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Kent State DOES have redeeming qualities

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Now that this is in the right section, I'll comment. 


She organized a 2A rally on their campus a few weeks ago. Her dad is apparently a big 2A guy, and has raised his daughter similarly. I've seen this photo and other photos from her graduation circulating, and have a few comments...


- I'm a huge 2A person, but not a big fan of these open carry demonstrations. I don't think the optics of open carry demonstrations with AR15s (or in this case, an AR10) are positive for gun owners.

- I doubt it is, but I hope the magazine and chamber are empty. Typically with open carry demonstrations, the magazine is not in the magwell to show that it's empty. 

- Can't must be livid that this is getting so much attention. 

- I wish she would've carried an AR15, not an AR10. I don't think the pro-gun control crowd knows about the evil AR10 yet. ;)


Edit: Let me add that I actually appreciate her reasoning for doing this. 

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