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  1. Tribble is a lock for 2nd Team IMO. Ali Ali as well, unless someone sneaks him onto the 1st Team. Freeman POY is the lock of the century. Groce does not deserve COY this year. CMU's coach and BUGS' coach deserve it.
  2. This may be one of the best, most accurate photos ever taken.
  3. We need to get up by 20 on someone like EMU or NIU then let Nate experience an in-game shootaround the rest of the game.
  4. Watching the Houston @ Baylor game right now. Kowalchoke had RayJ Dennis and didn't win the MAC Tourney. How? I'll never know. He will never have another player like Dennis. He is a special player and Baylor is lucky to have him.
  5. Was it his shooting hand? The good thing is after Tuesday, it's all MAC West teams, and the lower echelon MAC West to boot. Should be plenty of opportunities for guys like Prather and Nate to get worked in more.
  6. Coach Simon for BUGS is a good one. Great hire, and big time victory in the BFO (Bumb %!@# Ohio) rivalry. SOLO AT THE TOP AGAIN!
  7. Well that was fun. I think a contributing factor to Pinky's new found shade of red is the all-time series now being tied at 82 a piece. What was the series record when Pinky took over? What was it when Groce took over at Akron? Freeman's 3 pt shooting ability is something I want to see more of. If he's feeling it, let it fly. Pure stroke and that's what will probably solidify his draft spot in the 2nd round of the NBA draft (come on, Cavs). Tribble is our engine and Dawson is our X Factor. We go as Tribble & Dawson go. Loved the toughness from Hunter down low tonight. Not sure it showed up in the box score, but he started off the game pounding it inside and it set the tone. Props to him! Thornton had a SICK reverse layup in traffic that was a bit of a back-breaker for PCCC.
  8. The MAC tournament would never be more clean than if those rejects didn't make it. Beat Kent. F Kent.
  9. Here are some big time programs' all-time leading scorers... Kentucky: Dan Israel - 2138 Kansas: Danny Manning - 2951 (#2 is Nick Collision with 2097) Duke: JJ Redick - 2769 (#2 is Johnny Dawkins with 2556) UNC: Tyler Hansborough - 2872 (#2 is Phil Ford with 2290) UCLA: Don MacLean - 2608 (#2 is Kew Alcindor - AKA Kareem Abdul-Jabbar - with 2325) Some all-time great individuals... Pete Maravich - 3667 (NCAA scoring record) Doug McDermott - 3150 Oscar Robertson - 2973 Larry Bird - 2850 Had Akron been in the MAC during Joe's career, he would be the all-time leading scorer in MAC history. Bonzi Wells currently wears that crown with 2485. Jakubick is the 55th leading scorer among DI programs currently. Fun fact - he's 6 spots ahead of Austin Carr. So, long story short - no, nobody will catch Jakubick, barring an all-time great not just at Akron, but in NCAA history.
  10. Joe Jakubick - 2583 Len Paul - 2028 Eric McLaughlin - 1810 Enrique Freeman - 1662 If Enrique Freeman scores 30 PPG for the remainder of the regular season, he'll be #3. If he scored 19 PPG, we would need to make it to Saturday in Cleveland. Anything less would require a post-season tourney (NCAAs or NIT).
  11. Yeah this is a big miss by the Athletic Department. I don't necessarily care that Senior Night is the 2nd to last home game on a Saturday, but it's not like Senior Night snuck up on the department as a "promo". Senior Night should've been announced when the schedule came out, especially since it's not the last home game of the season. Tribble, Freeman, Ali, and Hunter deserve the whole community's support. Hard to do that when even the diehards are caught off guard.
  12. Gotta call the ticket office to see if we can switch games, I guess. Bought 2 for the EMU game thinking that was senior night - like a sensible person. Ugh.
  13. We are a weak team and JMU/Toledo are exposing that.
  14. There is little incentive for the cream of the crop high school talent to play CBB. There hasn't been for a long time. The NCAA, staying true to their anti-player crooked selves, tried to corner players into playing CBB with the NBA's 1 year requirement rule. That rule worked for as long as there weren't other options. Once the Euro leagues started to get big and pay real money, more talent went overseas. Then the G League grew to combat the international departures, and now the G League is a direct competitor for talent with the NCAA. The way college basketball and football are going, the only solution is going to be replacing scholarships with contracts that involve direct payment from the schools themselves.
  15. We played like dog 💩 in almost every facet. Even Freeman played weak at times, not exploding through contact and kicking it out instead of taking the close 2. JMU was the superior team because they chose to be. They chose to play more physical, they chose to execute their game plan, they chose to be great. We had too many players choose to be mediocre. As others have said, we have 1 month to figure out how to become great. I'd imagine Groce is going to make sure there's no room for mental lapses like we saw last night and in Oxford a couple weeks ago.
  16. Green never sees the ball the rest of the game. Gotta take him out of this game.
  17. MUCH better. Love this run. Great coaching by Groce to get the guys to refocus and reorganize.
  18. (Ignore the quote) We are 0 for Everything from beyond the arc. Pathetic. Groce is going to have to coach his ass off this game.
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