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All,I have taken steps to inform all about permissible behavior regarding contact w/ recruits & their families. See the announcement above.As it relates to what goes on here at the Nation, I have reviewed what I can find about the contact issue, and here's the current approach for the time being. With further clarification, this may be modified.

  1. Due to the fact that we know that some members of the Nation are contributors / members of the Z-Fund, we will assume that all ZipsNation members can be considered UA boosters. A conservative tack is the safest approach.
  2. Contact MAY be initiated by a recruit or family member. The recruit / family member is not prohibited from contacting / updating the Nation.
  3. The booster should not make any effort to recruit the prospective student-athlete, and instead direct questions to the appropriate UA coach. Pleasantries can be exchanged, but boosters should refrain from direct recruitment activities.
  4. Discussion about recruits amongst ourselves and why we think a recruit might like UA and why we hope he / she chooses UA is perfectly fine and should continue, without direct contact to the recruit or the family

Just to be clear, I think we all agree that we'd love to have the best & brightest prospects choose to become Zips. That's not at issue here at all. However, we need to let the coaching staff do the recruiting under the guidelines in which they operate. As a result, posts here that could be construed as contacting the recruit or family member may be suppressed until it is clear to the Moderators that they are appropriate. PM's and Emails should also be avoided.N.B.: I am aware that this may be excessive restraint .. but it is the goal of ZipsNation.Org to support Zips Athletics in any way we can. In this case, supporting the UA Athletics staff may mean not interfering or generating unnecessary conflicts with accepted recruiting practices.We do look forward to hearing more updates from any recruit's families if they choose to initiate the contact to update us here and feel comfortable doing so.I hope everyone is having a nice day.Thanks for your understanding & Go Zips!!

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Sounds like a good policy. I would rather err on the side of caution than cause some NCAA sanctions or something.I do enjoy updates from the recruits or their families and I love the hints that are sometimes given, though.On campus, I sometimes see recruits walking around with coaches for many sports. I tend to avoid interrupting them, and let the coaches do their job. It should be no different here.

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I just want to iterate what ZipWatcher said:We will not be asking questions or contacting recruits or their families. However, the families (Hint Hint) are still welcome to post and keep us informed about the news. Did i say that they're welcome to keep us informed? i meant to say that they are really realy... really welcome to keep us informed.

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If Zeke's Mom - Gamechanger - is kind enough to post with additional updates are we allowed to respond, or is it going to be pretty much one-way from now on?
Good question..Inquiry minds want to know....Uh..Uh...speak up I CAN'T HEAR U!!!! :lol: Because I don't look good talking to myself...everyone already think I'm A LOOPY NUT JOB :eek:
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Hello Zips Fans,Given the monumental occasion that was 12 November 2008, I would like to request that you once again refresh yourselves with regards to recruiting guidelines and contact with prospective athletes and their families. While a remarkable student athlete has recently committed in writing to join the Zips, please be aware that the same rules apply to contact. The first post in this topic, as well as the announcement in the recruiting forums (linked below) should be re-read.I want to be clear here: the general appreciations and congratulations remain fine. But direct contact (PM, Email, Phone of any sort) initiated by members toward the recruit or family is NOT permissible. We have NOT had any problems with that, and the Moderators do appreciate everyone's compliance. So this is just a gentle reminder that the rules remain in place. Should a family member update the Nation periodically, that's still all good. Below, I have copied excerpts of a note from Kevin Klotz, who is Assistant AD for Compliance. Please read it carefully. You'll see that our current mode of operation has been working, and that we should continue in the same manner. Kevin also includes his contact information. A good rule of thumb here is that if you have any questions, call or email him to check compliance before you act.A link to Z-Fund's specific policies and NCAA rules is in THIS ANNOUNCEMENT.Thanks for your time & I appreciate your adherence to these policies. We never want to put these young athletes or Zips programs at risk.Go Zips!ZW-----From Kevin Kotz:-----Hello Zip Watcher,First, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Kevin Klotz and I am the Assistant AD for Compliance here at The University of Akron. I have been keeping an eye on the threads involving Zeke Marshall since he is one of the most highly touted prospective student-athletes we have actively recruited. I want to thank you for your vigilance in monitoring the content of the posts on this site as well as directing people to the summary of the NCAA's booster rules which my office has placed on the Z-Fund portion of GoZips.com. As you correctly pointed out in one of your posts, it's pretty safe to say that just about everyone who has posted on this site is considered a booster and therefore subject to all NCAA rules. With Zeke signing a National Letter of Intent today, I felt it was an appropriate time to make contact with you and clarify some information surrounding NCAA rules and what today's signing means to Zips fans.First and foremost, even though Zeke has signed an NLI, he is still considered a PROSPECT under NCAA rules. This means the recruiting rules which have governed our boosters throughout Zeke's recruitment continue be remain effective until such time that Zeke attends classes at The University of Akron in the Fall. Fans and boosters are still not permitted to have any in-person, on- or off-campus contact with Zeke or his family. Additionally, communication with Zeke and/or his family members via email, this website or any other website continues to be strictly prohibited. Telephone calls to Zeke and his family would also continue to be prohibited as well. I realize that many of the posters on this site have attended Zeke's games, which has been and continues to remain permissible. However, it is important for our fans and boosters to realize that having any contact with Zeke or his family members before, during or after such contests would continue to be a recruiting violation.While Zeke's commitment to the University of Akron today a momentous occasion for our basketball program and makes him a Zip in many respects, NCAA rules continue to prohibit us from treating him in the same manner as we treat current members of the team. I would like to ask you to please post this information prominently on Zipsnation.org as well as let everyone know that my office is always available to answer any questions that our fans and boosters have regarding NCAA rules. I may be contacted at kklotz@uakron.edu or by phone at 330-972-6857.Again, thank you for your time and effort in monitoring this site which has helped ensure Akron's continued adherence to NCAA rules. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.Sincerely,Kevin KlotzAssistant AD - ComplianceGO ZIPS!

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