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  1. And on the other end, they now seem to have to go to the monitors for everything...
  2. The 15-7 Toledo Rockets come into the JAR Saturday to face the Zips. The Rockets are led by...awww screw it. Just show up and watch the game. I'm still surly from Ball State and Miami...
  3. I hate to whine about refs and usually try to avoid it. Games are generally won by the players and coaches, not lost by the refs. That being said, MAC officiating has been awful and inconsistent. To put it in the simplest of terms, a half-assed conference is likely to have half-assed officiating.
  4. This game is giving me the cheesesteak rumble.
  5. Sometimes a shooter has to shoot himself out of a slump. Unfortunately, they'll be down 40 by the time he does.
  6. Well, this went to $h!+ in a big hurry.
  7. I get the same feeling. I once had a bad cheesesteak in Oxford that terrorized the lower half of my digestive tract for 3 or 4 hours. The feelings are very similar.
  8. All hands on deck. I look at Smith's role from the perspective of minutes played as opposed to whether he's starting, and he played only 10 minutes in a double OT game, so I am not too concerned. I guess I'd rather have Kostelac available at the end of the game and prefer Smith using up his fouls then have Kostelac using them up early or a guy like Parrish being used in the post.
  9. Zips are a 2.5 point dog and have a 30.7% chance of winning per ESPN.
  10. Different eras. Impossible to compare. Certainly, Jimond's longer shorts weighed him down.
  11. The Zips, off of a heartbreaking double overtime loss at Ball State, head into Oxford Tuesday night to face the 11-10 Redhawks. The Redhawks are 4-4 in the MAC with wins over Central Michigan, Ball State, PCCC and BG and losses to Canada, Western, BG and Eastern. 6-3 freshman guard Nike Sibande leads the Redhawks in scoring at 14.9 ppg while 6-9 senior forward Logan McLane leads rebounding at 6.1 rpg. The Redhawks were picked dead last in the MAC East preseason poll. They average 71.1 ppg and give up 69.9. As many of you may recall, the Redhawks lost the Weathers twins in the offseason when they transferred out.
  12. From gozips.com- Ivey's 48 points broke Akron's all-time single-game scoring record of 47 points set by Joe Jakubick on Feb. 05, 1983 against Murray State.
  13. Moses was a 55% foul shooter coming in and shot them today like he was Mark Price. On the other end, Utomi goes 1-14 from three point land. Goofy damn game.
  14. Did I hear Utomi was 1-14 from 3 point range? Wow. I guess we shouldn't forget that he's only a sophomore in his first season as a starter. Not getting the rebound off of the Ball State free throw miss late in the first OT was a killer.
  15. There should be some limit on how often the referees can go to the monitor. College basketball's gotten ridiculous with this.
  16. There's no reason that Zips fans can't enjoy the wins and the growth and development of the team. However, we still need to temper expectations and not start printing playoff tickets after a big win or looking for a bridge after losses like EMU. It's going to be a roller coaster. Buckle up!
  17. Yep, some pumping of the brakes is in order. It hasn't been that long since some of the regulars were in full panic mode.
  18. I think you're correct that we shouldn't get too excited about Riak. He's 6-9 and very thin and averaged 3 points and 5 rebounds as a sophomore. He'll give the Zips some depth at the bigs, but I doubt he's a frontline player. I'm much more excited about some of the other transfers.
  19. Frenchy and Joe Dunn had him on after the game and he came across very well. He really seems to "get it" watching him on the bench. He's engaged and interactive with the coaches and other players even occasionally offering a suggestion or guidance.
  20. All in all, I thought the OU kids and coaches were pretty sportsmanlike. I first noticed it when they inadvertently mauled Kostleac in the first half then two or three of them rushed to check on him and help him up. This OU group is tougher to hate than their predecessors, but it may be in large part due to the fact that they are sub .500. I have moved from my traditional spot to a spot on the end overlooking the UA bench as I wanted to watch the bench and coaching staff and I have noticed how involved Kostelac is, even when not in the game. I'm not ready to deem him the next Marshall or Wood, but he's come a long way. Oddly, I am most impressed by his willingness to get on the floor for loose balls.
  21. Liked a lot of what I saw tonight, but the thing I liked most was how the Zips overcame some adversity. Admittedly, some of it was self-inflicted, but overcoming adversity is a sign of a maturing team. Nice job stepping up in the second half by Ivey, on both ends of the floor. Kostelac had a nice game, though he's still a work in progress. I hate to see him on the baseline in the 1-3-1. On to Ball State.
  22. Have to run Dartis and Block off of 3 point line this half.
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