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  1. I like the vibe of the Loft and the 12oz old school iced beer mugs
  2. Tonight could be a turning point for the rest of conference play, for better or worse, Go Zips!
  3. Very frustrating, but it was gonna be a tough road ahead regardless:/
  4. We're the lowest seed left in the tournament. Sure glad we don't have to face Buff or Toledo. After tonight and finally winning another road game, can we make Cleveland our home and string a few more wins together?! Go Zips, cya in the wee hours on Thursday night.
  5. Keep the pressure on them, they are losing their composure
  6. Keep the momentum to halftime!! We have 'em scared!
  7. Somehow CLE ST is holding their own to possibly go to the Horizon Champ
  8. Ugh, I'll definitely be rooting for Oklahoma Week 1 2018.
  9. Not that it would have mattered at all, but playing a bowl game in the opposing teams home stadium just sounds like a bad idea.
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