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  1. President Wilson just walked sales out to the bench.
  2. I have a bad angle as I am on that end behind the basket, but it look for a second like he may have been seizing.
  3. I wonder if it has anything to do with E-man. Could also be next man up/relay type thing.
  4. The refs are calling some ticky tack $h!+.
  5. Anyone have any insight as to the Baton type thing that the Zips are using when players are going in and out of the game?
  6. Utomi, Ivey, Patton, Duvivier and Parrish.
  7. No center in the starting lineup. Push the ball.
  8. Well, on the positive side, it looks like I'll finally get to use that extra ticket in my ticket package for a home MAC playoff game.
  9. Plain Dealer/Cleveland.com article- http://www.cleveland.com/sports/college/index.ssf/2018/01/akron_zips_emmanuel_olojakpoke.html The Beacon devoted an entire 24 words at the end of an article about Duvivier to the story.
  10. Well, with the E-Man loss, I wonder of we start seeing anything different from the Zips in this one. With only two big men, neither of which is ready for prime time, I wonder what Groce and his staff have in mind. I have to think we're going to see more zone and pushing the ball.
  11. Sure would be nice to have some info on this. I'll bet GT is knocking doors down for info and will something before E-man graduates.
  12. Wow. Praying for a fast recovery. He's always seemed like such a great kid.
  13. I think it's part of a doubleheader with the women's team. What an awful time to start a basketball game.
  14. I must say that I'd forgotten what it was like to watch bad basketball from "my" team. Safe to say we're spoiled.
  15. BG is 11-5 but played a bad OOC schedule. In MAC play, they lost to Miami but beat EMU and NIU. They have 5 guys scoring 10 ppg or more, with red shirt freshman guard Justing Turner leading the way at 16.1 ppg. 6-10 Junior Demageo Wiggins leads rebounding at 8.9 ppg. I could see some changes in the rotation for the Zips Saturday, including Cotton in the starting lineup. The kid could go from a very recent DNP in street clothes to the starting lineup.
  16. If they'd have just seen how you can take a t-shirt from a t-shirt cannon, they'd have kept you!
  17. I generally sit in the top row of the GA seats with my back to the wall. No matter how few people are there, I'm never getting a t-shirt! I did, however, get my first bag of Shearer's chips last night! Anyone know what the details are on claiming our free Pizza Fire? I thought we'd never see that! My buddy's kid made the shots.
  18. I guess I don't see a guy who based upon his success moved on to the Big 10 as a "leftover." It's not like they hired Louis Orr, Billy Taylor or John Cooper.
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