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  1. Easy there... No one said he shouldn't be able to post. In fact, they were subtly exercising their first amendment right to imply he's a goofball.
  2. It shouldn't EVER come down to a late call against a bad sub .500 team.
  3. At best, we only ever get 4 guys back when other teams push the ball. The bear that Big Dog's grandpa, Walter Johnson of the Browns, used to wrestle back in the 60's gets up the court faster than Dog. I'm looking forward to see if KD mixes things up for Buffalo.
  4. I'd give them some game time off at this juncture. LOL.
  5. OK, I've calmed down now and I'm more rational. This is all Kreed's fault.
  6. Lose at Buffalo Win against Miami Lord knows against PCCC Lose in MAC final Lose in NIT opener to Our Lady of Perpetual Mediocrity Lather, rinse, repeat... I may be more positive tomorrow after the pi$$iness wears off.
  7. No one should be too surprised. We all saw the weaknesses in this team but it was easy to look the other way when they kept pulling games out. Those weaknesses are now getting magnified. I heard two or three weeks ago that the team had a "morale problem" and I dismissed it. I'm beginning to wonder now if there's an issue as I see no fire in these guys. Also, again, could someone tell me who the leader(s) is/are on this team?
  8. The next time the Zips stop dribble penetration will be the first time the Zips stop dribble penetration.
  9. We need TDM and Antino to interject some energy.
  10. Announcers are awful. We've had Anteeeeeeeno Jackson, Isaiah Jackson and an obvious confusion between Josh Williams and Aaron Jackson.
  11. Ugh. Ugly start. Would someone please play defense on Jimmy Chitwood? They look tired and uninspired. The 7 BG fans are starting to get into the game.
  12. I think the team in general shoots too many rushed threes, including Kwan. I am resolved to the fact that the Zips offense is in large part based upon the three ball, but they all too often hoist well guarded rushed threes, which drives me a little nuts.
  13. Zips aren't blowing out anybody. The "opponent plus 6.5" bet is a safe one these days.
  14. The location of the MAC tourney is not important to GT as he'll be covering it from his recliner.
  15. I think it's an important game for the psyche of the team coming off of a painful loss.
  16. Sorry Kreed, looks like we posted at about the same time. I figured everyone else had given up!
  17. Time to move on. The Zips head to the Stroh Center Tuesday night to face an 11-16 BG team. BG is coming off of a 3 game losing streak to Buffalo, WMU and OU. Senior guard Zach Denny leads BGSU at 12.7 a game. The Zips won the other season matchup at the JAR 89-84 in early January.
  18. PCCC made staying on Kwan a priority. They never left him to double Big Dog, hsi man never played help defense and they always looked for him and found him in transition. It's the first time I've seen a team do that this year. In past years, you'd see Kwan get down on himself when he'd have a rough game, but it appears our young man has grown up this year. As such, I am confident he'll come back. I can't imagine Keith was looking to the tournament and Kwan's confidence in his late playcalling. Quite simply, Kwan's been our best clutch 3 point shooter this season. That doesn't come down to the previous twenty minutes he's played, it's season long. He got a good look and missed the shot. On to the next one.
  19. Thanks for the perspective. We all get caught up in our passion for the team. "Mama said there'd be days like this..."
  20. I don't have a huge problem with the Kwan shot at the end. It wasn't a bad look. I have a bigger problem with how they played the first 39.5 minutes of the game. On to the next one.
  21. Well........that was effing awful. PCCC did a great job at protecting the ball and making plays when they had to, while the Zips couldn't shoot to save their lives and played bad perimeter defense. That's Kwan's worst game in quite a while. I keep waiting for a leader to step forward on this team. Someone with a little fire that steps up in the clutch. Still......waiting.
  22. Okay, time to show we are a second half team again.
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