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  1. I guessed you as a grumpy middle aged man. I think I was projecting. LOL.
  2. Buffalo was torrid from the outside early which set up penetration for the rest of the game. Even their big man was hitting from the outside which drew Big Dog out resulting in their more mobile big man going right around Big Dog. The Zips are the best team in the MAC. That being said, if they hit one of those nights where they go cold on the threes and their defensive effort is substandard, there are a lot of teams in the MAC that could take them with a good game. Buffalo has a long line of athletes that could give the Zips trouble, especially if they make some outside shots. CMU could rise up behind crazy nights from Keene and Rayson. Ohio U is always going to show up to play the Zips and NIU has a rare big that play with Dog. At the end of the day, if the Zips play their best, their best is better than any other best in the MAC, but odd things happen at the end of February and into March in NCAA basketball.
  3. At this juncture, they all worry me. I've been a sports fan from the Cleveland area for too long! Always looking for the performance letdown, contraband filled US mail delivery or bruised girlfriend just waiting around the corner...
  4. Seems like he's built to be a 3 but has become the primary replacement for Kwan at the 4. He could also play the two in some situations. I think we're going to see more and more of him and he's a foundational piece next year and beyond.
  5. The Zips host the 13-12 Rockets at the JAR on Valentine's Day. The Rockets come off of a 78-58 home win over Portage County Community College. Toledo has a nice trio of scorers with 6-3 senior guard Jonathan Williams (20.3 ppg), 6-9 senior forward Steve Taylor, Jr. (15.7) and 6-4 sophomore guard Jaylen Sanford (14.2). The Rockets have had some impressive wins, close losses and some perplexing defeats.
  6. Apparently, Lee was suspended for a violation of team rules at some point.
  7. Nice win for the Zips. Hopefully, a nice start to a strong finish. That one had me worried. I'd suspect the EMU fans are up in arms given the preseason expectations for the team.
  8. Just wait until they add a 4th hippity hop ball to the dot race. I hear they're contemplating real ducklings for the duck toss too. Those will bring the people in.
  9. We could bring back Larry Brown to christen the jerseys as a famous former Wingfoot.
  10. DeAndre Liggins is working out a deal with Firestone as we speak. For example, LeBron has endorsement deals with Coca-Cola, Nike, Upper Deck, Samsung, Audemars Piguet and Dunkin Donuts. Nike, McDonald’s, Beats, Tencent and Kia, among others.
  11. Interested to see what happens when a big time player has a sponsorship conflict and doesn't want to wear the uniform with the conflicting company logo on it.
  12. Just to clarify, I was well into my thirties before I became "kind of dickish."
  13. I think Joe Akron was the geezer referenced in the article. I'm with you Joe. We could sure use some of that zeal in the JAR.
  14. Hmmmm, I remember them at that game and thought they were good fans (as opposed to the arrogant self-impressed kid in this article).
  15. Let's hope EMU doesn't rescue its disappointing season with a win over the Zips. Many saw EMU as the class of the west and the primary competition to the Zips for the MAC title, but they now stand at 5-6 in the MAC and 13-11 overall, The schedule changes are a symptom of the Zips' success I'm afraid. I'll bet Miami's schedule has been rock solid! I feel bad for the staff that did all of the prep work for the Saturday bus trip to have it yanked out from under them.
  16. Keane's a wonderful player. I'm just a homer. Interesting how he started at YSU and how he found his way to CMU.
  17. Quote from Big Dog about his free throw problems, which confirms what we thought: “I just get up there and my mind starts racing the previous miss or whatever. I’m not focusing on the shot,” Johnson said. “So it’s hard to make something when you’re not focused on it.”
  18. I'd like to see Dog's stats of he got 21 shots a game like Keene, rather than 10.
  19. Portage County Community College and Ball State both make ESPN for their generous gifts last night! I sure wish someone on the coaching staff with the Zips would take a little time to work out some regular inbounds plays. That last one worked out pretty well, but I can't remember the last time we actually ran one that looked like an organized effort to set up a good shot.
  20. From your mouth to the shootings gods' ears Zippy! Way too much standing around on offense at times tonight.
  21. I'd like to extend a personal welcome to the Zips defense. Better late than never old friend. On the other hand, we need an amber alert for the offense.
  22. Nothing like a good hippity hop ball race to get the fans into the game. Yawn.
  23. Okay guys, second half - time to WAKE THE HELL UP!
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