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  1. We all saw that this team, even sitting at 1 win, was better than anything Arth put on the field. This win validates that and gives them something to build on. Plus, Coach Joe gets a full recruiting season this time around so let's go!.
  2. It also limits the passing game because there is no time for double moves, delayed routes, etc. We have trouble even setting up screens. I has to be a nightmare to try and call the plays when the OL gets blown up so often. Think of all the drives that start well and then suddenly nobody picks up the blitzing safety or linebacker. So many of the sacks we give up are complete whiffs that are going to get Irons hurt again.
  3. Sadly, you are correct. It's not just the $ they are worried about losing. None of the bigger programs want to risk losing to a mid-major on the mid's court. Think about it, would you rather have a cupcake come to your arena (and keep the revenue) or travel to Akron to face a very good team in a bandbox gym. Akron's long term success at home makes scheduling a nightmare. Throwing 2 away games with a home game is not nearly enough to get it done.
  4. Following in the footsteps of Emmanuel Olojapoke, but will he ever match Poke's SR season averages of 5.6 pts, 4.8 rebounds and 2.7 BS per game against powerhouses like Antelope Valley and UTRGV? It will be interesting to see how Aziz develops.
  5. I have always heard Knoxville is a great game day experience. Has anybody been to Spartan Stadium? thx
  6. I moved this to the 2023 thread. 2022 is a Terry-free year.
  7. I remember watching the Zips draw under 900 to a pay-to-host tourney game (Wisconsin Green Bay in the CIT I believe) and the crowd yesterday seemed smaller than that one. Reminds me of the old Municipal Stadium days of the Indians. Go by the tickets sold and round up.
  8. I never thought I would miss a Riak 2 for 3 from the field and 2 for 2 from the line 6 point game but I do. (I blocked out the 3 failed alley oops and 3 kick outs without even thinking about put backs). We will see what Groce has up his in his bag of tricks when we get back to the JAR in December.
  9. I got the joke. I just could not pass on a chance to type his name out one last time. I guess I should have gone with my first instinct and said Jim Dennison.
  10. Maybe we can at least get him on a Zoom call this time. I remember when his name was flying around this site with a few guarantees he was going to be hired. That was right up until he declined to even be interviewed.
  11. After the OU debacle and everyone having them most likely finishing 1-11 (me included), this was great for the team. They played hard and may have some life for the second half of the season. This will be the best bus ride the team has had in at least 3 seasons. Go Zips!
  12. The most frustrating part for me is I cannot tell where the poor player evaluation/recruiting ends and the poor coaching begins. Nothing I see from Arth gives me any confidence in his ability, but we are so over matched every game that it is tough to evaluate anything I watch. We are a FBS program with FCS talent that sometimes looks more like NAIA level.
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