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  1. I love all-whatever teams with no regard to positions.
  2. Well, I guess Senderoff gets to start his recruit calling marathon early this year! The extra time will also give Jimmy Hall time to work on his nuclear physics degree, Monmouth deserves a spot in the tournament (THE NIT!). If that team didn't have the creative group of 6th grade level geniuses at the end of their bench, you'd have never heard of them this season. Their league championship game against Iona had about 7 people in the stands.
  3. Here's hoping that every Monday game is a triple overtime physically and mentally taxing marathon!
  4. I feel sorry for Pat. This season showed so much promise for him, but he just never got on track with the injuries. I'm not on the inside to know, but the kid has always seemed to play hard and without that kind of inside info I am willing to give him the benefit of the doubt and not resort to conjecture.
  5. The classless tool was one of the guys celebrating when Big Dog got hurt in the first game. I get the rivalry. I don't get acting like a damn thug fool.
  6. I think if I was a MAC decisionmaker, I'd move the Thursday games around to have Akron and Kent playing the evening games to boost attendance.
  7. Exactly. Played similarly, but not everything went in for Kent and they didn't get every bounce and loose ball. This just in- Jimmy Hall's a punk. Glad he was able to help contribute to the Zips win with the stupid technical.
  8. That's the same author that Frenchy was complaining about characterizing the Zips effort at Miami when the guy never left Akron to actually attend the game.
  9. Could someone please find out what Reggie McAdams has been eating for the last week and make sure he maintains a steady diet of it.
  10. Every time we get a rebound or anything other than a breakaway steal, we look immediately to get the ball to the point guard. While that's not always a bad idea, it is not conducive to pushing the ball. In every rotation, there should be at least three players (the 1, 2 and 3) on the floor that can take an outlet and go. I don't expect Bog Dog to lead the break, but our tendency to always look for the point guard may be a sign the staff has opted not to push the ball.
  11. The reality is that teams have figured out that strong perimeter defense focused on not giving open looks on 3's shuts down the Zips. There's only one post player to worry about (Big Dog), so let him get his and focus on the shooters, none of whom have the ability to put the ball on the floor. When's the last time anyone on this team faked a shot and went around a defender? With only a single post threat and no threat of penetration, it makes the defense pretty easy. Surprised it didn't bite in the ass earlier in the season. Now it's time for our coaching staff to make the adjustments.
  12. Not disappointed, just empty. Kind of a "been there, done that" feeling.
  13. Kent played outstanding perimeter defense giving Akron very few good looks at 3's. They came to double Big Dog early in the game, but then went to not doing so and pressuring our guys at the 3 point line. It is very frustrating that our inability to stop dribble penetration seems to go on from year to year. My fear is that Kent gave our future opponents a defensive roadmap. Hopefully KD and staff can make some adjustments, something they failed to do on the fly last night.
  14. Grrrrrrrrrr...that was FRUSTRATING. May the next person on here that talks about the Zips running the table have their freaking keyboard freeze up until May. We looked unprepared and lifeless. Lots of guys who just didn't show up. I'm not sure McAdams even got on the bus. Just when I thought Kwan was starting to get past his addiction to the three pointers... Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.....
  15. I was being subjective in saying it was "good", meaning that I at least got one of the damn things, unlike to many of the others. On that note, anyone want a Dru Joyce bobblehead? I can get you one cheap.
  16. The bobbleheads appear to be the first decently planned promo this season. I split season tickets with a friend, going to half the games with those tickets and occasionally buying a ticket for a game he has the tickets for. He got he certificate for the bobbleheads but my wife and I each ended up with one from the Buffalo game as we were given certificates when we entered. Despite my outlay of funds and my lower bowl seats, I very rarely get anything. I get to the games early but everything is gone before my arrival or they only have the stuff at the main door and by the time I get down there they are gone. I've been to events at other venues where they put the promo items on the season seats so that the "regular paying customers" get some reward. Maybe they figure we're coming anyway, so they don't need to draw us in with a t-shirt. In years of doing this, I think I have a replica championship ring from 3 or 4 years ago and a purple Peters t-shirt. Dispappoitning. The funny thing is that I bet I end up with a Can't t-shirt when I head there for tonight's game. At least I'll have something to help clean up after the dog.
  17. I'd love Kwan to become an inside presence that can occasionally pop out and test the defense by hitting a mid to long range jumper, rather than being the outside shooter we occasionally see go inside. He as made some small strides in going inside a little more. As for Big Dog, I don't see him being a 20 point guy as I don't see KD getting him enough minutes, in part to keep him from breaking down.
  18. Kwan seems like a nice conscientious kid. I get the sense that he sometimes gets a little too down on himself and you can see it in the look on his face and in his posture, and occasionally in his game. He seems to be shaking things off a little better lately and his confidence seems to be coming around after his early season struggles. I'm happy to see him taking on a more diverse role, focusing more on defense and rebounding.
  19. There were a lot of loose balls and rebounds that seemed to bounce Buffalo's way, but we also had some serious rebounding technique issues last night. Buffalo is very young. I expect to see them back as a top MAC contender in the near future.
  20. Any idea what's up with Jake. Hopefully a cold or a brief flu bug. Every time I hear he's out I worry about the concussion stuff.
  21. To our good fortune, Justin Moss is now a member of the Orangeville A's of the National Basketball League of Canada after being caught twice in his brief Buffalo career stealing on the Buffalo campus. With him gone and Bobby having taken his angry 11 year old act to Arizona State, the Zips shouldn't have much trouble with Buffalo.
  22. Part of being a decent conference is having credible officiating. Unfortunately, the MAC seems to get guys that appear to be moonlighting from their usual CYO officiating gigs.
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