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    Don't blame Groce for Mark's lack of ability to compete at the D1 level....disingenuous to suggest it was on Coach's back, if you ever watched him play at UA. No disagreement on Mark being a great kid, etc. but just wasn't a D1 baller. Walsh and mark will compliment each other.
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    If Kostelac was a D1 talent another D1 school would have snatched him up. He was destined to a career on the bench at any reasonable D1 school. Walsh is a good fit.
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    Kostalec finished his Akron career with more personal fouls than points or rebounds. He was a nice kid, but there was a reason he was buried on the depth chart. He should do well at Malone.
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    I disagree that Kostelac is not a D1 talent... he needs work but the talent is there. He may not be able to play at MAC level right now but he would have an impact at some low majors for sure.
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