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  1. 4 hours ago, Spin said:

    Not many people braving the upper deck today.


    Defense looks good, the O is starting to connect. About what you see in an early scrimmage.


    Special teams? I’m not going there.



    Was this it for attendance or was this shot before 2? Just wondering. I wasnt able to make it but I was hoping fans would show up

  2. 1 hour ago, akzipper said:

    Obviously not 2023-season related, but 2024-26. Do we think it's even remotely possible the Browns could use InfoCision Stadium again to play a season while their stadium is being renovated? Every article says Columbus is the most likely destination, but that makes no sense and is just speculation. Canton has been suggested too. Which is fine, but not nearly as nice as InfoCision. Especially with the press box, suites, club level, etc. I find it odd that nobody is even mentioning Akron. I'm sure UA and the surrounding businesses would love to host the Browns for a year or two. Probably just a pipe dream but I hope the Browns at least consider it. 

    The closer the Browns are to Berea for training and such, the better in my opinion. Not sure why Infocision hasn't been mentioned, I agree. Akron would be CRAZY (city and campus) to not try to solidify hosting a season or 2. 

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  3. Any word on Dijon Jennings and anything he has been doing in camp? I'm just so curious about him. I dont see him being a Zip for his whole college career. Who knows, maybe he will get playing time this season if Irons would go down? (Though I hope for a full healthy season from Irons) 

  4. 5 hours ago, LZIp said:

    For real. Give us some interviews at least. Still pictures of players whose jersey numbers you can't even see does nothing to drum up excitement and interest.


    Utter joke. A D1 team in the city and the local paper and news couldn't care less. Then they all wonder why no one comes to games and such.


    In any event, is the Spring Game inside again this year?

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  5. I love the Zips...but I'm not renewing this year. I've had season tickets the past few seasons and loved it, but felt a sense of personal guilt for missing one home per season due to the money I dropped on good seats and stuff. Now looking at the schedule this season, I'm glad I'm passing. Personally, no sense in spending the money to guarantee not be able to make it to at least 2 home games this season.


    With that, I'll certainly watch. Frankly speaking, a 75 inch TV isnt exactly a bad way to watch a Zips game. 


    I'll certainly also make it to at least one home game this year and do a good tailgate while I'm at it. But as a season ticket holder, the juice just isnt worth the squeeze for me. Maybe in the future again, we shall see. 

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  6. 21 hours ago, GP1 said:

    Words can't express how much I hate this schedule. If anyone can help me see it differently I'll at least listen, but I don't see how this schedule benefits the players, students, alumni, fans and greater Akron community. Awful, just awful. 


    It benefits no one and it truly is awful. Imagine the MAC sitting there wanting to get more butts in seats due to low attendance for many schools in the conference and then putting so many games on week nights. It boggles my mind. A rivalry game on a Wednesday night....goodness.

  7. 2 hours ago, Captain Kangaroo said:

    I can't imagine the buyout is millions? Probably $700k would do it. We could "buy" YSU for 250k as a replacement, and have a fun "local" home game with a good chance of a "W."


    I don't mind Kentucky fans coming up to Akron. They know how to tailgate, and it would make for a fun game day environment. Better than the typical morgue that InfoCision has been since its inception.



    Agreed! Even if it were mainly UK fans, would be cool to see the place packed and loud (loud when they score a lot at least lol). Plus, a good SEC team in town?? I'm for it!

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  8. 29 minutes ago, LoyalZIP said:

    Larry Williams can be reached at the AD office at the University of San Francisco for these awful non conference schedules lately. Better things are coming. 

    Better things will come, sure, but I see that reply every time someone makes a legitimate complaint on here...


    The fact is this schedule is atrocious. It came out today, no shame in being able to express the disappointment. 

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