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  1. Zips women battled #24 Michigan, but lost 80-71. Zips lead by 3 after 3Q after trailing by 13 after 1Q, but Michigan took advantage of their strength and skill down low to pull away. Really entertaining game in front of a crowd of almost 1000. A lot more entertaining than that brickfest last night by the men.
  2. This may be old news, but it certainly seems pertinent considering this horrible season and the title of this thread. When Arth was named coach I hoped/expected he would bring some D1 coaching experience in with him. He failed miserably on that note. I reviewed the coaching staff bios today and found of the top 11 coaches named (including Arth) there is only a combined total (unofficial) of 16 years experience at the D1 (not FCS) level. And at best only 2 or 3 even played at the FBS level. No wonder they are struggling. Where are the at least 3 or 4 veteran guys that should have been hired? The AD should have insisted on a staff with more experience. Arth may very well turn this thing around, but all we know now for sure is we have a bunch of coaches whose only real success was at the D3 level with most of it at John Carroll and the Zips are in line to have their first winless season since 1942. Ugh.
  3. Sorry, I meant to open this in the basketball thread. How do I move it or can the site administrator do it?
  4. The Zips women are hosting the Akron Classic this Friday and Saturday. On Friday Kent State plays #24 Michigan at 2 pm and the Zips play Purdue Ft. Wayne at 4:30. On Saturday the Zips play Michigan and Kent plays PFW. I've only seen the Zips women's games promoted on social media. C'mon marketing staff, you could be promoting a tripleheader on Friday!
  5. Announced attendance is always about 10,000 more than are actually there. I think due to Coke or Pepsi buying them as part of their sponsorship. The sad thing is the university can't or doesn't find a way to give the tickets away so some will be used.
  6. Color guy is Ray Bentley, 7 yr NFL player - 6 with Buffalo. Memorable to me for painting his face with a lot of eye black. Played at CMU.
  7. Really, Tunisia? What do these leagues pay?
  8. Unfortunately, not a big surprise here. From Uplift HS in Chicago to Victory Rock Prep to Southern Illinois to Panola JC to Akron to... Recruiting like this is one of the reasons I'm having trouble warming up to Groce's program. Hope the kid finds a place he is content.
  9. I'm watching the stream. Not great, but good enough. Linked through the WVU basketball site. It's free.
  10. I'm able to watch the soccer game at the moment on the same network, so maybe the basketball game will be available, too. Can't seem to cast it to my Chromecast, though.
  11. Ianello was fired on Nov 26, the day after the season ended and the Zips lost to WMU 68-19. Bowden wasn't hired until Dec 22, though. Rumors were former Zip and Wayne State coach Paul Winters turned down the job.
  12. Neither Arth or the Zips have won since Oct 27 of last year. 😳
  13. Geez, sack and a penalty on the first play from scrimmage. 🙄
  14. Has anybody heard anything about games on ESPN+ this year? There are few, if any, on the gozips.com website schedule as of today.
  15. https://getsomemaction.com/news/2019/10/30/mac-announces-mens-basketball-preseason-coaches-poll-preseason-all-mac-teams.aspx
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