'll enjoy the weather watching some of the baseball and softball.
  9. Good for her, but she'll have to up her game to make a big impact for the Rockets. I seem to remember some pretty good bigs there already. I think Coach Jackson has the loss covered with the new girls coming in.
  10. Some pretty impressive highlights on Hudl. Excellent lefty ball handler. Looks like she played a lot of point guard or forward.
  11. If I recall correctly, Carter blew out a knee last year, so she was probably going to start slow. Tecca looked like a promising shooter last year and they need somebody other than Martindale. Brewer was decent, but leveled off this year and was likely to lose playing time to the new bigs next year. Sorry to see them go.
  12. Not a big surprise considering the performance of Bass and the two incoming freshman bigs. Her play really leveled off this year. I'm not sure she ever really adjusted offensively to not being the tallest player on the court like she probably was in high school. Good luck to her.
  13. Well, now that Ali is going maybe they'll find a package deal somewhere.
  14. Yeah, whatever dude. I don't wish you bad. I just don't care anymore. You're not on my team. 🙄
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