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  1. His initial unedited quote read "at the JAR..." !?
  2. He said he had enough and that it was ridiculous. One possession game then bad call on Duvivier. Loved the kids' effort. Calls didn't go their way. Kids deserve better.
  3. Good Lord, almost made it to the other sideline. Can't wait for the post-game with Frenchy! He sure as hell got his money's worth!
  4. I look forward to the day when I don't have to be "pleased with the effort" and can go back to enjoying wins...
  5. Apple TV with the ESPN app working like a charm.
  6. They found out that he's actually 37 and in his 7th year of college eligibility!
  7. I heard Bowden on the radio yesterday and he told the story that when he decided to come back to coaching he and Amato were on the search for a head coaching job at the same time and agreed whoever got the one first would take the other on his staff.
  8. Every Zips fan in the JAR should get on their feet for this kid Friday night! He's worked his arse off for the Zips and has made a difficult injury situation a little more tolerable. Seems like just yesterday that he came into the Marshall game and I looked at my wife and said "who in the hell is that?"
  9. I don't see that Groce had many options other than to ride his horses. They were pressuring the ball being brought up by Duvivier, Cotton was out, and Gbadebo was a bad option aganst the pressure given his inexperience: Patton disappeared despite getting the start leaving Parrish as the only other alternative at wing and he played 27 minutes. Sure, it would have been great for Duvivier, Ivey and Utomi to be fresh late in the game and in OT, but the team just can't be afforded that opportunity given their present composition.
  10. I hate to add a third view to this as we need to all get back to the unending Dambrot debate, but I think you are all wrong. LOL. Mark K is a good kid and has some promise. You can't teach 6-11. He's fairly mobile for his size, seems like a great kid and works hard. He also looks to be a good teammate and understands the game. On the other hand, I suspect he's had every opportunity as a 6-11 suburban kid to go to many big man camps where he's been instructed extensively in pivot play. He also had the year at IMG. As I recall, he was 6-10 as a sophomore, so he's not growing into it. Despite that, he makes elemental mistakes like constantly leaving his feet on defense and putting the ball on the floor near the basket. He also often loses track of his situation in the game, being unnecessarily aggressive and/or careless when he's in foul trouble. All that being said, I think he can be an effective back up big man in the MAC. I see him possibly developing into a ten to fifteen minute, 6 to 8 point, 3 to 5 rebound guy in time. Nothing to scoff at in the MAC.
  11. Congratulations Coach Amato on a fine career and a retirement well earned.
  12. There have certainly been some positives in the last 4 or 5 games, especially with regard to the Zips' intensity on defense. That being said, they haven't exactly faced a murderer's row in that span as only one of the teams is over .500 in the MAC. Progress certainly, but Tuesday night's against the best team in the MAC is a different story altogether and will give the Zips their biggest test. Go Zips!
  13. I hated the kids jumping from high school to the NBA. However, at this point, I see kids putting D1 programs on their backs and making millions for their schools, sponsors and the NCAA and everyone but them walking away with huge rewards. That's what bugs me. I do however see how early entry, rather than straight from high school or after a semester of college, hurts the NCAA and NBA games.
  14. Fair enough. Then give them an option to not be a college athlete and do away with the ridiculous "one and done" rule. I think your two inch vertical held you back from that free education skip!
  15. Every time I turn around today the MAC Tournament commercial is on. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr......
  16. There are always going to be schools/boosters who will cheat any system for their school to gain an advantage. Give the kids a decent stipend and someone will surreptitiously give kids a stipend plus. It's become such a big business for everyone involved, EXCEPT THE KIDS, so I have a tough time begrudging the kids getting their hands into the till.
  17. I will say they are playing hard on defense. I haven't seen as many defensive breakdowns in the last couple of weeks. If they play that hard when they have more talent, I'll be pleased. On offense, it's a mess in large part because they have so few kids that can effectively score the ball.
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