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  1. 100%. Plus neither guy jumped ship during the rebuild as transfers came and went. I have a lot of respect for them staying here and working hard, especially Sayles after all the injuries and limits on this PT.
  2. Riak - Sayles' hands don't shoot 3's.
  3. The fact that they raised ticket prices for the upper reserved section during a rebuild is crazy. They need to market like the Rubber Ducks and just worry about getting people in the stands. I would try $5 GA and family plans with food vouchers, parking, etc. for single games. We never got a lot of students, but have the AK-Rowdies basically folded now that a lot of the die hard students from the first row on the base line have moved on?
  4. They have flown in the past, but usually its a miserable bus ride that awaits the team. Frenchie occasionally talks about the haunted hotel they have to stay in as well.
  5. I would have loved to seen what both backs would have done with a different OC and emphasis on the running game. Neither guy seemed like more of an afterthought to the Zips. Hundley averaged 4.5 YPC for his career and Chisholm was at 4.9 but neither ever got a 1,000 season.
  6. I know Riak drives a lot of Zipsnation crazy, but I'm glad he made a big play in a big game. I know he is the most scoring challenged big in the history of the program, but he plays hard and does whatever is asked of him. He lost his starting spot this year, but goes out every game as a solid backup and defensive specialist. Having X on the squad allows Riak to play the role that suits him and he never seems to complain about the lost minutes. He talks to his teammates non-stop and calls out a lot of the defensive sets. Now if he can just learn the art of the put back.... Also, I am requesting no comments next time he chucks up a long 3 out of nowhere.
  7. I appreciate the info. Any idea on where they ended up and if they saw the field? Thanks again.
  8. Just curious which commits that would have played left Akron besides the LB who went to MU. From what I have seen most if not all of TB's recruits that left seemed to leave DI all together. The ones in the portal now are getting no offers from DI schools. Last update was one offer from Tiffin.
  9. JD Brookhart won our only MACC and had a higher winning percentage than TB. Anyone want him back?
  10. I think everyone on this board would agree TB is HOF material compared to the icoach. I have not read a single post comparing him to Ianello as you describe above. Also, nobody has said anything lauding Arth as a great coach. It was an uninspiring hire. I just do not know how you evaluate him fairly this season when the program was left in such poor shape with no depth and little talent. If the Zips had won 8 of their last 10 games in TB's final season instead of the opposite, I could understand the anger, but they were in a serious decline. How many games do you think TB would have won with this team? Two? One? None? If he had gone 2-10 this year, would you have still fought to keep him?
  11. Arth was an underwhelming hire, but TB left the cupboard empty for the next coaching staff. The only difference between TB's first year and Arth's was that there was no VMI or Morgan State on this year's schedule. If there was we would have fired up another of our classic 1-11 seasons. Both lost to terrible UMass teams and both played Miami close. Of TB's 35 wins at Akron, I believe 7 were against FCS schools. That knocks his FBS winning percentage down to under 35% which I believes qualifies him as mediocre or worse.
  12. Thanks for the updates. It sounds like it is coming together.
  13. Don't forget that Freddie Kitchens is in action today. We get see if he can beat the worst team in pro football or will he become an unpaid assistant coach next year as well? BTW, I will be at the Zips game. It's a no-brainer.
  14. I believe that was also the 2011 team.
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