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  1. Women lead Point Park by 30+ in 3Q. Watching on ESPN3. I can't find Aila Miller anywhere. Any news?
  2. I don't know why our limited mobility QB with a bad ankle would think it was better to pull back the ball and run it himself. Geez, just hand it off and don't fumble. 🙄
  3. Not really saying a whole lot, but I guess it's better than after the last game of Arth's first season.
  4. Not sure rolling out a QB with a bad ankle was a great idea.
  5. Surprised they didn't look at that longer on replay.
  6. Hunter's 5 for 32 from 3 pt and 8 for 18 on 2 pt. Perhaps he needs to take his 6'9" frame inside a bit more and get a few rebounds, too.
  7. Zips fall behind 20-6 after 1Q to Lady Penguins and then go on a 40-10 run in 2Q and 3Q to prevail 61-44. 😮
  8. Not sure whose drivers would be better. You are probably not aware that the Akron-Kent rivalry Wagon Wheel Trophy is based on the story of a wagon wheel that got stuck in the mud. 😉
  9. I heard the Buffalo/Niagara airport aviation director say on the Weather Channel a little while ago that the Bills aren't scheduled to leave until tomorrow afternoon since they wanted practice today. He did say they have a few other flights still scheduled to go out today. Maybe the Bills will get out today too.
  10. Somebody's got to make a decision pretty soon. The storm has started. 🤔
  11. Corcoran was the only one I noticed that was missing who is on the roster. Camp played well at the point after a couple early turnovers. Stinson looked OK. Swished a 3 for her only FG, which is not really what I'm looking for from a 6'2" big, but I'll take it. 3 for 4 FT. I was expecting a better Dayton team, not realizing their coach left for Illinois and they only have 4 returning players from an NCAA tournament team. Sure beat watching the Browns today.
  12. Played at Buffalo last year. Started 24 games. 4+ ppg.
  13. Zips trail Dayton 21-18 after a sloppy 1Q. No sign of Annika Corcoran on bench. Any injury news?
  14. Enrique's probably going to struggle against most 6'11" 245 guys. I don't know much about Hunter, but we need 6'9" underneath, not shooting 3s.
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