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  1. This team is just plain fun to watch. I think Tribble gives Groce flexibility at the PG position, especially against bigger opposing PG's. Also, it is fantastic having a another PG come in when LCJ gets too hyped up and out of control. Say what you want about Riak, but when you don't have to worry about him scoring, he is a solid back up center who appears to have fully accepted his new role. I have also been very impressed with Banks on the defensive end of the floor. He locks his guy up. It will be very refreshing to get back to watching Zips players like Ali and Tribble develop over 3, 4 or 5 years instead of the revolving door we had when KD left.
  2. Groce stated in the post game interview that he had wanted to get Sayles in the game, but YSU was playing 4's that were perimeter players which caused Akron to go smaller.
  3. I was just joking about the absurd amount listed on ESPN's site. Anyone checking for tickets on the University's site would see tickets going for $10-20 for a gen admission or upper reserved and $35 for lower reserved.
  4. After TDM, V Cotton and LCJ, I am not sure how to handle a full sized PG in a Zips uni. It's a good problem to have.
  5. Zips 68 YSU 61 On another note, is there a reason the JAR video boards can't play a video that doesn't sound like the audio is recorded underwater? Exhibition season is over.
  6. I am afraid this is going to be a complete beat down by a Miami team gearing up for the MACC. We need OU to get knocked out of bowl contention this week, lose all motivation next week and have a team wide outbreak of SARS to get a win this season.
  7. Up 12 with under 2 minutes and shooting with 15 left on the shot clock?
  8. Very off night for the Zips. Ice cold shooting, the Zips-NCC program lists the top scorers for the Malone Pioneers, the pregame videos are too jumbled to understand, the score board had us playing Miami of Ohio for much of the 1st half and Sayles still can't box out. 2nd half has to better.
  9. Kato actually downed his own punt so definitely Sports Center.
  10. I think we finally made Sports Center. It looks like we just had a negative yard punt.
  11. Nice 4th down play design. Kato had a WR wide open in the middle.
  12. FF: Unfortunately, the TD free streak continues. I was at the BG game and it was tough to sit through and that was before the rain started. EMU beat Illinois 34-31 earlier this season. The fact that the Zips could not do a thing against the Illini makes me feel like another beat down is coming. Thankfully hoops season is here.
  13. High snap blew the timing of the punt. The first Zips kickoff was supposed to be a squib and the kicker put it straight into the ground. BG just squibbed it kicking the same way due to the wind.
  14. Sports Illustrated (back when it was the gold standard) quality, Dr.
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