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  1. Agreed, catch you all in a few months. Be well and go Zips!
  2. I would not be surprised if the MAC follows the lead of the Ivy League and cancels fall sports altogether. To respond to the thread, I predict a 10% chance we play football (conference games only) this season. Spring season games?
  3. Without question a great kid who I believe is a teacher and hoops coach. Probably the most popular teacher in his school.
  4. I guess I did sell Steve a little short. I remember the write ups when he was coming into the program; however, you have to admit he was the last big on the bench and never resembled any of the comments listed above during his time with us. Steve never advanced on the Zips depth chart and would have finished his time with the Zips as the 12th man had he stayed for his last year. Kostelac had a year at IMG under his belt when he arrived and displayed a drop step move his first year that we never saw from Steve. Unfortunately, we never saw much from him either. I will agree Steve was one of the best kids to come through the program.
  5. I cannot recall watching any player who could pick up fouls as quickly as Kostelac. I saw him get 2 fouls in 6 seconds once which has to be an NCAA record. Added to his slow footwork and poor technique was his fondness for pushing in the back, grabbing opponents as they ran down court and setting moving picks that frequently included sticking his legs out to trip opposing players. All of this was accompanied by constant jawing at the refs as he contested every foul call. I have no ill will towards him and I am sorry he had such as horrible end to his time as a Zip, but from what I saw on the court I am not surprised he is a non-factor at Walsh. For those who have been around the program for a while, who remembers Steve Swiech? He was a 6' 9', 270 pound earth-bound 12th man who only saw the floor during extreme garbage time. He transferred out of the program his senior year (with Dambrot's blessing) as a grad transfer. He too was headed for Walsh, but instead went to California of PA to play for the Vulcans. He had much less talent and ability than Kostelac, but he never stopped hustling and working. I believe he was a team leader for the Vulcans in points and rebounds his one year there. I hope Kostelac figures it out and has a great senior season, but his issues seem to be more than level of competition.
  6. I hope you are right as to the MAC, but the Big Ten brings in way too much money for us to compete with them (top, middle or bottom of their conference). In 2017-2018, EACH Big Ten school received $54 million from TV contracts (Maryland and Rutgers got less due to their shorter conference tenures). The have and the have-nots will only get further apart due to the pandemic and the cuts mid-majors will have to make to survive. To put it in perspective, OSU's women's basketball coach made almost $1.2 million in salary and benefits in 2016-17 (the most recent year I could find). https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/2019/05/15/big-ten-revenue-hit-nearly-759-million-fiscal-2018/3686089002/
  7. Somebody has to step into all the 3's left out there now that Riak is gone. We need bigs and it appears this kid has been on Groce's radar for a while. More than Big Dog he reminds me of Wood.
  8. Sayles tended to get pulled quickly for missing defensive assignments and not rotating on defense. He also never seemed to box out. Most, if not all, of his minutes were due to injuries and foul trouble to our other bigs. Groce mentioned several times during the season that Sayles didn't get into games due match up issues. During the bad fall referenced earlier in the post, he hit his head and appeared to be knocked unconscious. He never seemed like same player after that and never seemed to re-adjust to D-I basketball. Sayles always appeared to be a hard, working good kid. When he announced he was leaving the program, he sent a message thanking the team, program and fans. Everyone here is rooting for him to have the best possible ending to his career. I hope Stony Brook is a good fit for him. What does your fan base think of Geno?
  9. Agreed. Reece is the next strongest, but the better big men on the schedule gave him trouble this year.
  10. He kind of looks like Rob Senderoff had a more socially awkward cousin.
  11. Ouch, I hadn't seen the numbers, but it looked like a purely financial move. Thanks for the recon.
  12. Times are tough, but I'm doing video conferences for work instead of in person meetings. I'm not trying to minimize the COVID-19 pandemic, but it sounds like a cop out to me (and a salary dump). It will be interesting to see what other teams do in the coming months. There is no practice or meetings and the kids aren't even on campus, so she could have postponed the search as well. I agree she is in a tough spot. I'm just glad its no us.
  13. ....followed by Banks taking the ball away on the game winning drive attempt as time expired. I'm glad the MAC gave him the credit he deserved and put him on the All Defensive Team.
  14. Fair question. Change my earlier reply from all to most successful programs see assistants leave for coordinator or head coaching jobs elsewhere as they climb the ladder and move on.
  15. Any word on if we are going to be a the Clevelander again?
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