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  1. So, you are not a member of Joe Akron's "Metamucil Crowd" that won't be able to stay up past 9pm tomorrow. Lucky you. I guess I'll have to take a nap before heading to Cleveland. Bitching about the ABJ never gets old. I bet they'd justify covering Kent because Kent is a high seed. The truth is, they just love Kent.
  2. You're a seasoned MAC basketball fan if you're old enough to remember the HURONS.
  3. 25 Family Members 10 Random School Officials 10 Diehard Fans I'll go with 45
  4. HEY NOW !! Metamucil is NOT one of my many old-man medications, for the record.
  5. I have no recollection of what these "play in" games have draw in this league in the past. I know we've had a couple of them at the JAR over the last decade or so, and I can't remember how good/bad it was. But I can tell you that the other 3 games only drew between about 1400 and 2000.
  6. Calling ANY foul is technically their job. I was just addressing how people's perceptions can be so much different after a win, vs. after a loss. I completely agree with you on the 2nd part.
  7. Not surprisingly, this board was silent last night when I asked if anyone here wanted to reaffirm their belief that "referees shouldn't decide games" by blowing a whistle right before the buzzer. At least for right now, based on the evidence presented Friday and Monday night, I think I have to reluctantly side with those who insist that officiating evens out over time. But I'm sure I will change that stance again if the situation warrants on Thursday night.
  8. Well, then it must be true !! I'll look forward to that.
  9. I think everyone forgets that the 2015 tournament was under the OLD double-bye format, where seeds lower than the top 4 had to play 5 games in 6 days to win the tournament. So, with Noah not available (and a hampered Forsythe) Antino as a freshman backup point guard was like Hercules leading us through games on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, until we ran out of gas against Buffalo. Yes, we played 4 games in 5 days. I understand why they changed it again. But, that was an unbelievable tournament run to watch. I'd give anything to see that happen again (with one less game, thankfully).
  10. I've never seen a college basketball game like that. EVER. Put it on ESPN Classic immediately. And shame on every one of us who've insisted that a foul shouldn't be called in the final seconds of a game.
  11. I find it interesting that you often troll and try to pick arguments with people who still extend well wishes to our former basketball coach. That's fine. But, you might not have wanted to start this one with someone who's also a geography buff. Just off the top of my head, I can tell you that you have absolutely no argument at all for Texas having a shortage compared to other states, if Land Area is the criteria. Not even close. I don't even know why someone would try to prove a shortage of schools based on that criteria anyway. Do you really hate Keith that much? On Population: I can tell you right off the bat that the state you are referencing that's larger than Texas has a FAR greater shortage of schools. They have at least 10 million more people, and only 3 more schools. It would be a huge difference if you did the calculation.
  12. So, the state that has the 3RD MOST D-I schools in the country is what you define as "relatively few"? Only California and New York have more.
  13. That's surprising. Other than the other dozen times he got facts wrong about our games this year, he's usually laser sharp with his factual accuracy.
  14. If that's all we were talking about here, EVERYONE would agree with you.
  15. I think ALL of us would be looking at this exactly the same way if it was an isolated incident. Other than a longer suspension, what can be done that hasn't been attempted already? When you have been told to stop bad behavior, have angered your teammates, have been suspended, and you know that further actions may increase your consequences............and you CHOOSE to repeat similar behavior anyway......That's a character issue, not "a mistake" from a lapse in judgement. I don't want him to get booted. I put him on my "most improved player" list for this season, for God's sake. But the team and the integrity of the program should come first.
  16. If you're being serious, go log into your Netflix account right now and watch the movie ANIMAL HOUSE (1978) Here's a little teaser. Now THIS is what I call LEADERSHIP.
  17. And Senator Blutarsky got the Cheerleader too. So, he gets extra points for that. But still, the greatest demonstration of Leadership was when he rallied the boys with the famous line, "Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor"?
  18. Valid points here. But I think what a few of us are pointing out here is the continual pattern. Look at JR Smith, in the news again for another immature outburst. Apparently being around experienced leadership, and "maturing" and having kids, etc., didn't change him. Although, he insists otherwise. Sadly, I don't think reformation happens in most cases. He CAN change. Sure he can. But like I said, the likely end result is either that they find him valuable enough to put up with it, or they'll cut him loose. But keep hoping for a 3rd, and more desirable outcome.
  19. I was trying not to extrapolate to that extent, but I agree with you. These kinds of situation do tend to only get worse. Don't call in Dean Wormer. That will only result in a dead horse, a Toga Party and the creation of a Death Mobile.
  20. I know this. Any time we would have played in the Semifinals on Friday night, and we were on the 2/3 side of the bracket, we played the LATE game. Sometimes, that was well past 9pm, depending on how long the first game lasted. The Semifinal opponents on the 1/4 side of the bracket get the early game, to give them the longest rest before the title game the following night.
  21. Ok, I have another idea. After we complete the Kent State Punk HOF, we need to compile a Most Bada$$ Looking Zips Players Of All Time list. And for that 2nd list, my top choice is Treadwell. Wood would be up there too. Then Ivey
  22. I hadn't even thought about that part of it. I don't think I'd pick Ivey as a guy to scuffle with on our own team either.
  23. Good post. What surprised me is that he did what he did knowing that he's already had other incidents, and been reprimanded. Whether provoked or not, he was acting like a little child in response. I didn't like it. So apparently "sitting down and talking to him" has not worked. Neither has a suspension. So, I think you either have to decide that you can deal with him, or remove him. I noticed some of these things about his "personality" that caught my attention way back during preseason practices. It's a shame because he could have a productive career here. Unfortunately, I see a hard foul and getting picked up off the floor by his teammates happening in his near future. I don't mind having "fiery" or "intense" guys. We've had plenty of them over the years. But we've never been like Kent. And all it takes is one bad apple to develop that persona.
  24. This apparently was a mistake in the MAC's post last night. It said that Central would get the #8 spot with a win today.
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