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  1. This is exciting news….let’s continue to add talent to the roster.
  2. I respectfully disagree - the only people at the games are parents. I don’t know that it still happens but I know a men’s ticket used to get you in free to watch a woman’s game. If the men’s team doesn’t get close to filling up the stadium like 10 years ago unfortunately the women’s team doesn’t have a chance. Couple that with the poor performance on the field …they are in a tough situation. Nothing like showing all the MAC championships, NCAA appearances and College Cup appearances on the one side of the fence (up until last year) and the one MAC East title in 2009 for the women (if memory serves me right). No disrespect to the women’s team. I hope they win the national championship but like I stated before the attendance shows if people care. That being said….Good luck to them in the upcoming season. It is time to turn the program around. Winning will make people care.
  3. The problem is that no one cares about the woman’s program. So if they signed players or didn’t sign players….it doesn’t matter.
  4. Thanks - did he make the MLS all star team in any year?
  5. Does that mean he is going pro? Or is this just a showcase and non binding?
  6. I will say when the calls continuously go your way….it is easier to complain less….
  7. The way the game was officiated really determined some of the frustration. The games against WMU, the ref let WMU be so extremely physical and Akron would get frustrated and Akron would be called for the foul. The ref really determines how the match is played. That being said, Embick never used to lose control like he has a few times this season. I understand a level of frustration but sometimes it doesn’t help to keep yelling at the officials (not that I don’t want to). I remember the Buffalo coach who would yell and scream….not good. I respect Embick and I understand the frustration - 2023 is the year…
  8. Failure of culture? Not sure what that means. The best two offensive players we have are suspended. One of the others that has been forgotten had his ankle broken vs Michigan State. Was it silly to get a red card of course but failure of culture? The ref was horrible today - is that why we lost probably not but it didn’t help for sure.
  9. Recruiting coordinator, assistant coach….anything to get another former MLS player in Akron
  10. Dominant win! Great effort by the team. Best effort I have seen in a while. Shout out to #7, #8 and #19 for their effort in this game. Well deserved victory.
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