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  1. Me, too. I still remember my WTF? moment when Lee Owen's team ran out in the blue and yellow uniforms (although yellow was used in the basketball unis for a long time). I was always annoyed when KD's teams didn't even have a blue and gold uniform.
  2. C'mon, let the kid score. 😉
  3. Not a very good performance against a tough Buffalo team. Too many lazy passes and easy missed shots. Missing Corcoran hurt, but did change the rotation and Emma Tecca got in and swished her first three point attempt and got another hoop later. Rasheed gave them some good minutes off the bench, too.
  4. I think he was closer to 6-10 and not a great talent. Man, those were tough games to watch. 😬
  5. Digging deep there with the Tetzloff reference. 😄
  6. I've been wondering that a bit myself, but she may just have fallen out of the rotation for now. I don't think Rachel Martindale has been getting as many minutes as she used to and Emma was kind of her backup last year. She certainly looked like a sharpshooter last year. I think others have picked up the 3 pt slack a bit, too. She's been on the bench in uniform, not just dressed in sweats.
  7. Entertaining game and good win today. They seem to be coming together. 4-1 is a good start.
  8. Just another poor performance at the MAC Center for the Zips. Nothing I haven't seen before and the main reason I rarely journey over there. We'll get back at 'em at the JAR.
  9. I still wonder how the people in the middle section feel about it. Seems to me the students would be blocking their view quite a bit.
  10. I hope this works. Zippy Video.mp4
  11. I did. They played well. BG has lost its excellent point guard Lexi Miller for the year. Anybody know what the deal is with Central Michigan? They're 3-10.
  12. I hope the OU men's team is steering clear of their women's team. Their game against Zips women on Wednesday has been postponed due to OU women's covid issues.
  13. Considering the current covid situation, I'll give her a pass. Not sure what issues you're talking about other than the lack of wins.
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