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  1. Zips Equipment just posted this. Nice gesture.
  2. Iowa State Football: Five things to know about Akron Linebacker done for 2018, Noland emerges at quarterback
  3. Long-winded for sure....and from a school known for journalism.
  4. Northwestern continues to struggle for an identity after Akron Loss
  5. Can't fans traditionally go to Flannery's at E. 4th and Prospect. But NOT THIS YEAR. LOL
  6. Huron Point Tavern offering fans wearing Zips gear $1 off on all draft beer. A downtown Cleveland bar that flies the colors...good enough for me.
  7. Keep wearing the same socks. Respect the streak!
  8. Well done, indeed. I especially liked the locker room stuff. One note, though, the shot with the porta potties in front of the Clevelander was, well let's just say, eye-catching.
  9. Same deals tomorrow for the championship game. Good to see a great Zips turn out.
  10. Huron Point Tavern (next to Clevelander). Don't see any blue and gold at the Clevelander, by the way.
  11. Who is everyone rooting for, Miami or Eastern?
  12. MAC website has Ball St. winning the game, 76-61. FAIL
  13. This tread brings back memories of when the University announced that a new arena was going to be built on campus. Us old farts went to games at Memorial Hall and parked our cars where the JAR sits today, next to the old fire station. The original design was impressive: Ten or 12,000 (can't remember which) theater-type seats, racket and hand ball courts. The General Assembly pulls funding, and we have what we have today, a glorified high school gym. I've never liked the JAR.
  14. Is that really the the only reason, George?
  15. [i know quite a few people are going to jump all over this Huron Point alternative. Nice work. Thanks. Just dropped off the Akron flags and an AK-OLDIES banner to the owner. He is "Zip-friendly." I took a peek inside the Clevelnader and they did remodel, although it really doesn't look that different. It's open, though. I also confirmed the beer prices. Everything is a go. I reminded him that the discount is only for those wearing Akron gear! Say hi to Jeff if you go in.
  16. I would not post something that is not true.
  17. They've had the front windows at the Clevelander papered up for a few weeks. Definitely some capital improvements going on. I'll try to check it out at lunchtime Wednesday to see if it's open and see how it looks.
  18. Bringing the guy a couple of Akron flags to hang in the bar. We must have the proper atmosphere! Let's all have a toast to the Zips. In Dambrot, I trust.
  19. For Friday night - the owner of the Huron Point Tavern (formerly Alesci's and next to the Clevelander) at the intersection of Huron, Prospect and E. 9th, is having specials for Zips fans. On Friday night, anyone wearing Akron gear can buy domestic drafts or bottles for $2 (reg. $3.50 to 4.50) and Imported drafts or bottles for $3 (reg. $4.50 to $6.50). The also serve great, homemade Italian food. I was at the Clevelander last year and many were complaining about high beer prices, so I asked the owner of Huron Point if he would cut Akron fans a break. Hope to see you there and Go Zips!
  20. I believe that they have won.
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