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  1. Can't wait to see the real gameplay footage. I believe there's some sort of color adjustment for these to make colors more harsh. The video this came from featured a home-field touchdown by every school in the game, and the other clips I've seen have very harsh colors. Indiana and UMASS have brutally vibrant reds in the clips, for example. As for the center logo being wrong, Matthew Cherry seems confident that'll be hot fixed, hopefully before release.
  2. Our smelly friends to the east probably lost this game 99-0.
  3. Rique's line from last night... 17 MIN 3/4 FG 7 PTS 5 REB 1 AST 1 PF 2 BLK 2 TO
  4. Sick and tired of corporate spins to push 🐂💩. None of that is remotely factual or sensible.
  5. I use cards all the time - very rarely do I carry much cash, if any at all. The issue isn't how often cards are used. The issue is why there's a movement to not accept legal tender. Who does it harm to accept cash vs. who does it benefit not to accept cash? Would be a damn shame if our attendance wasn't able to increase by 20% because 2 people only had cash to pay for tickets. "Sorry, we only accept cashless forms of payment. As you can see by the 99% empty stadium, we have grounds to refuse entry to those without credit or debit cards."
  6. No idea what they do. Memphis is more Big 12 material. UCONN could go anywhere except the SEC. The ACC's imminent uncertainty and instability don't seem very attractive.
  7. Ohio schools must accept cash, new Ohio law states. How this only applies to high schools and not colleges is beyond me, but not accepting cash is a dumb shift in society. Since when is having a bank a must or risk being barred from society (the last people who risked being barred from society - anti-vaxx/masks - ended up being correct)? People used to think for themselves and even question banks (gasp). Now we're forcing everyone to be beholden to the banks? If someone chooses not to use a bank, but has cash, they should be allowed to attend a Zips game. With "inclusivity" being at the forefront of social agendas, it's a hypocritical decision to refuse service to those who wish to use cash. Kent State level of stupidity & hypocrisy.
  8. That's potentially the nail in the coffin for UCONN and Memphis in the AAC, which would most likely lower the ceiling for success, which would mean less revenue for the conference. That's a bold strategy, Cotton.
  9. Sharron Young is who I'm most eager to see. Fan favorite will be Harris.
  10. Doesn't mean it's a trend people should accept. I go to work to earn money that is being accepted less and less at establishments in the country I live in. Wild times. Hilariously ironic that there's a good chance the people behind this "cashless" movement were also involved in the crusade against crypto a few years ago. Would love for the school I support to just once buck the system and break away from the herd of sheep that are being led off a cliff.
  11. They snubbed PCCC of a return game? Smart school. Outside of the Zips game, go Gaels!
  12. I think we'll be pleasantly surprised with the level of detail this game goes into for each university. The latest video had NIU running by their Husky statue thing.
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