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  1. The only candidates we are considering are existing D-1 head coaches or assistants from P-5 programs. Expect an annoucement soon.
  2. Just reached out to the MBB SID. There is no longer a copy of the media guide online. The old one was not compatible with the current website.
  3. After looking at the site Clarke shared it would be interesting to see the official UA record book. Btw, I still have my clicker. Go Zips!
  4. I think the precentage list represents the top 10 attempts list ranking. Several of the catagories on that site are presented in that manner.
  5. If Jackson had played 4 years I would expect him to have matched or surpassed the scoring numbers based on his career 14.7 scoring average. Jackson finished as the #6 scorer just 300 points behind the Cricket.
  6. LCJ over Cricket everyday. Guy was a walking bucket who knew how to keep his teammates involved.
  7. Using my Galaxy S-23 running Chrome. ZipsNation causes Chrome to crash. No other websites cause this problem.
  8. Our #1 priority is finding a guard who can create his own shot off the dribble.
  9. In order to have effective practices you need multiple players at every position. You don't want your key players banging on each other day after day. Coaches bring in guys with potential to fill the role of practice opponents. Often these guys have attributes like size or speed but are not very polished. Sometimes these players seize this opportunity and impress the coaches enough to warrant future playing time. Sometimes they never progress. This is the way we got Freeman.
  10. If Groce thought Mosengo or Prather would have been able to help the team this year they would have played. There is no more stashing players away for the future as redshirt's.
  11. I wouldn't be so sure about that.
  12. They have hired a search firm and should have a new coach soon. If they hire the right person some of the current players in the portal could be back with the Zips.
  13. A bunch of my fellow posters have short memories. Other than the NIT, most of the Zips participation in these other tournaments have left us with a bad taste in our mouths.
  14. There are Zips athletes that already have NIL deals.
  15. 18 turnovers resulting in 30+ points for KSU. Kent won the first 5 minutes of each half due to our lack of execution. Zips made a valiant effort but ran out of gas at the end.
  16. A much more thorough story than the one that rag paper in Akron published. Not paywalled. He must have had some really bad legal and tax advisors. Sad story. https://www.cleveland.com/akron/2023/03/former-st-vincent-st-mary-university-of-akron-star-romeo-travis-charged-with-wire-fraud.html
  17. OU making fools out of BSU right now.
  18. Better food availability, full bar, indoor seating with tv's, better restrooms, seatback chairs.
  19. This will be my 53rd year as a season ticket holder. I consider my two club seats a bargain. At $500 each I get a parking pass and great club amenities for 5 games. By comparison, I attended a Cavs game recently where a lower level seat went for the same price for one game! Zips athletic events are a bargain.
  20. https://www.beaconjournal.com/story/sports/college/zips/2023/03/04/akron-zips-womens-basketball-coach-melissa-jackson-denies-accusations-investigation-closed-mac-ncaa/69959775007/
  21. Josh White single handed took us out of that game. He made at least 5 calls that resulted in momentum swings in UT's favor.
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