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  1. That's my guess as well. It looks like he put on extra muscle knowing he had to cover opposing PF's down low. Daniel seems more earthbound than in the past. Getting into the paint, pivoting, ball faking and then kicking it out when unable to get a shot up has become his go to post up move. I have a lot of respect for him staying with the program and sacrificing his game for the betterment of the team. I don't think he ever expected to be a 6'6'' PF frequently covering the best big on the other team most nights.
  2. Did I just see Sayles in an arm cast at the end of shoot around?
  3. One other thing that is driving me nuts this year is the number of highlights shown on the big screen for the Zips' opponents. Do we really need to replay the other team's breakaway dunks off a lazy Zips pass or a missed assignment? I have no idea who selects the highlights, but please stop them.
  4. It is a matter of time until someone who in not paying attention takes a T to the face. Once or twice a game, they fire some live rounds into the upper deck. He usually hits the rafter once as well. I guess the cannon is set to mirror the Zips 3 point percentage for the night.
  5. Agreed. When you can't hit your jumpers, take it to the hoop.
  6. Thanks for posting this. I had not heard the sad news. Rudy was a great guy and the JAR will not be the same without him.
  7. Don't jinx him. Remember Bob Huggins once got a Technical called on him at halftime at the JAR
  8. ...and possibly a Kostelac sighting. On a serious note, from powerhouse opponents to DIII exibitions and everything in between, we only get about 15 or 16 home games a year so I try to get to all of them. Go Zips!
  9. I'm not a soccer fan at all, but I have always been impressed with how the program runs. I will get some tix next year for sure. If any fundraising events occur, please put it on the Board. Thanks.
  10. Well said. In the words of cousin Eddie, "Thanks Clark".
  11. I have to ask, why do you hate Groce so much?
  12. Agreed. I liked KD and was sorry that he left, but he wanted out of the MAC plain and simple. Being the best MAC team all season long, but not being able to win the MACC was clearly getting to him his last years here. He went to a conference that gets multiple bids and i cannot blame him for that. I felt hiring Groce was a good move and made perfect sense with his knowledge of Ohio, MAC and Midwest hoops.
  13. A lot of green in the crowd yesterday. Also, I saw boxes and boxes of gold Zips T's stacked on the far base line as there were not enough Zips fans to give all of them away.
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